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Map of Minnesota highlighting Wright County
Location of Wright County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Wright County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Wright County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 22 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes five additional sites that were formerly listed on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 August Akerlund Photographic Studio
August Akerlund Photographic Studio
April 11, 1977
390 Broadway Ave.
45°04′31″N 94°11′25″W / 45.075367°N 94.190351°W / 45.075367; -94.190351 (August Akerlund Photographic Studio)
Cokato Rare surviving example of an early-20th-century photography studio, built in 1903. Now a component of the Cokato Museum & Akerlund Studio.
2 Albertville Roller Mill
December 11, 1979
5790 Main Ave., NE.
45°14′08″N 93°39′13″W / 45.2355°N 93.653708°W / 45.2355; -93.653708 (Albertville Roller Mill)
Albertville c. 1909 example of a steam-powered flour mill built in a town served by railroad—rather than river—transportation. Likely demolished (see talk page).
3 Church of St. Michael-Catholic
Church of St. Michael-Catholic
December 11, 1979
Central Ave. and Main St.
45°12′39″N 93°39′54″W / 45.210877°N 93.665114°W / 45.210877; -93.665114 (Church of St. Michael-Catholic)
St. Michael 1890 church significant as the center of a Catholic German immigrant community and for its Gothic Revival architecture.
4 Clearwater Masonic Lodge-Grand Army of the Republic Hall
Clearwater Masonic Lodge-Grand Army of the Republic Hall
December 11, 1979
205–215 Oak St.
45°25′17″N 94°02′58″W / 45.421524°N 94.049529°W / 45.421524; -94.049529 (Clearwater Masonic Lodge-Grand Army of the Republic Hall)
Clearwater 1888 meeting hall associated with Wright County's influential fraternal organizations, shared by a Masonic Lodge and a Grand Army of the Republic post.
5 Cokaton P.R.S. Onnen Tovio Raittiusseura
Cokaton P.R.S. Onnen Tovio Raittiusseura
December 12, 1976
County Highway 3 and County Road 100
45°07′22″N 94°11′39″W / 45.122859°N 94.1942°W / 45.122859; -94.1942 (Cokaton P.R.S. Onnen Tovio Raittiusseura)
Cokato vicinity 1896 temperance society clubhouse that also provided general meeting space to a Finnish American community.
6 Delano Village Hall
Delano Village Hall
December 11, 1979
140 Bridge Ave. E.
45°02′32″N 93°47′17″W / 45.042109°N 93.788049°W / 45.042109; -93.788049 (Delano Village Hall)
Delano 1888 example of the period's typical municipal buildings, and the long-serving center of government and civic functions in Delano.
7 District No. 48 School
District No. 48 School
December 11, 1979
U.S. Route 12
45°03′52″N 93°49′32″W / 45.064544°N 93.825463°W / 45.064544; -93.825463 (District No. 48 School)
Delano vicinity 1871 example of Wright County's early rural schoolhouses.
8 Eagle Newspaper Office
Eagle Newspaper Office
December 11, 1979
300 Railroad Ave.
45°02′27″N 93°47′10″W / 45.040816°N 93.786139°W / 45.040816; -93.786139 (Eagle Newspaper Office)
Delano Three attached buildings built 1883–85, nominated as the longtime home of Delano's oldest business, a newspaper and print shop established in 1872.
9 First Congregational Church of Clearwater
First Congregational Church of Clearwater
December 11, 1979
405 Bluff St.
45°25′10″N 94°03′04″W / 45.419482°N 94.05103°W / 45.419482; -94.05103 (First Congregational Church of Clearwater)
Clearwater 1861 church noted for its Greek Revival architecture, association with the area's Yankee settlers, and temporary fortification after the Dakota War of 1862.
10 David Hanaford Farmstead
David Hanaford Farmstead
December 11, 1979
Off County Highway 106
45°16′16″N 93°50′50″W / 45.27106°N 93.847167°W / 45.27106; -93.847167 (David Hanaford Farmstead)
Monticello vicinity Farm with an 1870 farmhouse, example of the homesteads established in Wright County by settlers from New England.
11 Hanover Bridge
Hanover Bridge
December 11, 1979
Off County Highway 19 over the Crow River
45°09′12″N 93°39′43″W / 45.153352°N 93.661915°W / 45.153352; -93.661915 (Hanover Bridge)
Hanover Oldest and most intact example—built in 1885—of the pin-connected Pratt truss bridges once common in Wright County. Now restricted to pedestrian traffic. Extends into Hennepin County.
12 Dr. E.P. Hawkins Clinic, Hospital and House
Dr. E.P. Hawkins Clinic, Hospital and House
December 11, 1979
210–230 Buffalo Ave. S.
45°04′04″N 93°54′39″W / 45.067643°N 93.910969°W / 45.067643; -93.910969 (Dr. E.P. Hawkins Clinic, Hospital and House)
Montrose Adjacent c. 1885 house, 1903 hospital, and 1913 clinic exemplifying Wright County's medical facilities at the turn of the 20th century.
13 Howard Lake City Hall
Howard Lake City Hall
December 11, 1979
737, 739, and 741 6th St.
45°03′39″N 94°04′13″W / 45.060953°N 94.07015°W / 45.060953; -94.07015 (Howard Lake City Hall)
Howard Lake Prominent Queen Anne municipal hall built in 1904.
14 Marysville Swedesburg Lutheran Church
Marysville Swedesburg Lutheran Church
December 11, 1979
County Highway 9
45°06′57″N 93°57′08″W / 45.115838°N 93.95236°W / 45.115838; -93.95236 (Marysville Swedesburg Lutheran Church)
Waverly vicinity Exemplary brick Gothic Revival parish church built in 1891; also noted for its association with a Swedish immigrant community.
15 Tobias G. Mealey House
Tobias G. Mealey House
December 12, 1976
Territorial Rd.
45°17′54″N 93°47′02″W / 45.298232°N 93.784024°W / 45.298232; -93.784024 (Tobias G. Mealey House)
Monticello House dating to 1855 of influential local settler, entrepreneur, and politician Tobias Mealey (1823–1904).
16 Nicherson-Tarbox House, Shed and Barn
Nicherson-Tarbox House, Shed and Barn
December 11, 1979
514 E. Broadway
45°18′11″N 93°47′15″W / 45.303°N 93.787386°W / 45.303; -93.787386 (Nicherson-Tarbox House, Shed and Barn)
Monticello 1889 Queen Anne/Shingle Style house with a board and batten barn.
17 Rufus Rand Summer House and Carriage Barn
Rufus Rand Summer House and Carriage Barn
December 11, 1979
1 Old Territorial Rd.
45°17′54″N 93°47′08″W / 45.298265°N 93.785463°W / 45.298265; -93.785463 (Rufus Rand Summer House and Carriage Barn)
Monticello 1884 summer home representative of the late-19th-century country estates built by Twin Cities businessmen; also noted for its Queen Anne architecture and association with utility executive Rufus Rand (d. 1921).
18 St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel
St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel
December 11, 1979
Off Minnesota Highway 24
45°18′39″N 94°06′23″W / 45.310768°N 94.106483°W / 45.310768; -94.106483 (St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel)
Annandale vicinity Well-preserved board-and-batten Gothic Revival church.
19 Thayer Hotel
Thayer Hotel
August 24, 1978
60 Elm St., W.
45°15′44″N 94°07′32″W / 45.262314°N 94.125648°W / 45.262314; -94.125648 (Thayer Hotel)
Annandale 1895 example of Wright County's large, frame hotels of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.
20 Waverly Village Hall
Waverly Village Hall
June 6, 2002
204 4th St.
45°04′00″N 93°58′02″W / 45.066784°N 93.967339°W / 45.066784; -93.967339 (Waverly Village Hall)
Waverly 1939 municipal hall representative of the civic facilities made possible with New Deal federal assistance; also noted for its Moderne architecture and role as a community event space.
21 William W. Webster House
William W. Webster House
December 11, 1979
205 Spring St.
45°25′20″N 94°03′04″W / 45.422091°N 94.051162°W / 45.422091; -94.051162 (William W. Webster House)
Clearwater c. 1863 Greek Revival house of a notable settler who helped develop Clearwater.
22 Simon Weldele House
Simon Weldele House
December 11, 1979
309 River St.
45°02′37″N 93°47′23″W / 45.043706°N 93.789664°W / 45.043706; -93.789664 (Simon Weldele House)
Delano Well-preserved 1893 example of the restrained Queen Anne style houses of Wright County towns, and one of the few architecturally significant residences remaining in Delano.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Henry C. Bull House
Henry C. Bull House
December 11, 1979
May 7, 1990
195 E. 3rd St.
Cokato Built in 1878, demolished in 1988.
2 Marsh Octagon Barn
December 11, 1979
August 2, 2000
Off County Highway 14
Rockford vicinity Built in 1880, burned down in 1992.
3 Middleville Township Hall
December 11, 1979
August 2, 2000
County Highway 6
Howard Lake vicinity Built in 1905, burned down by fire department for practice in 1994.
4 Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church
Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church
December 11, 1979
November 3, 2004
4th and Linn Sts. (original address)
Current coordinates are

45°18′15″N 93°48′06″W / 45.304114°N 93.801578°W / 45.304114; -93.801578 (Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church)
Monticello Early Methodist church built in 1857. Moved in 2004.
5 Titrud Round Barn
December 11, 1979
April 26, 1993
County Highway 30
Cokato vicinity 1908 round barn. Destroyed June 16, 1992, during the Mid-June 1992 tornado outbreak.
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