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Xbox 360 console

A video game console is a machine that is used to play video games. Video game consoles usually connect to a television. Special controllers are attached to the console to control the game. Some video game consoles are handheld. They can be carried around and have their own screens. The Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable are examples of handheld consoles. Some video game consoles can also run general software, such as Linux.

Video game consoles


Name Lifespan
Home Pong 1975–unknown
Atari 2600 1977–1992
Atari Game Brain Cancelled, was expected to come out in 1978
Atari Cosmos Cancelled, was expected to come out in 1981
Atari 5200 1982–1984
Atari 7800 1984–1992
Atari XEGS 1984–1992
Atari Lynx 1989–1995
Atari Jaguar 1993–1996
Atari VCS Will come out in 2020 (not the Atari 2600, previously known as the Atari VCS, as mentioned above, that is a different video game console to this one)


Name Lifespan
Playdia 1994–1996
WonderSwan 1999–2003
WonderSwan 2000–2003


Name Lifespan
Coleco Telstar series 1976–1978
ColecoVision 1982–1985


Name Lifespan
Commodore TV Game 2000K and Commodore TV Game 3000H 1975–unknown
Commodore 64 Games System 1990–1990
CDTV 1991–1993
Amiga CD32 1993–1994


Name Lifespan
GP32 2001–2005
GP2X 2005–2008
XGP Cancelled, was announced in 2005, then was announced again in 2006
GP2X Wiz 2009–unknown
Caanoo 2010–2011


Name Lifespan
Odyssey 1972–1975
Odyssey² 1978–1984


Name Lifespan
Intellivision 1979–90 (the Intellivision was instead made by INTV Corporation from 1984–1990)
HyperScan 2006–2007


Name Lifespan
Xbox 2001–2009
Xbox 360 2005–2016
Xbox One 2013–present
Xbox Series X Will come out in 2020


Name Lifespan
TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine/TurboGrafx 1987-1994
SuperGrafx 1989-unknown
PC-FX 1994-1998


Name Lifespan
Color TV-Game series 1977-1980
Game & Watch 1980–1991
Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom 1983–2003
Game Boy 1989–2003
Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom 1990–2003
Virtual Boy 1995–1996
Nintendo 64 1996–2002
Game Boy Color 1998–2003
Game Boy Advance 2001–2010
Pokémon Mini 2001–2002
Nintendo GameCube 2001–2007
Nintendo DS 2004–2013
Wii 2006–2017
Nintendo DSi 2011–2014
Nintendo 3DS 2011–present
Wii U 2012–2017
New Nintendo 3DS 2014–2019
Nintendo Switch 2017–present


Name Lifespan
Master System/Sega Mark III 1985–present
Mega Drive/Sega Genesis 1988–present
Game Gear 1990–2000
Sega Saturn 1994–2000
Sega Dreamcast 1999–2001


Name Lifespan
Neo Geo AES 1990–2004
Neo Geo CD 1994–1997
Neo Geo Pocket 1998–1999
Neo Geo Pocket Color 1999–2001


Name Lifespan
PlayStation 1994–2006
PlayStation 2 2000–2013
PlayStation Portable 2004–2014
PlayStation 3 2006–2017
PlayStation Vita 2011–2019
PlayStation 4 2013–present
PlayStation 5 Will come out in 2020

The 3DO Company

Name Lifespan
3DO Interactive Multiplayer 1993–1996
Panasonic M2 Cancelled, was cancelled in 1997


Name Lifespan
VTech handheld electronic games 19??–1991 (earliest known release is Soccer 2 in 1979)
CreatiVision 1982–1986
VTech Socrates 1988–early 1990s (exact year unknown)
V.Smile 2004–2010
V.Flash/V.Smile Pro 2006–unknown
V.Smile Baby Infant Development System 2006–unknown
MobiGo 2010–unknown
InnoTV 2015-unknown

Other consoles

Name Lifespan
Channel F 1976–1983
RCA Studio II 1977–1978
APF-MP1000 1978–1981
Arcadia 2001 1982–1984
Konix Multisystem Cancelled, was expected to come out in 1990
CD-i 1990–1998
Taito WoWoW Cancelled, was expected to come out in 1992
LaserActive 1993–1996
3DO 1993–1996
Apple Pippin 1996–1997
N-Gage 2003–2005
Tapwave Zodiac 2003–2005
ApeXtreme Cancelled, was expected to come out in 2004
XaviXPORT 2004–2017
Gizmondo 2005–2006
Game Wave Family Entertainment System 2005–2009
Phantom Cancelled, was expected to come out in 2003, then was delayed to November 2004, January 2005, March 2005 and September 2005
EVO Smart Console 2006–2010
Intellivision Amico Will come out in 2020

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