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Asteroid Ida with its own moonMimas, a natural satellite of Saturn
C2014 Q2.jpgPlanet Jupiter, a gas giant
The Sun, a G-type starStar Sirius A with white dwarf companion Sirius BCrab Nebula.jpg
Black hole (artist's animation)Vela pulsar, a rotating neutron star
Globular star clusterPleiades, an open star cluster
The Whirlpool galaxyAbel 2744, Galaxy cluster
The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field 2014 image with an estimated 10,000 galaxiesMap of galaxy superclusters and filaments
Selection of astronomical bodies and objects

Astronomical object refers to something that astronomy studies. It may be any body or structure in the Observable universe. Objects on the Earth are not usually included. This includes objects like nebulae, star clusters, galaxy clusters, galaxies, stars, protostars, planets, satellites, comets, asteroids.

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