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In chemistry, a mixture is a substance that is made up of two or more simpler substances. These substances can be chemical elements or compounds. A mixture can be made of liquids, solids, or gases.

A mixture is not the same as a compound which is made of two or more atoms connected together. For instance, a mixture of the gases hydrogen and nitrogen contains hydrogen and nitrogen, not the compound ammonia which is made of hydrogen and nitrogen atoms.

A mixture where the different parts can be distinguished easily is called heterogenous, one where this is not the case is called homogeneous. A third form is called colloid.

If one substance in a mixture dissolves in the other, it is called a solution. For example if sugar is put in water it forms a mixture, then dissolves to make a solution. If it does not dissolve, it would be called a suspension.

Solids can be mixtures also. Many kinds of soil and rock are mixtures of different minerals.


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