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This list of cemeteries in Riverside County, California includes currently operating, historical (closed for new interments), and defunct (graves abandoned or removed) cemeteries, columbaria, and mausolea in Riverside County, California. It does not include pet cemeteries. Selected interments are given for notable people.

Cemetery City Coordinates Notable interments References and Notes
(U.S. Geological Survey GNIS)
Bergman Family Cemetery Aguanga 33°26′54″N 116°53′29″W / 33.44831°N 116.89128°W / 33.44831; -116.89128 (Coachella Valley Public Cemetery) Bergman Family Cemetery
Cahuilla Indian Cemetery Anza 33°32′21″N 116°44′43″W / 33.5393°N 116.7453°W / 33.5393; -116.7453 (Cahuilla Indian Cemetery) Cahuilla Indian Cemetery
Coachella Valley Public Cemetery Coachella Valley 33°40′08″N 116°13′06″W / 33.6689°N 116.2183°W / 33.6689; -116.2183 (Coachella Valley Public Cemetery) Frank Capra, Jacqueline Cochran, "Desert Steve" Ragsdale, Tommy Shepard, John Van Druten Coachella Valley Cemetery
Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery Corona 33°52′09″N 117°32′47″W / 33.8692°N 117.5464°W / 33.8692; -117.5464 (Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery) USC Trojans Athletic Director Jess Hill Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery
Sunny Shope Cemetery
Crestlawn Memorial Park Riverside 33°57′10″N 117°31′11″W / 33.9527°N 117.5197°W / 33.9527; -117.5197 (Crestlawn Memorial Park) Medal of Honor recipient George Alan Ingalls.
MLB player Mike Darr; Actors Darwood Kaye and Roland Harrah III
Crestlawn Memorial Park
Pierce Brothers: Crestlawn Memorial Park
Desert Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park Calimesa 33°57′24″N 117°01′16″W / 33.9567°N 117.0211°W / 33.9567; -117.0211 (Desert Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park) Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens (Variant Name)
Desert Memorial Park Cathedral City 33°49′06″N 116°26′30″W / 33.8183°N 116.4417°W / 33.8183; -116.4417 (Desert Memorial Park) See: Desert Memorial Park: Notable interments Palm Springs District Cemetery
Palm Springs Cemetery District
Elsinore Valley Cemetery
Includes the Jewish Home of Peace Cemetery, a.k.a. Mt. Sinai Memorial Park
Lake Elsinore 33°41′39″N 117°20′34″W / 33.6941°N 117.3428°W / 33.6941; -117.3428 (Elsinore Valley Cemetery) Elsinore Valley Cemetery
Elsinore Valley Cemetery District
Evergreen Cemetery Riverside 33°58′48″N 117°23′13″W / 33.9799°N 117.3869°W / 33.9799; -117.3869 (Evergreen Cemetery) Medal of Honor recipient Cornelius C. Smith.
See also: Evergreen Cemetery: Notable interments
Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery
Forest Lawn Cemetery – Cathedral City Cathedral City 33°48′55″N 116°26′29″W / 33.8154°N 116.4413°W / 33.8154; -116.4413 (Forest Lawn Cemetery – Cathedral City) See: Forest Lawn Cemetery: Notable interments Forest Lawn: Cathedral City
Hope Lutheran Church Columbarium Palm Desert 33°42′56″N 116°22′21″W / 33.7155°N 116.3726°W / 33.7155; -116.3726 (Hope Lutheran Church Columbarium) Hope Lutheran Church Columbarium
Hope Lutheran Church
Jane Augustine Patencio Cemetery Palm Springs 33°49′20″N 116°32′03″W / 33.8222°N 116.5341°W / 33.8222; -116.5341 (Jane Augustine Patencio Cemetery) Artist Carl Eytel Jane Augustine Patencio Cemetery
Palm Springs
Laurel Cemetery Murrieta 33°32′32″N 117°13′19″W / 33.5422°N 117.2220°W / 33.5422; -117.2220 (Laurel Cemetery) Actor Douglas Fowley Murrieta Valley Cemetery District
Laurel Cemetery
Louis Wolf Tombstone Temecula 33°27′50″N 117°07′12″W / 33.4640°N 117.1200°W / 33.4640; -117.1200 (Louis Wolf Tombstone) </ref>
Manker Family Cemetery Lake Elsinore 33°40′08″N 117°14′43″W / 33.6689°N 117.2452°W / 33.6689; -117.2452 (Manker Family Cemetery) Manker Family Cemetery
Managed by the Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society.
Martinez Cemetery Thermal 33°33′37″N 116°09′09″W / 33.5603°N 116.1525°W / 33.5603; -116.1525 (Martinez Cemetery) Martinez Cemetery
McCanna Family Cemetery Perris 33°46′49″N 117°12′57″W / 33.7802°N 117.2158°W / 33.7802; -117.2158 (McCanna Family Cemetery) Abandoned/Lost.
Moravian Cemetery Morongo Reservation 33°57′15″N 116°49′12″W / 33.9541°N 116.8199°W / 33.9541; -116.8199 (Moravian Cemetery) Moravian Cemetery
Banning Library District
Mountain View Cemetery Beaumont 33°56′38″N 116°58′51″W / 33.9438°N 116.9809°W / 33.9438; -116.9809 (Mountain View Cemetery) Mount View Cemetery
Summit Cemetery District: Mountain View Cemetery
Olivewood Memorial Park Riverside 33°57′12″N 117°22′49″W / 33.9533°N 117.3803°W / 33.9533; -117.3803 (Olivewood Cemetery) Medal of Honor recipients Jesus S. Duran and Ysmael R. Villegas.
Travis Alexander, Dorothy Burgess, Ben H. Lewis, Del Lord, Gloria Ramirez, Eric Show
Olivewood Cemetery
Olivewood Memorial Park
Palo Verde Cemetery Blythe 33°37′51″N 114°36′03″W / 33.6308°N 114.6007°W / 33.6308; -114.6007 (Palo Verde Cemetery) Palo Verde Cemetery
Perris Valley Cemetery Perris 33°47′40″N 117°13′32″W / 33.7945°N 117.2256°W / 33.7945; -117.2256 (Perris Valley Cemetery) Perris Valley Cemetery
Radec Cemetery Radec 33°27′54″N 116°54′48″W / 33.4649°N 116.9134°W / 33.4649; -116.9134 (Radec Cemetery) Also see: Radec and Radec Cemetery at Find a Grave</ref>
Riverside National Cemetery Riverside 33°53′05″N 117°16′34″W / 33.8846°N 117.2760°W / 33.8846; -117.2760 (Riverside National Cemetery) Medal of Honor recipients John H. Balch, Walter D. Ehlers, Lewis Millett, Mitchell Paige, and Ysmael R. Villegas.
See also: Riverside National Cemetery: Notable interments
Riverside National Cemetery
Veterans Department: Riverside National Cemetery
Ryan Ranch Cemetery Joshua Tree National Park 33°59′01″N 116°09′00″W / 33.9836°N 116.1499°W / 33.9836; -116.1499 (Ryan Ranch Cemetery) Ryan Ranch Cemetery
Saint Boniface Indian School Cemetery Banning 33°56′21″N 116°53′20″W / 33.9393°N 116.8888°W / 33.9393; -116.8888 (Saint Boniface Indian School Cemetery) Saint Boniface Indian School Cemetery
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Morongo Indian Reservation 33°57′40″N 116°49′28″W / 33.9612°N 116.8244°W / 33.9612; -116.8244 (Saint Mary's Catholic Cemeteryy) Indian culture scholar Katherine Siva Saubel Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Community: St. Mary's Mission
Banning Library District
San Gorgonio Memorial Park Banning 33°56′58″N 116°52′56″W / 33.9494°N 116.8822°W / 33.9494; -116.8822 (San Gorgonio Memorial Park) Medal of Honor recipient William Powers Morris San Gorgonio Memorial Park
Summit Cemetery District: San Gorgonio Memorial Park
San Jacinto Valley Cemetery San Jacinto 33°45′37″N 116°57′41″W / 33.7603°N 116.9613°W / 33.7603; -116.9613 (San Jacinto Valley Cemetery) Danish cartoonist Henning Dahl Mikkelsen San Jacinto Valley Cemetery
San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District
Sherman Indian School Cemetery Home Gardens 33°52′44″N 117°30′14″W / 33.8789°N 117.5040°W / 33.8789; -117.5040 (Sherman Indian School Cemetery) Sherman Indian School Cemetery
Sherman Indian Museum: Cemetery
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church Columbarium Palm Desert 33°42′12″N 116°23′53″W / 33.7032°N 116.3980°W / 33.7032; -116.3980 (St. Margaret's Episcopal Church Columbarium) Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church Columbarium St. Margaret's Episcopal Church]
Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Stewart Sunnyslope Cemetery Beaumont 33°55′10″N 116°57′54″W / 33.9195°N 116.9650°W / 33.9195; -116.9650 (Stewart Sunnyslope Cemetery) Sunnyslope Cemetery
Summit Cemetery District: Stewart Sunnyslope Cemetery
Sunnylands Rancho Mirage 33°46′38″N 116°24′39″W / 33.7771°N 116.4107°W / 33.7771; -116.4107 (Sunnylands) Walter and Leonore Annenberg Sunnylands
Temecula Massacre Cemetery Temecula 33°28′54″N 117°05′27″W / 33.4816°N 117.0907°W / 33.4816; -117.0907 (Temecula Massacre Cemetery) Temecula Massacre Cemetery
An historical cemetery, walled but not maintained.
Temecula Public Cemetery Temecula 33°29′30″N 117°08′29″W / 33.4916°N 117.1415°W / 33.4916; -117.1415 (Temecula Public Cemetery) Temecula Cemetery
History of the Temecula Public Cemetery District
The Press-Enterprise
Toro Cemetery Thermal 33°33′30″N 116°13′50″W / 33.5584°N 116.2306°W / 33.5584; -116.2306 (Toro Cemetery) Toro Cemetery
Welwood Murray Cemetery Palm Springs 33°49′50″N 116°33′10″W / 33.8306°N 116.5527°W / 33.8306; -116.5527 (Welwood Murray Cemetery) J. Smeaton Chase, Charles Farrell, Albert Frey, Hugo Montenegro, Jackie Saunders, Virginia Valli, E. Stewart Williams Welwood Murray Cemetery
Palm Springs Cemetery District
Desert Sun
Wildomar Cemetery Wildomar 33°36′22″N 117°16′32″W / 33.6061°N 117.2755°W / 33.6061; -117.2755 (Wildomar Cemetery) Wildomar Cemetery
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