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Betty Ford, official White House photo color, 1974
Betty Ford, First Lady of the United States and Michigan Women's Hall of Fame inductee

The Michigan Women's Hall of Fame (MWHOF) honors distinguished women, both historical and contemporary, who have been associated with the U.S. state of Michigan. The hall of fame was founded in 1983 by Gladys Beckwith and is sponsored by the Michigan Women's Studies Association. The formation of the Association and the Hall was prompted by five professors from Michigan State University, who were teaching a Women in American Society course.

Nominations to the hall of fame are accepted from the public and are open to women who rose to prominence or were born in Michigan, as well as those who have lived in the state for an extended period. A screening committee ranks the nominations by merit and a second committee makes the final determination, generally selecting eight to ten women annually for induction. Inductees are honored at a ceremony and dinner in October and are presented with a bronze Lifetime Achievement Award. As of 2013, the Hall of Fame contains over 275 inductees.

The MWHOF is housed in the Cooley-Haze House, built in 1903 and located at 213 W. Malcolm X St. (formerly W. Main Street), directly south of downtown Lansing, Michigan. The museum is surrounded by Cooley Gardens. It contains a resource library, as well as exhibit galleries dedicated to preserving and presenting Michigan women's history and art. The house was opened to the public on June 10, 1987. The Center also contains the Belen Gallery, which features art from Michigan women.

Hall of Fame honorees

Michigan Women's Hall of Fame
Name Image Birth–death Year Area of achievement Ref(s)
Bazzy, NajahNajah Bazzy 2020 Detroit activist created Zaman International nonprofit to combat poverty
Jackson (Michigan), ElizabethElizabeth Jackson (Michigan) 2020 Co-founder of Trade Union Leadership Council
Price, GlendaGlenda Price 2020 First African American president of Marygrove College
Teichner, MarthaMartha Teichner 2020 CBS Sunday Morning news correspondent
Westbrook, Atlas RuthAtlas Ruth Westbrook 2020 NASA's Apollo 11 project; one of the "Human Math Computers" depicted in the movie “Hidden Figures
Zehnder, DorothyDorothy Zehnder 2020 Bavarian Inn Co-Founder
Kirchner Stevenson, MargaretMargaret Kirchner Stevenson (1920–1998) 2019 Female pilot, one of the first women to fly a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Watts, Lucile A.Lucile A. Watts (1920–2018) 2019 First woman to serve on the Michigan Circuit Court
Baldwin, MarthaMartha Baldwin (1840–1913) 2019 American educator and activist
Jacobs, Gilda Z.Gilda Z. Jacobs 2019 Politician and president of the Michigan League for Public Policy
Anthony, Vernice DavisVernice Davis Anthony 2019 Health expert
Blackhawk, TerryTerry Blackhawk 2019 Educator
Biddle, AgathaAgatha Biddle (1797–1873) 2018 Odawa fur trader
Hanna-Attisha, MonaMona Hanna-Attisha Mona2x.jpg (b. 1976) 2018 Pediatrician whose research exposed the dangerous levels of lead in the water of Flint, Michigan.
Jones, Clara StantonClara Stanton Jones Clara Stanton Jones.jpg (1913–2012) 2018 First African-American president of the American Library Association
Wilson, Angela K.Angela K. Wilson 2018 Chemistry Division Director of the National Science Foundation
Worthy, Kym L.Kym L. Worthy 2018 Civil rights, law enforcement
American Legion NUWARINE Post 535 2017 Michigan's last remaining all-female American Legion post
Backus, Ella MaeElla Mae Backus (1863–1938) 2017 First woman in Michigan to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney
Ford, Clara BryantClara Bryant Ford (1866–1950) 2017 Wife of Henry Ford, created and funded programs benefiting women
Forth, Lizette DenisonLizette Denison Forth (c1790–1866) 2017 Philanthropist, former slave
Henry, Mary KayMary Kay Henry (b. 1958) 2017 President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Mize, Verna GrahekVerna Grahek Mize (1913–2013) 2017 Environmentalist whose legal battles ended dumping of mining waste into Lake Superior
Morton, BerniceBernice Morton 2017 Developed Affirmative Action program at Wayne State University; helped develop the first Model Cities Comprehensive Health Care Center in the U.S.
Rosie the Riveter 2017 WWII cultural icon who appeared on numerous posters showing women at work in the war service industries
Sarri, Rosemary C.Rosemary C. Sarri 2017 Social worker who was instrumental in the passage of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act
Wetzel, ElizabethElizabeth Wetzel 2017 First female Design Director for General Motors
Adams, Elizabeth SparksElizabeth Sparks Adams (1911–2007) 2016 Government, history, women's rights
Ameri, AnanAnan Ameri (b. 1944) 2016 Art, history, community service, writing
Elliott, DaisyDaisy Elliott (1917–2015) 2016 Government, Civil Rights
Fowler, FaithFaith Fowler (b. 1959) 2016 Religion, women's rights, community service, civil rights
Golden, EvelynEvelyn Golden (1913–2005) 2016 Medicine, community service
Letts, OliviaOlivia Letts (b. 1928) 2016 Education, civil rights, community service
, Mary Free Bed GuildMary Free Bed Guild 2016 Charity organization begun by women in 1891 to provide medical care to those who cannot otherwise afford it
Ross, DianaDiana Ross Diana Ross (1981).jpg (b. 1944) 2016 Music
Simon, Lou Anna KimseyLou Anna Kimsey Simon (b. 1947) 2016 Education, women's rights
Wilson, CharlotteCharlotte Wilson (1854–1914) 2016 Art, civil rights, education, suffrage, women's rights
Benson, JocelynJocelyn Benson (b. 1977) 2015 Dean of the Wayne State University Law School
Berman, MaxineMaxine Berman (b. 1946) 2015 Former member of Michigan House of Representatives; political consultant
Carter, SueSue Carter (b. 1950) 2015 Episcopalian minister, television and radio journalist
Cooper, Janet C.Janet C. Cooper (1931–2002) 2015 Civil rights, education, government, law
Holmes, Mabel WhiteMabel White Holmes (1890–1977) 2015 Invented Jiffy mix
Miller, CandiceCandice Miller Candice Miller, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg (b. 1954) 2015 United States House of Representatives
Shapiro, Esther K.Esther K. Shapiro (b. 1917) 2015 First director of Detroit's Consumer Affairs Department
Walz, MaggieMaggie Walz (1861–1927) 2015 Finnish immigrant who used her subsequent education and business expertise to establish a Finnish colony in Drummond Township
Wolfgang, MyraMyra Wolfgang (1914 –1976) 2015 Labor leader, women's rights activist
Woods, Linda M.Linda M. Woods (b. 1943) 2015 Native American Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, United States Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, social worker
Belen, Elizabeth LehmanElizabeth Lehman Belen (1886–1975) 2014 Politics; second woman elected to the Michigan House of Representatives; first woman and Democrat elected from Lansing
Davis, MaryLeeMaryLee Davis (b. 1943) 2014 Michigan State University administrator and professor
Findlater, JeanneJeanne Findlater (b. 1928) 2014 General manager of WXYZ-TV/Detroit and vice president of ABC Television
Johnson, Dorothy A.Dorothy A. Johnson (b. 1940) 2014 President Emeritus of the Council of Michigan Foundations; Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Krone, JulieJulie Krone Julie Krone riding Halfbridled at 2003 Breeders' cup.jpg (b. 1963) 2014 Thoroughbred jockey Julie Krone is the only woman to ride the winner of a Triple Crown event (the 1993 Belmont Stakes), the first woman to win a Breeders’ Cup event (2003 Juvenile Fillies), and the first woman to win a million-dollar event (2003 Pacific Classic).
Manning, Mary CarmelitaMary Carmelita Manning (1888–1962) 2014 Sister of Mercy order; opened the first Central School of Nursing in Michigan (the second in the country)
Mason, Barbara RobertsBarbara Roberts Mason (b. 1940) 2014 Politics; State Board of Education; seconded the nomination of vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro
Mason, Marylou OlivarezMarylou Olivarez Mason 2014 Hispanic rights; first Hispanic woman on the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees
Rush, Andra M.Andra M. Rush (b. 1960 2014 Business; former chairwoman and CEO of the Rush Group Family of Companies; founded the largest Native American-owned business in the United States.
Sheets, Mary EllenMary Ellen Sheets (b. 1940) 2014 Founder of Two Men and a Truck moving company
Stickel, Lucille FarrierLucille Farrier Stickel Portrait of Lucille Farrier Stickel.jpg (1915–2007) 2014 Environmentalist; first woman to direct a major Federal laboratory
Bauer, Elizabeth W.Elizabeth W. Bauer (b. 1937) 2013 Advocate for the rights of people with disabilities
Cantor, Judith LevinJudith Levin Cantor (b. 1928) 2013 Jewish historian, author, archivist, and exhibit curator
, Con-Con ElevenCon-Con Eleven 2013 The 11 women delegates at the 1961–1962 Michigan Constitutional Convention: Vera Andrus, Ruth Gibson Butler, Anne M. Conklin, Katherine Moore Cushman, Ann Elizabeth Donnelly, Daisy Elizabeth Elliott, Adelaide Julia Hart, Lillian Hatcher, Dorothy Leonard Judd, Ella Demmink Koeze, and Marjorie Frances McGowan
Cunningham, PaulaPaula Cunningham (b. 1949) 2013 First female president of Lansing Community College
Eaglesfield, ElizabethElizabeth Eaglesfield (1853–1940) 2013 Businesswoman and one of the first female steamship captains on Lake Michigan
Johnson, Joan JacksonJoan Jackson Johnson (b. 1948) 2013 Advocate for the poor, homeless, and mentally ill
McKenney, GladysGladys McKenney (b. 1928) 2013 Educator and advocate for women's rights
Quimby, HarrietHarriet Quimby Harriet Quimby in 1911.png (1875–1912) 2013 Early American aviator and movie screenwriter
Whitman, Marina von NeumannMarina von Neumann Whitman (b. 1935–) 2013 Vice president of Public Affairs at General Motors
Ballard, L. AnnaL. Anna Ballard (1848–1934) 2012 Medicine; Lansing’s first female medical doctor.
Beckwith, GladysGladys Beckwith (b. 1929) 2012 Women's studies
Caruso, PatriciaPatricia Caruso (b. 1954) 2012 First woman director of the Michigan Department of Corrections
Dockeray, Mary JaneMary Jane Dockeray (1927–2020) 2012 Environment
Hamilton, Eva McCallEva McCall Hamilton Eva McCall Hamilton portrait1.jpg (1871–1948) 2012 First woman elected to the Michigan Legislature in 1920
Karandjeff, JudithJudith Karandjeff (b. 1944) 2012 Women's rights
, Les Meres et Debutantes Club of Greater LansingLes Meres et Debutantes Club of Greater Lansing 2012 Formed in 1962 by African American mothers, to mentor and fund young African American women debutantes
McCoy, Mary E.Mary E. McCoy (1846–1923) 2012 Women's rights and African-American rights
Williams, SerenaSerena Williams Serena Williams Madrid 2014.jpg (b. 1981) 2012 Tennis; youngest inductee
Bader, Lois A.Lois A. Bader (b. 1935) 2011 Education
Judeh, JumanaJumana Judeh (b. 1959) 2011 First vice chair of the Arab American Chamber of Commerce
Kelly, MarilynMarilyn Kelly (b. 1938) 2011 67th Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court
Lipczynski, ValeriaValeria Lipczynski (1846–1930) 2011 Community service
Lopez, EdelmiraEdelmira Lopez (1922–2017) 2011 First female president of the Lansing Mexican Patriotic Committee, and president of the Hispanic Cultural Center
Moss, KaryKary Moss (b. 1958) 2011 Civil rights, law, women's rights
Robinson, Rose MaryRose Mary Robinson (b. 1939) 2011 Law, politics
Saunders, TriciaTricia Saunders (b. 1966) 2011 USA Wrestling Women's Wrestler of the Year twice and the U.S. Olympic Committee Women's Wrestler of the Year three times.
Aikey, MaryMary Aikey (1928–2013) 2010 Community service, education, women's rights
Callow, Laura CarterLaura Carter Callow (b. 1927) 2010 Women's rights
Chapin, Augusta JaneAugusta Jane Chapin Augusta Jane Chapin.jpg (1836–1905) 2010 American Universalist minister, educator and activist for women's rights.
Draggoo, Sandra LaserSandra Laser Draggoo (b. 1940) 2010 Executive director of Capitol Area Transport Authority
Etheridge, AnnieAnnie Etheridge (1840–1913) 2010 Civil War nurse
Freeborough, SherrillSherrill Freeborough (b. 1947) 2010 Business
Koenig, Dorean Marguerite HurleyDorean Marguerite Hurley Koenig (b. 1934) 2010 Education, law
McMillan, TerryTerry McMillan Terry McMillan at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival.jpg (b. 1951) 2010 Writer
Munger, EdithEdith Munger (1865–1945) 2010 Environment, bird conservationist
Pasky, Cynthia J.Cynthia J. Pasky (b. 1959) 2010 Strategic Staffing Solutions
Boggs, Grace LeeGrace Lee Boggs Grace Lee Boggs 2012.jpg (1915–2015) 2009 Civil rights
Chandler, MargaretMargaret Chandler (1929–1997) 2009 Native American rights
Ellis, RuthRuth Ellis (1899–2000) 2009 Business, gay rights
Ferber, EdnaEdna Ferber Edna Ferber.jpg 1885–1968) 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning author whose works were adapted to movies and stage productions
Lappan, GlendaGlenda Lappan (b. 1939) 2009 Education
McGowan, Kay GivensKay Givens McGowan (b. 1942) 2009 Native American rights, women's rights
Phillips, ElizabethElizabeth Phillips (b. 1937) 2009 Education
Rickert, JessicaJessica Rickert (b. 1950) 2009 Dentistry, Native American rights
Tableman, BettyBetty Tableman (b. 1922) 2009 Mental health
Thomas, MarloMarlo Thomas (b. 1937) 2009 Community service, entertainment, women's rights
Atkins, CarolCarol Atkins (1923–2013) 2008 Women's rights, writing
Patricia Cuza (b. 1936) 2008 First executive director chosen by the Michigan Women's Commission
King, CarolCarol King (b. 1948) 2008 Film maker. Served as an aide to Maryann Mahaffey and to US Congressman John Conyers
Neiberg, VickiVicki Neiberg (b. 1940) 2008 Founding member of Michigan Women's Political Caucus
Schoolcraft, Jane JohnstonJane Johnston Schoolcraft (1800–1842) 2008 First known Native American writer, granddaughter of Ojibwe chief Waubojeeg
Snow, LetaLeta Snow (1880–1980) 2008 Founded the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, president of the Kalamazoo Musical Society
Van de Vyver, Sister Mary FrancileneSister Mary Francilene Van de Vyver (1941–2001) 2008 President Madonna University
Brown, MaryMary Brown (b. 1935) 2007 Michigan State House of Representatives
Buck, GertrudeGertrude Buck (1871–1922) 2007 Education
Cole, EmmaEmma Cole (1845–1910) 2007 Environmentalist
Fakhouri, HaifaHaifa Fakhouri 2007 Founder, president, and CEO of the Arab American and Chaldean Council
Geisel, CarolynCarolyn Geisel (1862–1932) 2007 Health care, lecturer for the Battle Creek Sanitarium
Hart, Jane BriggsJane Briggs Hart (1922–2015) 2007 Aviator, women's rights. Tested for fitness to enter NASA’s astronaut training program, submitting to the same physical and psychological tests administered to the Mercury 7 astronauts.
Rogers, AbigailAbigail Rogers (1818–1869) 2007 Education, women's rights
Wilbur, KathleenKathleen Wilbur (b. 1953) 2007 Michigan State University trustee, president Central Michigan University
, Woman's Hospital Association (Charter Members)Woman's Hospital Association (Charter Members) 2007 114 women who signed a charter in 1896 to establish the Woman's Hospital Association
Clark, Martha StricklandMartha Strickland Clark (1853–1935) 2006 First woman to argue a case before the Michigan Supreme Court. Orator on women's suffrage, temperance, and finance
Daddazio, Mary EstherMary Esther Daddazio (1924–2015) 2006 Women's rights
Feliksa, MargeryMargery Feliksa (1925–2001) 2006 Community service
Hammond, NancyNancy Hammond (b. 1937) 2006 Government, women's rights
Liuzzo, ViolaViola Liuzzo (1925–1965) 2006 Civil Rights Activist
Piercy, MargeMarge Piercy (b. 1936) 2006 Essayist, novelist, poet
Stockman, Dora HallDora Hall Stockman (1872–1948) 2006 Michigan House of Representatives
Tanner, Helen HornbeckHelen Hornbeck Tanner (1916–2011) 2006 History, Native American rights, senior research fellow at the Newberry Library in Chicago
Chiara, MargaretMargaret Chiara (b. 1943) 2005 United States Attorney - Western District of Michigan
Evans, Eva LoisEva Lois Evans (b. 1935) 2005 President of the Lansing Community College Foundation
Johnson, Georgia LewisGeorgia Lewis Johnson (b. 1930) 2005 Medicine, health care
Mattman, Lida HolmesLida Holmes Mattman (1912–2008) 2005 Math, science, medicine, health care
Maynard, OliviaOlivia Maynard (b. 1936) 2005 First woman to chair the Michigan Democratic Party
Stabenow, DebbieDebbie Stabenow Debbie Stabenow, official portrait 2.jpg (b. 1950) 2005 United States Senator
Thrun, CarolineCaroline Thrun (1897–1983) 2005 Assistant Attorney General for Michigan; drafted the 1979 Michigan School Code
Walker, Margaret SellersMargaret Sellers Walker (b. 1935) 2005 First African American to head a division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Weaver, ElizabethElizabeth Weaver (1941–2015) 2005 98th Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court in 1995, named Chief Justice of the Court in 1999
Yao, CynthiaCynthia Yao (b. 1940) 2005 Executive director of Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
Ford, Geraldine BledsoeGeraldine Bledsoe Ford (1926–2003) 2004 First black woman in the United States to be elected to a judgeship
Granholm, Jennifer MulhernJennifer Mulhern Granholm Jennifer Granholm 5.jpg (b. 1959) 2004 47th Governor of Michigan
Gretter, LystraLystra Gretter (1858–1951) 2004 Director of the Detroit Visiting Nurses Association
Mark, FlorineFlorine Mark 2004 President and Chief Executive Officer of The WW Group, Inc.
McClelland, CathyCathy McClelland (b. 1954) 2004 Founder, president, and CEO of the Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute
Rourke, Constance MayfieldConstance Mayfield Rourke (1885–1941) 2004 Author specializing in notable American figures and American history
Blair, Mary AgnesMary Agnes Blair (1909–1982) 2003 Advocate for deaf and hearing-impaired children, and special education programs
Burbridge, VerneVerne Burbridge (1896–2005) 2003 Community service
Cuellar, NellieNellie Cuellar (1899–1987) 2003 Patricipant in the Selma to Montgomery marches; co-chair of the southwest Detroit United Citizens
Kocel, Alice ScanlanAlice Scanlan Kocel (1920–2017) 2003 Michigan Department of Civil Rights, Liaison to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Kornbluh, Joyce LewisJoyce Lewis Kornbluh (b. 1928) 2003 Educator, activist, and advocate for improving lives of working-class individuals
Leggett, Eliza SeamanEliza Seaman Leggett (1815–1900) 2003 Abolition, suffrage, women's rights
Lippman, IdaIda Lippman (1893–1980) 2003 Law enforcement
Ruth, Marion WeyantMarion Weyant Ruth (1918–2004) 2003 Pioneering aviator
Steadman, BerniceBernice Steadman (1925–2015) 2003 Mercury 13 astronaut
Withrow, PamelaPamela Withrow (b. 1948) 2003 Law enforcement, first woman warden of a male correctional institution in Michigan.
Zweifler, RuthRuth Zweifler (b. 1930) 2003 Founder of the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan
Canady, HortenseHortense Canady (1927–2010) 2002 Governor's Committee on the Status of Women, Michigan Women's Commission
Freeman, Julia WheelockJulia Wheelock Freeman (1833–1900) 2002 Civil War nurse with the Michigan Soldiers Relief Association
Genser, Lillian MellenLillian Mellen Genser (1920–2006) 2002 Peace movement, conflict resolution
Knaggs, May StockingMay Stocking Knaggs (1847–1917) 2002 Suffrage
Madgett, Naomi LongNaomi Long Madgett (b. 1923) 2002 Poet and English professor emeritus of English at Eastern Michigan University
McCollough, Lucille H.Lucille H. McCollough Lucille H. McCollough.png (1905–1996) 2002 Politics
Pollack, LanaLana Pollack (b. 1942) 2002 Politics
Rayne, Martha LouiseMartha Louise Rayne Martha Louise Rayne.JPG (1836–1911) 2002 Journalism
Ross, Muriel DorothyMuriel Dorothy Ross (b. 1927) 2002 Math, science
Anderson, Cora ReynoldsCora Reynolds Anderson (1882–1950) 2001 The first woman, and the first Native American, to serve in the Michigan House of Representatives
Belen, LucileLucile Belen (1912–2010) 2001 Politics
Duchemin, Theresa MaxisTheresa Maxis Duchemin (1810–1892) 2001 Missionary
Franklin, ArethaAretha Franklin Aretha Franklin.png (1942–2018) 2001 Entertainment
Goodridge, Francie KrakerFrancie Kraker Goodridge (b. 1947) 2001 Track and field athletic coach
Ilitch, Marian BayoffMarian Bayoff Ilitch (b. 1933) 2001 Co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza, owner of Detroit Red Wings, MotorCity Casino Hotel
Riordan, Mary EllenMary Ellen Riordan (1920–2010) 2001 President Emerita of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, Local 231, AFL-CIO,
Weiner, Josephine SternJosephine Stern Weiner (1912–2000) 2001 Community service
Gordon, LoneyLoney Gordon (1915–1999) 2000 Helped develop the vaccine against Whooping Cough
Heideman, Katherine G.Katherine G. Heideman (1910–2003) 2000 Education
Jackson, Dauris GwendolynDauris Gwendolyn Jackson (1933–1979) 2000 Civil rights, education
Kennedy, Cornelia GroefsemaCornelia Groefsema Kennedy (1923–2014) 2000 Judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Lansing, Marjorie J.Marjorie J. Lansing (1916–1998) 2000 Education, women's rights
Lee, Chuan-PuChuan-Pu Lee (1931–2016) 2000 Math, science
Lundy, Marilyn FisherMarilyn Fisher Lundy (1925–2014) 2000 Education
McCormick, Katharine DexterKatharine Dexter McCormick National Women's Suffrage Association.jpg (1875–1967) 2000 Philanthropist, women's rights
Straus, Kathleen N.Kathleen N. Straus (b. 1923) 2000 Civil rights
Young, Clarissa M.Clarissa M. Young (1922–1979) 2000 Law enforcement
Beeman, PatriciaPatricia Beeman (1925–1996) 1999 Civil rights
Brown, OlympiaOlympia Brown Olympia Brown.jpg (1835–1926) 1999 Religion, suffrage
DeDeckere, DorisDoris DeDeckere (1926–2010) 1999 Philanthropist, labor volunteerism
Elliott, Margaret DrakeMargaret Drake Elliott (1904–1999) 1999 Environment
Homer, ElizabethElizabeth Homer (b. 1943) 1999 Women's rights
Hutzel, EleonoreEleonore Hutzel (1885–1979) 1999 Medicine, health care
Kellogg, Ella EatonElla Eaton Kellogg (1853–1920) 1999 Philanthropist, nutrition, pioneer of dietetics
Ketcham, Emily BurtonEmily Burton Ketcham (1838–1907) 1999 Suffrage
Platte, ArdethArdeth Platte (b. 1936) 1999 Peace movement, conflict resolution
Binsfeld, ConnieConnie Binsfeld (1924–2014) 1998 60th Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
Curran, Hilda PatriciaHilda Patricia Curran (b. 1938) 1998 Director of Office of Women and Work, founding member of Women in State Government, a founding trustee of the Michigan Women's Foundation
Dye, MarieMarie Dye (1891–1974) 1998 Michigan State University professor who instituted many programs focused on home, the environment and nutrition
Josaitis, Eleanor M.Eleanor M. Josaitis (1931–2011) 1998 Co-founder of Focus: HOPE
Rosenblatt, Dorrie EllenDorrie Ellen Rosenblatt (b. 1948) 1998 Gerontology
Sharp, Ella MerrimanElla Merriman Sharp (1857–1912) 1998 Chair Michigan Federation's Forestry Committee. Chair of the Civic Improvement Committee of the Federation of Women's Clubs.
Steinberg, Martha JeanMartha Jean Steinberg (1927–2000) 1998 Black Radio Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, R&B disc jockey, station owner. Ordained minister who founded the Home of Love church.
Thompson, RuthRuth Thompson Ruth Thompson.jpg (1887–1970) 1998 United States House of Representatives
Tomlin, LilyLily Tomlin LilyTomlinSept2011.jpg (b. 1939) 1998 Entertainment
Burstyn, EllenEllen Burstyn Ellen Burstyn at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.jpg (b. 1932) 1997 Entertainment
Corwell-Shertzer, MarionMarion Corwell-Shertzer (1931–2016) 1997 President of American Women in Radio and Television, Inc.; founded the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter, National School Public Relations Association
Four Sisters of Charity 1997 Social work
McGraw Goodwin, DellaDella McGraw Goodwin (b. 1931) 1997 Founding chairperson of the National Center for the Advancement of Blacks in the Health Professions (NCABHP)
Hamilton, AliceAlice Hamilton Alice Hamilton1.jpg (1869–1970) 1997 Physician, research scientist, and author
Love, Nancy HarknessNancy Harkness Love Love 1 350.jpg (1914–1976) 1997 Director of the WW II Women's Auxiliary Ferry Squadron
Mahaffey, MaryannMaryann Mahaffey Maryann Mahaffey speaking at 50th anniversary for Henry Messer and Carl House.jpg (1925–2006) 1997 President of Detroit City Council 1990–1998, champion of human rights
Sutton, Sharon E.Sharon E. Sutton (b. 1941) 1997 Architect, Professor Emeritus at College of Built Environments
Wilson, Matilda DodgeMatilda Dodge Wilson (1883–1967) 1997 43rd Lieutenant Governors of Michigan, philanthropist
Clemenc, AnnaAnna Clemenc Annie Clemenc.jpg (1888–1956) 1996 Labor activist
Dominic, Waunetta McClellanWaunetta McClellan Dominic (1921–1981) 1996 Odawa rights activist who spent her career advocating for the United States government to adhere to its treaty obligations to Native Americans.
Laurence, Margaret MuthMargaret Muth Laurence (1916–1996) 1996 Trademark and copyright attorney
Morcom, Claudia HouseClaudia House Morcom (1932–2014) 1996 Founding director of Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services
Reyneau, Betsy GravesBetsy Graves Reyneau (1888–1964) 1996 Portrait artist, focusing on African Americans
Rogers-Brown, Carrie FrazierCarrie Frazier Rogers-Brown (b. 1948) 1996 Medicine, health care
Schwartz, Shirley E.Shirley E. Schwartz (b. 1935) 1996 Chemist and senior staff research scientist at General Motors Corporation
Wolfe, Joan LueddersJoan Luedders Wolfe (b. 1929) 1996 Founder of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council. Member of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission, and the Governor's Advisory Committee on Electric Energy Alternatives and the first Natural Resources Trust Fund Board.
Alvarado-Ortega, YolandaYolanda Alvarado-Ortega (b. 1943) 1995 Hispanic civil rights. Editor of El Renacimiento. Reporter for the Lansing State Journal.
Auberlin, IreneIrene Auberlin (1896–1999) 1995 Founder of World Medical Relief
Gage, Hilda R.Hilda R. Gage (1939–2010) 1995 First female Chief Judge of Michigan’s Oakland County Circuit Court
Grimes, Lucia VoorheesLucia Voorhees Grimes (1877–1978) 1995 Founded the Wayne County Republican Women's Club, and devoted her life's work to women's suffrage
Grooms, R. LouiseR. Louise Grooms (1902–1984) 1995 Founder of the Detroit Institute of Commerce with her own money, to train African American youiths with skills to enter the workplace
Komer, OdessaOdessa Komer (1925–2004) 1995 Labor leader, Vice President of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) International Executive Board 1974–1992
Osborn, Laura FreeleLaura Freele Osborn (1866–1955) 1995 The first woman to hold elective office in Detroit when elected to the school board in 1917
Washington, Jacquelin E.Jacquelin E. Washington (b. 1931) 1995 First African American woman to serve as executive director of the Planned Parenthood League of Southwest Michigan. Co-founder of the Sojourner Foundation
Cadillac, Marie-Therese GuyonMarie-Therese Guyon Cadillac (1671–1746) 1994 Business, physician; the first white woman to cross the Iroquois Territory
Carlton, RuthRuth Carlton (1911–2001) 1994 The Detroit News columnist whose work focused on adoption of hard-to-place children, resulting in government regulations.
Cohen, FlossieFlossie Cohen (1925–2004) 1994 Professor Emeritus at Wayne State University, founded the pediatric HIV Clinic at Children's Hospital
Daubendiek, Bertha A.Bertha A. Daubendiek (1916–2005) 1994 Environment, advocate of natural sanctuaries. Founder of the Michigan Nature Association.
Dollinger, Genora JohnsonGenora Johnson Dollinger (1913–1995) 1994 Labor leader who organized the Women's Auxiliary and the Women's Emergency Brigade sit-down strike against General Motors. Memorialized in the documentary With Babies and Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade.
Hommel, FloraFlora Hommel (1928–2015) 1994 Founder of Childbirth Without Pain Education Association, peace activist, advocate of universal single-payer health care
Jones, Sarah Van HoosenSarah Van Hoosen Jones (1892–1972) 1994 First woman in the United States to earn a Doctorate in Animal Genetics. Trustee of Michigan State University. Founding member of the Oakland University Board of Trustees
Lutz, Aleda E.Aleda E. Lutz (1915–1944) 1994 W W II U. S. Army flight nurse, died in a plane crash in Lyons, France. Posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center in Saganaw honors her service.
McAndrew, Helen WalkerHelen Walker McAndrew (1826–1906) 1994 Washtenaw County's first woman physician
Alvord, Edith VosburghEdith Vosburgh Alvord (1875–1962) 1993 Volunteerism, women's suffrage
Blackwell, Catherine CarterCatherine Carter Blackwell (1919–2014) 1993 Pioneered African-American studies in Detroit schools
Campbell, Jean W.Jean W. Campbell (b. 1918) 1993 Helped found the Center for Education of Women at the University of Michigan
Campbell, Katherine HillKatherine Hill Campbell (1868–1942) 1993 Activist for prison reform
Cooper, Lenna FrancesLenna Frances Cooper (1875–1961) 1993 Co-founder of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) in 1917; first dietician in the United States Army
Griffith, Roberta A.Roberta A. Griffith
(1870–1941) 1993 Helped to establish American Association of Workers for the Blind, and created a 6-volume Braille dictionary
Miller, Bina WestBina West Miller
Bina West Miller (1895)
(1867–1954) 1993 Founder of Women's Benefit Association, a nonprofit, dues-paying organization exclusively for women, pioneering life insurance for women
Omelenchuk, JeanneJeanne Omelenchuk (1931–2008) 1993 Olympic speed skater
Wallace, SippieSippie Wallace (1898–1986) 1993 Musical entertainer
White, Edna NobleEdna Noble White (1879–1954) 1993 Founding director of the Merrill-Palmer Institute, childhood development advisor to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration and to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Woodman, Irene ClarkIrene Clark Woodman (1905–1994) 1993 Military
Cora Mae Brown (1914–1972) 1992 Legislative work, criminal law, and women's rights
Butcher, Mary LouMary Lou Butcher (b. 1943) 1992 Journalism
Edmonds, Sarah EmmaSarah Emma Edmonds Sarah Edmonds lg sepia.jpg (1841–1898) 1992 Served with the Union troops during the Civil War, passing herself off as a man
Lewis, Violet TempleViolet Temple Lewis (1899–1968) 1992 Improving the status of women through education and job skills
Mahon, Luise Ruth LeismerLuise Ruth Leismer Mahon (1926–1975) 1992 Journalism
Radner, GildaGilda Radner Gilda Radner - 1980.jpg (1946–1989) 1992 Entertainer
Seger, Martha RomayneMartha Romayne Seger (b. 1932) 1992 Financial Economist and Former Governor of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C.
Shafer, Ann M.Ann M. Shafer (1916–1991) 1992 Became a union leader while working at Kellogg's in Battle Creek. Co-founder of the Coalition of Labor Union Women. Founded the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek chapters of the National Organization for Women
Stoesser, Sylvia M.Sylvia M. Stoesser Sylvia Stoesser 2008 064 personnel zw12z580x.tiff (1901–1991) 1992 Chemist, Dow Chemical Company's first female research scientist.
Thurman, LucyLucy Thurman (1849–1918) 1992 Devoted 37 years to the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, helping them establish a National Department of Colored work
Waddles, CharleszettaCharleszetta Waddles (1912–2001) 1992 Social work, African-American activist, Pentecostal church minister, and founder of Mother Waddles Perpetual Mission
Andresen, RachelRachel Andresen (1907–1988) 1991 Founded Youth For Understanding
Beck, Mary V.Mary V. Beck (1908–2005) 1991 First woman elected to the Detroit City Council, member of Wayne County Board of Supervisors
BenDor, JanJan BenDor (b. 1946) 1991 Founder of Women's Crisis Center in Ann Arbor. Organized a boycott against Domino's Pizza for its anti-woman policies.
Good, Janet K.Janet K. Good (1923–1997) 1991 Helped establish the Older Women's League (OWL) in Michigan. Actin director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the Michigan Employment Security Commission. Co-chair the Governor's task force on sexual harassment, leading to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.
Jacobs, JoJo Jacobs (1933–2015) 1991 Organized the Committee to Study Sex Discrimination in the Kalamazoo Public Schools.
Nordby, Virginia Cecile BlomerVirginia Cecile Blomer Nordby (b. 1929) 1991 Helped draft the Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Act
Riley, Dorothy ComstockDorothy Comstock Riley (1924–2004) 1991 Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court 1987–1991
Swanson, Edith MaysEdith Mays Swanson (1934–1989) 1991 Civil rights, education, Edith Swanson Leadership Award established in her honor
Butterfield, Emily HelenEmily Helen Butterfield (1884–1958) 1990 Artist, and first licensed female architect in Michigan
Henderson, ErmaErma Henderson (1917–2009) 1990 First African American woman elected to the Detroit City Council
Judd, Dorothy LeonardDorothy Leonard Judd (1898–1989) 1990 In conjunction with the League of Women Voters, spent her life rooting out corruption and cronyism in government.
Morse, Elba LilaElba Lila Morse (1882–1975) 1990 Superintendent of Northern Michigan Children's Clinic. Helped found the Bay Cliff Health Camp. Worked with the American Red Cross to recruit and train workers for disaster recovery.
Richards, Fannie M.Fannie M. Richards (1840–1922) 1990 Founded a private elementary school for black children. Pushed for school desegregation, resulting in the Michigan Supreme Court's 1871 ruling ordering desegregation.
Schaub, Emelia ChristineEmelia Christine Schaub (1891–1995) 1990 First female practicing prosecuting attorney in Michigan.
Sinclair, Mary P.Mary P. Sinclair (1918–2011) 1990 Authority on nuclear energy and its impact on the environment
Tate, MerzeMerze Tate (1905–1996) 1990 Political science scholar, author, professor at Harvard University
Vorhauer, Delia VillegasDelia Villegas Vorhauer (1940–1992) 1990 Hispanic civil rights
Arthur, ClaraClara Arthur Clara Arthur.jpg (1858–1929) 1989 Co-founder of the Detroit Equal Suffrage Association in 1886
Bissell, Anna SutherlandAnna Sutherland Bissell (1846–1934) 1989 Philanthropist and CEO of Bissell Company in 1889. First woman Chief Executive Officer in the United States.
Canady, AlexaAlexa Canady (b. 1950) 1989 First African American woman in the United States to become a neurosurgeon
Davidow, Anne R.Anne R. Davidow (1898–1991) 1989 Attorney who argued for the plaintiff in Goesaert v. Cleary before the United States Supreme Court, in which the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the appellees and upheld the State of Michigan's discriminatory laws regarding hiring practices of women barkeepers. US Congresswoman Martha Griffiths' support of the US Equal Rights Amendment was based on this case.
Denning, Bernadine NewsomBernadine Newsom Denning (1930–2011) 1989 Human rights activist
Karle, IsabellaIsabella Karle Isabella Karle.jpg (1921–2017) 1989 Chemist who developed the Symbolic Addition Procedure for deriving molecular structures directly from x-ray diffraction experiments on crystals.
King, Jean LedwithJean Ledwith King (b. 1924) 1989 Advocate for gender equality
Madar, OlgaOlga Madar (1915–1996) 1989 First woman elected to the executive board of the United Auto Workers. Under her influence, the UAW in 1970 became the first national union to endorse constitutional ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
Mayo, Mary AnneMary Anne Mayo (1845–1903) 1989 Born in a log cabin, she worked through the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry to improve the lives and educations of Michigan women.
Brown, LouiseLouise Brown (1917–2011) 1988 Social worker, educator
Crockett, EtheleneEthelene Crockett (1914–1978) 1988 Michigan's first African-American female board-certified OB/GYN
Federbush, Marcia J.Marcia J. Federbush (1934–2007) 1988 Championed gender-equal academic and sports regulations in Michigan
Frances Alvord HarrisFran Harris (1909–1998) 1988 First Woman To Broadcast News In Michigan
Mansour, Agnes MaryAgnes Mary Mansour (1931–2004) 1988 Roman Catholic nun, president of Mercy College of Detroit, 1982 candidate for Congress
Martin, HelenHelen Martin (1889–1973) 1988 Michigan state geologist, prolific author
Nugent, M. Jane KayM. Jane Kay Nugent (b. 1925) 1988 Former Vice President of Administration at Detroit Edison
Power, Sarah GoddardSarah Goddard Power (1935–1987) 1988 Former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the State Department
Barnhart, Marion IsabelMarion Isabel Barnhart (1921–1985) 1987 Medical researcher and first woman professor at Wayne State University (WSU); first recipient of the University's Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award
Burnett, Patricia HillPatricia Hill Burnett (1920–2014) 1987 Arts, women's rights; co-founded the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for Women
Calhoun, EthelEthel Calhoun (1898–1989) 1987 Physician who helped pioneer the Sister Kenny method of treating Poliomyelitis
Emery, GeorgiaGeorgia Emery (1867–1913) 1987 Founder of Merrill Palmer School for Motherhood and Home Training, first director of the Women's Department of the Massachusetts Life Insurance Company
Ford, BettyBetty Ford Betty Ford.gif (1918–2011) 1987 First Lady of the United States
Gragg, Rosa SladeRosa Slade Gragg (1904–1989) 1987 Civil rights advocate appointed in the 1940s to a national advisory post by President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Raven, ClaraClara Raven (1909–1994) 1987 First woman commissioned as American military Colonel, World War II Army Medical Corps, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner of Wayne County, 20 years research into Sudden infant death syndrome
Boyle, PatriciaPatricia Boyle (1937–2014) 1986 Judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan
Crosby, Elizabeth C.Elizabeth C. Crosby Elizabeth Caroline Crosby (1888-1983).jpg (1888–1983) 1986 Comparative and human neuroanatomy. 1979 recipient of the President's National Medal of Science from Jimmy Carter
Frostic, GwenGwen Frostic (1906–2001) 1986 Artists, illustrator
Lucke, Elmina R.Elmina R. Lucke (1889–1987) 1986 International social worker
Matthews, Marjorie SwankMarjorie Swank Matthews (1916–1986) 1986 First woman elected as bishop to the Methodist Church
Peebles-Meyers, MarjorieMarjorie Peebles-Meyers (1915–2001) 1986 First African-American woman to graduate from the Medical School of Wayne State University, the first to be accepted as an intern at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

and the first to become Chief Resident of a major Detroit hospital.

Stratton, Mary Chase PerryMary Chase Perry Stratton (1867–1961) 1986 Arts
Thomas, HelenHelen Thomas Helen Thomas - USNWR.jpg (1920–2013) 1986 Journalism, White House press corps
Claytor, Helen J.Helen J. Claytor (1907–2005) 1984 Civil rights, national president of the YWCA 1967–1973
Crane, Caroline BartlettCaroline Bartlett Crane Caroline Bartlett Crane.jpg (1858–1935) 1984 Unitarian minister, suffragist, civic reformer, educator and journalist
Allan, VirginiaVirginia Allan (1916–1999) 1984 Chair President Nixon's Task Force on Women's Rights and Responsibilities. 1972 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
De Angeli, Marguerite LofftMarguerite Lofft De Angeli (1889–1987) 1984 Newbery Medal for children's literature
Gillette, Emma GenevieveEmma Genevieve Gillette (1898–1986) 1984 Conservationist
Hoobler, Icie MacyIcie Macy Hoobler (1892–1984) 1984 Biochemist. First woman chair of a local section of the American Chemical Society. Won 22 awards and honors for her laboratory's research.
La Framboise, MadelineMadeline La Framboise (1779–1846) 1984 Early 19th century fur trader
Longstreet, MarthaMartha Longstreet (1870–1953) 1984 Physician, community activist
Peterson, Elly M.Elly M. Peterson (1914–2008) 1984 Republican National Committee co-chairman during the 1960s and 1970s
Slaton, Jessie PharrJessie Pharr Slaton (1908–1983) 1984 African-American attorney
Spencer, Mary C.Mary C. Spencer (1842–1923) 1984 Michigan State Librarian 1893–1923
Van Hoosen, BerthaBertha Van Hoosen (1863–1952) 1984 Medicine, health care, founder of the American Medical Women's Association in 1915, and the first woman to be head of a medical division at a coeducational university.
Arnow, Harriette SimpsonHarriette Simpson Arnow (1907–1986) 1983 Novelist
Beebe, N. LorraineN. Lorraine Beebe (1910–2005) 1983 Michigan state senator
Bledsoe, Mamie Geraldine NealeMamie Geraldine Neale Bledsoe (1900–1991) 1983 Civil rights, politics, advocate for special education needs of children
Chandler, Elizabeth MargaretElizabeth Margaret Chandler Elizabeth Margaret Chandler lg.jpg (1807–1834) 1983 Quaker writer who incorporated abolitionism into her themes
Coleman, Mary StallingsMary Stallings Coleman (1914–2001) 1983 First woman to be elected Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court .
Donahue, Wilma T.Wilma T. Donahue (1900–1993) 1983 Medicine, health care, author, and authority on Gerontology, founded International Center for Social Gerontology (ICSG) in Washington, D.C.
Eldering, GraceGrace Eldering (1900–1988) 1983 Math, science, medicine, health care, along with Pearl Kendrick developed the vaccine for whooping cough
Gomon, JosephineJosephine Gomon (1892–1975) 1983 Medicine, health care, civil activist
Griffiths, MarthaMartha Griffiths Martha Wright Griffiths.jpg (1912–2003) 1983 United States House of Representatives 1955–1974, guided the Equal Rights Amendment through both houses of Congress in 1972. Lt. Governor of Michigan 1983–1991
Haener, DorothyDorothy Haener (1917–2000) 1983 International Representative with the United Auto Workers International Union's Women's Department
Haviland, Laura SmithLaura Smith Haviland Laura Smith Haviland in 1881.jpg (1808–1897) 1983 Quaker abolitionist who helped slaves escape, founded an orphanage, nursed wounded Civil War soldiers, and was active in women's suffrage.
Jeffrey, MildredMildred Jeffrey (1910–2004) 1983 Labor and civil rights activist
Kendrick, PearlPearl Kendrick (1890–1980) 1983 Math, science, medicine, health care. Along with Grace Eldering, developed the vaccine for Whooping Cough
Milliken, HelenHelen Milliken (1922–2012) 1983 First Lady of Michigan, philanthropist, women's rights
Parks, RosaRosa Parks Rosaparks.jpg (1913–2005) 1983 Pivotal African American figure in the Civil Rights Movement
Shaw, Anna HowardAnna Howard Shaw Anna Howard Shaw 1.jpg (1847–1919) 1983 Suffrage, religion, medicine, health care
Stone, Lucinda HinsdaleLucinda Hinsdale Stone (1814–1900) 1983 Women's rights
Truth, SojournerSojourner Truth Sojourner Truth 01.jpg (1797–1883) 1983 Abolition
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