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Seshat, depicted in a leopard skin, inscribing the years of reign for the king on the palm-leaf rib which served for tallying up the years and so had become the hieroglyph for "year".
Name in hieroglyphs
R20 t B1
Symbol leopard skin, tablet, star, stylus
Consort Thoth (in some accounts)
Parents Thoth and Maat
Milkau Der heilige Baum von Heliopolis mit Thot und Seschet 15-2
Seshat and Thoth

Seshat was the ancient Egyptian idea of knowledge, shown as a goddess. She became the goddess of writing, astronomy/astrology, architecture, and mathematics. When Thoth became the god of wisdom, Seshat was seen as his daughter, or sometimes, as his wife. In art, she was shown as a woman with a stylised papyrus plant above her head. This symbolised writing since the Egyptians wrote on a material that came from papyrus.

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