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Misinchinka Ranges
Highest point
Peak Sentinel Peak
Elevation 2,513 m (8,245 ft)
Area 9,276 km2 (3,581 sq mi)
Location British Columbia, Canada
Range coordinates 55°10′00″N 122°30′00″W / 55.16667°N 122.50000°W / 55.16667; -122.50000
Parent range Hart Ranges

Misinchinka Ranges, is the largest subdivision range of the Hart Ranges, of the Northern Rockies in British Columbia, Canada. The boundaries of the Misinchinka Ranges generally lie between the Rocky Mountain Trench to the west, Clearwater Creek and the Sukunka River to the east, the Peace Arm of Williston Reservoir to the north and Monkman Provincial Park to the south.

The Misinchinka Range contains 33 officially named mountain peaks, including one ultra-prominent peak, Mount Crysdale.

Many peaks within the range are named for local Canadian soldiers killed in action during World War I and World War II.

While there are no permanent settlements within the Misinchinka Ranges, the range is bordered by the communities of Mackenzie, Bear Lake, Tumbler Ridge and Prince George and lies within the traditional territories of the Treaty 8 First Nations; Blueberry River First Nation, Doig River First Nation, Halfway River First Nation, Mcleod Lake Indian Band, Saulteau First Nation and West Moberly First Nation.

Two 6.0 kilometre electrified train tunnels were constructed by BC Rail through the Misinchinka Range in the early 1980s to connect the coal mines of Tumbler Ridge to the provincial rail network. The line ceased operations in 2000.

The 670 km (416 mi) Coastal GasLink Pipeline project will pass through the Misinchinka Range between Mount Kinney and Alexis Peak. Construction began in 2019 and is expected to be in service in 2023.

Prominent Peaks

Official Mountains of the Misinchinka Range With At Least 500 Meters of Topographic Prominence
Ranking Mountain Peak Coordinates Elevation Prominence Isolation Nearest Higher Neighbour
1 Sentinel Peak 54°54′28″N 121°57′41″W 2,513 m

8,245 ft

1,454 m

4,764 ft

86.5 km ESE Weaver Peak
2 Mount Vreeland 54°34′8″N 121°25′58″W 2,464 m

8,084 ft

1,275 m

4,183 ft

30.3 km SE Mount Bulley
3 Mount Crysdale 55°56′18″N 123°25′15″W 2,427 m

7,963 ft

1,548 m

5,079 ft

104.7 km N Unnamed Peak
4 Mount Selwyn 55°59′30″N 123°36′24″W 2,291 m

7,516 ft

950 m

3,117 ft

11.8 km ESE Unnamed Peak
5 Mount Dudzic 54°56′21″N 121°52′4″W 2,169 m

7,116 ft

746 m

2,448 ft

6.9 km WSW Sentinel Peak
6 Alexis Peak 55°2′55″N 122°1′50″W 2,123 m

6,965 ft

593 m

1,946 ft

14.3 km ESE Unnamed Peak
7 Mount Myhon 54°47′5″N 121°31′25″W 2,119 m

6,952 ft

659 m

2,162 ft

9.6 km SSE Unnamed Peak
8 Gable Mountain 54°30′1″N 121°40′27″W 2,095 m

2,182 ft

665 m

2,182 ft

12.5 km ENE Unnamed Peak
9 Mount Abbl 54°41′1″N 121°42′32″W 2,012 m

6,601 ft

646 m

2,343 ft

12.0 km E Unnamed Peak
10 Mount Kinney 55°5′58″N 122°10′25″W 1,996 m

6,549 ft

714 m

2,343 ft

8.0 km ESE Unnamed Peak
11 Mount Whitford 54°52′3″N 121°52′18″W 1,987 m

6,519 ft

583 m

1,913 ft

6.5 km W Unnamed Peak
12 Mount Bracey 54°54′17″N 122°6′20″W 1,954 m

5,411 ft

597 m

1,959 ft

7.7 km ENE Unnamed Peak
13 Mount Aiken 55°1′6″N 122°22′31″W 1,854 m

6,083 ft

673 m

2,208 ft

15.7 km ENE Mount Kinney
14 Old Friend Mountain 55°15′2″N 122°36′54″W 1,844 m

6,050 ft

588 m

1,929 ft

13.0 km E Mount Hunter
15 Mount Morfee 55°25′49″N 123°2′3″W 1,775 m

5,823 ft

521 m

1,709 ft

22.1 km E Mount Murray
16 Lavitah Mountain 55°13′32″N 122°46′46″W 1,699 m

5,574 ft

545 m

1,788 ft

10.8 km E Old Friend Mountain

Other Mountains

Other official mountain peaks under 500 m of prominence include:

Mount Irwin, Azu Mountain, Uguznasechi Mountain, Thabah Mountain, Mount Garbitt, Mount Crocker, Mount Barton, Mount Wendt, Mount McPhee, Patches Mountain, Mount West, Dathseykaly Mountain, Tsahunga Mountain, Mount Thomas, Burden Peak, Mount Emmet, Powder King Peak.

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