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Native to

Previously used:

Region Normandy and the Channel Islands
Native speakers Unknown due to conflicting definitions  (2017)
  • Auregnais: 0 (extinct)
  • Guernésiais: c. 1,300 (has government support)
  • Jèrriais: c. 4,000 (has government support)
  • Sercquiais: < 20 in 1998 (highly endangered)
  • Augeron: < 100 (highly endangered)
  • Cauchois: c. 50,000 (has local support)
  • Cotentinais: c. 50,000 (has local support)
Language family
Early forms:
Old Norman
  • Norman
Writing system Latin (French orthography)
Linguasphere 51-AAA-hc & 51-AAA-hd
Langue normande.png
Areas where the Norman language is strongest include Jersey, Guernsey, the Cotentin and the Pays de Caux.

Norman is a language spoken mainly in Normandy. It is a Romance language (a language which comes from Latin). It is closely related to French and is often called "Norman French". After the Norman Conquest, Norman changed the English language considerably.

Forms of the Norman are still used in the Channel Islands,

No one now uses Sercquiais or Auregnais as their first language, but Jèrriais and Guernésiais are still used.

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