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Kosovo War
Part of the Yugoslav Wars
Kosovo War header.jpg
Clockwise from top-left: Yugoslav general staff headquarters damaged by NATO air strikes; a Zastava Koral buried under rubble caused by NATO air strikes; memorial to local KLA commanders; a USAF F-15E taking off from Aviano Air Base
Date February 1998 – 11 June 1999
Kosovo (then part of Yugoslavia) and Albania (Albanian & OSCE Claim)

Kumanovo Treaty

  • Yugoslav forces pull out of Kosovo
  • United Nations Resolution 1244
  • Return of Albanian refugees
  • Expulsion of over half of the Serb and other non-Albanian civilians
  • KLA veterans join the UÇPMB, starting the Preševo insurgency
  • Bulldozer Revolution in 2000
No legal changes to Yugoslav borders according to the Resolution 1244, but effective political and economic separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia due to being placed under UN administration

Kosovo Liberation Army KLA

Commanders and leaders

Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Adem Jashari 
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Hashim Thaçi
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Bilall Syla
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Hamëz Jashari 
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Sylejman Selimi
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Ramush Haradinaj
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army Agim Çeku

NATO Wesley Clark

Albania Kudusi Lama

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević
Dragoljub Ojdanić
Nebojša Pavković
Vlastimir Đorđević

Vladimir Lazarević
Sreten Lukić

Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army 17,000–20,000 KLA insurgents

NATO cca. 80 aircraft
(Operation Eagle Eye)
NATO 1,031 aircraft
(Operation Allied Force)
NATO 30+ warships and submarines

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 85,000 soldiers (including 40,000 in and around Kosovo)
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 20,000 policemen
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 100 SAM sites
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1,400 artillery pieces
(Both ground & air defence)
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 240 aircraft
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 2,032 armoured vehicles & tanks
Flag of Serbia 1992-2004.svg Serbian paramilitary units (Šakali, Škorpioni), unknown number

Russia Russian volunteers, unknown number
Casualties and losses

Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army 1,500 insurgents killed (per the KLA)
Logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army 2,131 insurgents killed (per the HLC)

United States 2 killed (non-combat) and 3 captured
United States 2 aircraft shot down and 3 damaged
United States Two AH-64 Apaches and an AV-8B Harrier crashed (non-combat)
NATO 47 UAVs shot down

France Possible unknown number of DGSE officers killed

Caused by KLA:
300+ soldiers killed (per the Yugoslav military)
Caused by NATO:
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1,008–1,200 killed
14 tanks, 18 APCs, 20 artillery pieces and 121 aircraft and helicopters destroyed

Caused by KLA and NATO:
1,084 killed (per the HLC)

Albania 8,676 Kosovar Albanian civilians killed or missing
Albania 90% of Kosovar Albanians displaced during the war (848,000–863,000 expelled from Kosovo, 590,000 Kosovar Albanians displaced within Kosovo)
1,641–2,500 Serb and other non-Albanian civilians killed or missing (445 Roma and others)
230,000 Kosovo Serbs, Romani and other non-Albanian civilians displaced
/Albania Civilian deaths caused by NATO bombing: 489–528 (per Human Rights Watch) or 453–2,500 (per the HLC and Tanjug); also includes People's Republic of China 3 Chinese journalists killed

13,548 civilians and fighters dead overall (Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Roma)

The Kosovo War was a controversial war that took place from 1998 to 1999 in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Kosovo Liberation Army fought the Yugoslavian army from 1998 to 1999. In 1999 NATO bombed Yugoslavia to prevent genocide in Kosovo.


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