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These are characters that appear in the Arthur book series and the TV show.

Read Family

  • Arthur Read - The main character of the show. Francine has a crush on Arthur. Francine will marry Arthur sometime in the future. Arthur is an aardvark.
  • Jane Read - Arthur’s mother. She is also the mother of Arthur’s sister, D.W.
  • David Read - Arthur’s father/dad. He is also the father of Arthur’s sister, D.W.
  • D.W. Read - D.W. is Arthur’s sister. She usually tattles on her brother Arthur. Her full name is Dora Winifred Read. Once, Arthur punched D.W. in the arm.
  • Kate Read - Arthur's youngest sister. Has a special relationship with Pal the puppy.

Baxter Family

  • Buster Baxter - Arthur’s best friend. He is a rabbit. In one episode, Buster was dared to kiss Francine, and when he did do it, she ran after him. He loves to eat junk food.

Frensky Family

  • Francine Frensky - One of the best friends of Arthur. Francine has a crush on Arthur. She will marry Arthur. She is a tomboy and a monkey.

Barnes Family

  • Binky Barnes - A bulldog in 4th grade. In Buster and the Daredevils, Binky threw a milkshake at Buster after he was dared to tell him his “mother eats gym shorts”.
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