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Milton Bradley
Former type Division of Hasbro
Industry Games
Fate Purchased by Hassenfeld Brothers and reincorporated as Hasbro Gaming
Successor(s) Hasbro Gaming
People who started it Milton Bradley
Defunct 1998 (1998) (company)
2009 (2009) (brand)
Headquarters East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Things made Battleship
Buffalo Bill Gun
Connect Four
Fireball Island
Hero Quest
Hungry Hungry Hippos
The Game of Life
Axis & Allies
Gamemaster Series
OMNI Entertainment System
Body Language
Parent Hasbro (1984–2009)

Milton Bradley Company is a American company that makes toys and board games. It was formed by Milton Bradley in 1860 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Milton Bradley company was taken over by Hasbro in 1984. It is still part of Hasbro today. Milton Bradley has made board games like Battleship, Connect Four, Jenga, and Yahtzee.

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