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Ferdinand I
Hans Bocksberger der Aeltere 001.jpg
Portrait by Hans Bocksberger der Ältere
Reign 24 February 1558 – 25 July 1564
Coronation 14 March 1558, Frankfurt
Predecessor Charles V
Successor Maximilian II
Born 10 March 1503
Alcalá de Henares, Castile, Spain
Died 25 July 1564(1564-07-25) (aged 61)
Vienna, Austria
Burial Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral
Spouse Anne of Bohemia and Hungary
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  • Elisabeth, Queen of Poland
  • Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Anna, Duchess of Bavaria
  • Ferdinand II, Archduke of Further Austria
  • Maria, Duchess of Jülich-Cleves-Berg
  • Archduchess Magdalena
  • Catherine, Queen of Poland
  • Eleanor, Duchess of Mantua
  • Archduchess Margaret
  • Barbara, Duchess of Ferrara
  • Charles II, Archduke of Inner Austria
  • Archduchess Helena
  • Joanna, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
House Habsburg
Father Philip I of Castile
Mother Joanna of Castile
Religion Roman Catholic

Ferdinand I (Spanish: Fernando I) (10 March 1503 – 25 July 1564) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1558, king of Bohemia and Hungary from 1526, and king of Croatia from 1527 until his death in 1564. Before his accession, he ruled the Austrian hereditary lands of the Habsburgs in the name of his elder brother, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Also, he often served as Charles' representative in Germany and developed encouraging relationships with German princes.

The key events during his reign were the contest with the Ottoman Empire, which in the 1520s began a great advance into Central Europe, and the Protestant Reformation, which resulted in several wars of religion. Ferdinand was able to defend his realm and make it somewhat more cohesive, but he could not conquer the major part of Hungary. His flexible approach to Imperial problems, mainly religious, finally brought more result than the more confrontational attitude of his brother.

Ferdinand's motto was Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus: "Let justice be done, though the world perish".


16. Ernest, Duke of Austria
8. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor
17. Cymburgis of Masovia
4. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
18. Edward I of Portugal
9. Eleanor of Portugal
19. Eleanor of Aragon
2. Philip I of Castile
20. Philip III, Duke of Burgundy
10. Charles I, Duke of Burgundy
21. Isabella of Portugal (≠ 15)
5. Mary, Duchess of Burgundy
22. Charles I, Duke of Bourbon
11. Isabella of Bourbon
23. Agnes of Burgundy
1. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
24. Ferdinand I of Aragon
12. John II of Aragon
25. Eleanor of Alburquerque
6. Ferdinand II of Aragon
26. Fadrique Enríquez de Mendoza
13. Juana Enriquez
27. Mariana Fernández de Córdoba
3. Joanna I of Castile
28. Henry III of Castile
14. John II of Castile
29. Catherine of Lancaster
7. Isabella I of Castile
30. John, Constable of Portugal
15. Isabella of Portugal (≠ 21)
31. Isabel of Barcelos


2002 Austria Renaissance Ferdinand I back
The Renaissance coin

Ferdinand I has been the main motif for many collector coins and medals, the most recent one is the Austrian silver 20-euro Renaissance coin issued on 12 June 2002. A portrait of Ferdinand I is shown in the reverse of the coin, while in the obverse a view of the Swiss Gate of the Hofburg Palace can be seen.

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