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United States presidential election, 1976
November 2, 1976
Carter cropped.jpg 40 Gerald Ford 3x4.jpg
Nominee Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford
Party Democrat Republican
Home state Georgia Michigan
Running mate Walter Mondale Bob Dole
Electoral vote 297 240
Contests won 23 + DC 27
Popular vote 40,831,881 39,148,634
Percentage 50.1% 48.0%
United States presidential election, 1976

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes those won by Carter/Mondale, Red denotes states won by Ford/Dole. Pink denotes won by Ronald Reagan by a Washington faithless elector. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.

Incumbent President
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter

This election was between former Governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter and President Gerald Ford.

Jimmy Carter won the election by 297 electoral votes. Incumbent president Gerald Ford got 240 votes. A faithless elector from Washington voted for Ronald Reagan, who would win the 1980 election.

This election followed the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974 due to the Watergate scandal. It is the last election to have a Democratic candidate to get a good vote in American South. The American South is most known to be Republican.

This is the last election where one of the two major candidates is still alive. Jimmy Carter is currently 92 years old.


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