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The city of Shoreline, Washington is divided into 14 neighborhoods, according to the city government's designation. The neighborhood boundaries have been laid out more-or-less rectangularly according to street maps, rather than following socioeconomic or natural boundaries.

The city maintains a council of neighborhoods, with the intent of bringing together community leaders from each of the neighborhoods for discussions and coordination of city programs that affect the neighborhoods.



Neighborhood Boundaries (approximate) Location
North East South West
Ballinger Snohomish County Lake Forest Park N.E. 195th St. Interstate 5 47°46′28″N 122°18′33″W / 47.77444°N 122.30917°W / 47.77444; -122.30917 (Ballinger)
Briarcrest N.E. 168th St. / North City Lake Forest Park Seattle 15th Ave. N.E. 47°44′21″N 122°18′07″W / 47.73917°N 122.30194°W / 47.73917; -122.30194 (Briarcrest)
Echo Lake Snohomish County Interstate 5 N. 185th St. Aurora Ave. N. 47°46′14″N 122°20′07″W / 47.77056°N 122.33528°W / 47.77056; -122.33528 (Echo Lake)
Highland Terrace N.W. 165th St. Aurora Ave. N. Westminster Way N. 8th Ave. N.W. 47°44′42″N 122°21′20″W / 47.74500°N 122.35556°W / 47.74500; -122.35556 (Highland Terrace)
Hillwood Snohomish County Aurora Ave. N. N. 185th St. 8th Ave. N.W. 47°46′14″N 122°21′21″W / 47.77056°N 122.35583°W / 47.77056; -122.35583 (Hillwood)
Innis Arden NW 190th St. 8th Ave. N.W. N. 165th St. Puget Sound 47°45′26″N 122°22′31″W / 47.75722°N 122.37528°W / 47.75722; -122.37528 (Innis Arden)
Meridian Park N. 185th St. Interstate 5 N. 160th St. Aurora Ave. N. 47°45′22″N 122°20′05″W / 47.75611°N 122.33472°W / 47.75611; -122.33472 (Meridian Park)
North City N.E. 195th St. Lake Forest Park N.E. 160th St. Interstate 5 47°45′21″N 122°18′48″W / 47.75583°N 122.31333°W / 47.75583; -122.31333 (North City)
Parkwood N. 160th St. Interstate 5 Seattle Aurora Ave. N. 47°44′29″N 122°20′04″W / 47.74139°N 122.33444°W / 47.74139; -122.33444 (Parkwood)
Richmond Beach Snohomish County 8th Ave. N.W. N.W. 190th St. Puget Sound 47°46′14″N 122°22′57″W / 47.77056°N 122.38250°W / 47.77056; -122.38250 (Richmond Beach)
Richmond Highlands N. 185th St. Aurora Ave. N. N. 165th St. 8th Ave. N.W. 47°45′22″N 122°21′12″W / 47.75611°N 122.35333°W / 47.75611; -122.35333 (Richmond Highlands)
Ridgecrest N.E. 175th St. 15th Ave. N.E. Seattle Interstate 5 47°44′55″N 122°19′26″W / 47.74861°N 122.32389°W / 47.74861; -122.32389 (Ridgecrest)
The Highlands N.W. 165th St. Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle Puget Sound 47°44′29″N 122°21′58″W / 47.74139°N 122.36611°W / 47.74139; -122.36611 (The Highlands)
Westminster Triangle Westminster Way N. Aurora Ave. N. Seattle Greenwood Ave. N. 47°44′16″N 122°20′53″W / 47.73778°N 122.34806°W / 47.73778; -122.34806 (Westminster Triangle)
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