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Type Video game console
Handheld game console
Owner Sony Computer Entertainment
Country Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Introduced 1994 as PS1
2000 in PS2/PSOne
2003 as PSX
2004 as PSP
2006 in video gaming as PS3
2011 as PSVita
2013 as PS4/PSVitaTV
Markets Worldwide
Registered as a trademark in Worldwide
Website Japan
United States

The PlayStation (often known as the PS1 or the PSX) is a video game console made by Sony. At the time it was competing against the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn. PlayStation games were stored on CD-ROMs. The controllers that were first released with the console had no analog joysticks on them, but analog joysticks and a vibration feature were added to later controllers. A slimmer version of the console called the PSOne was released in 2000. It was white instead of grey.


The PlayStation and the PSOne have sold over 120 million consoles.



The PocketStation was a very small games console released as a peripheral (an extra accessory) for the PlayStation. It had a clock, an LCD display and four buttons. It could be used as a memory card. It wasn't released in the United States, because it did not sell well.

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