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Ocean surface currents
A map of all the large ocean currents of the world.
All the world's currents on a continuous ocean map

An ocean current is a continuous movement of ocean water from one place to another. Ocean currents are created by wind, water temperature, salt content, and the gravity of the moon. The current's direction and speed depend on the shoreline and the ocean floor. They can flow for thousands of miles and are found in all the major oceans of the world. One major example of an ocean current is the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean currents can be found on the water surface and deeper down.

Major ocean currents of the world

Ocean currents 1943 (borderless)3
A 1943 map of the world's ocean currents.
Recording Current Meter
A recording current meter

Arctic Ocean

  • East Greenland Current
  • Norwegian Current
  • Beaufort Gyre (water or ice flow)
  • Transpolar Drift (water or ice flow)

Atlantic Ocean

  • Agulhas Current
  • Angola Current
  • Antilles Current
  • Azores Current
  • Baffin Island Current
  • Benguela current
  • Brazil Current
  • Canary Current
  • Cape Horn Current
  • Caribbean Current
  • East Greenland Current
  • East Iceland Current
  • Falkland Current
  • Florida Current
  • Guiana Current
  • Guinea Current
  • Gulf Stream
  • Irminger Current
  • Labrador Current
  • Lomonosov current (a deep current)
  • Loop Current
  • North Atlantic Current
  • North Atlantic Drift
  • North Brazil Current
  • North Equatorial Current
  • North Equatorial Counter Current
  • Norwegian Current
  • Portugal Current
  • Slope/Shelf Edge Current
  • Slope Jet Current
  • South Atlantic Current
  • South Equatorial Current
  • Spitsbergen Current
  • Subtropical Counter Current
  • West Greenland Current
  • West Wind Drift

Pacific Ocean

  • Alaska Current
  • Aleutian Current
  • California Current
  • Cromwell current (a deep current)
  • East Australian Current
  • Equatorial Counter Current
  • Humboldt Current (or Peru Current)
  • Kamchatka Current
  • Kuroshio Current (or Japan Current, Kuro Siwo)
  • Mindanao Current
  • North Equatorial Current
  • North Pacific Current (or North Pacific Drift)
  • Oyashio Current (or Oya Siwo)
  • South Equatorial Current
  • West Wind Drift

Indian Ocean

  • Agulhas Current
  • East Madagascar Current
  • Equatorial Counter Current
  • Indonesian Through-flow
  • Leeuwin Current
  • Madagascar Current
  • Mozambique Current
  • Somali Current
  • South Australian Counter Current
  • South Equatorial Current
  • Southwest and Northeast Monsoon Drift (or Indian Monsoon Current)
  • West Australian Current
  • West Wind Drift

Southern Ocean

  • Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  • Weddell Gyre
  • Tasman Outflow

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