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Genre Comedy
Written by Niraj Vikram
Directed by Suhas Kadav
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 3(Under Production)
No. of episodes 300+
Production company(s)
  • Cosmos Entertainment
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
  • Hitech Animation
Distributor Viacom 18
Original network
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release 9 November 2015 (2015-11-09) – present

Shiva is an Indian animated action television series currently airing on Nickelodeon India.The series in produced by Cosmos-Maya and Viacom18. It is one of the highest rated television kids show in India.


Shiva is a young boy who lives with his grandparents in a fictional city named Vedas in India. He is a child superhero with supernatural powers. He faces a lot of villains who try to harm or damage people and property of his city. He beats villains. A policeman named Mr. Laddo Singh (LA-doo-_-sing) who wanted to catch the criminals but gets in trouble is helped by Shiva. Shiva and his friends are always rewarded by the Indian Government for their utmost bravery.


No. Movies
1 Shiva the Secret world of Vedas city
2 Shiva and the Lost Tribe
3 Shiva vs Man from Future
4 Shiva vs the Autobots
5 Shiva vs Snake man
6 Shiva vs Rubber man
7 Shiva and the Wolf boy
8 Shiva Journey to Plunotoria
9 Shiva the Tiny Men from Mountain
10 Shiva vs Strom Falcon
11 Shiva Rise of Technosapiens


  • Shiva is a heroic and very intelligent boy with great strength, bravery and intelligence. He has a super bike which can fly. He is very cordial with his friends also very good as a student. He saves the people of Vedas City from various threats and helps Mr. Laddoo Singh to make arrests. He lives with his grandparents. He is an expert as a fighter and titled as 'The Last Ninja Fighter' in an episode. But he never misuses his fighting talents. He has an extraordinary ability in cycling. He is also an engineer and adds different gadgets to it.he is also good in cooking.
  • Aditya also known as 'Adi' is a friend of Shiva. He speaks proudly about his bravery but is very scared. He joins with Shiva in all his adventures and is very loyal to his family and friends.He claims that he is regarded as a hero in his own village as Shiva in the city of Vedas City.
  • Uday also known as 'Udi' is a friend of Shiva. He gets hungry when scared. He is also very strong. In every mystery he thinks that the hand before these problems are aliens.Sometimes Reva, another character of this cartoon, becomes angry with them because of his thought about aliens.
  • Reva is the best friend of Shiva. She always supports Shiva and firmly believes that Shiva is powerful. She believes that Shiva can do anything. She is very intelligent. She is often saved by Shiva in times of danger. She becomes angry when Adi or Udi gets scared in simple matters.
  • Mr. Laddoo Singh is the Police Inspector of Vedas City. He is honest but he is not much intelligent. In some episodes he claims that he is the guru of Shiva after the criminal is caught.He is always helped by Shiva in performing his duties.He likes reporters to take his interview. He tells being proud that he has caught the criminal with great heroism which leads him to danger sometimes . However, everybody knows that who is the real hero! He is one of the comedic character in this cartoon. He is very frightened inspector.
  • Pedaram is the assistant of Mr. Laddoo Singh. Sometimes when Laddo Singh tries to speak proudly, he leeks the truth.
  • Nanaji's name is Acharya. He is Shiva's nana (maternal grandfather) and his main talent is singing Hindustani Classical music in which he sings his best that everyone thinks he sings worst. When he sings his voice makes everybody fly away as if a tornado has come. By this ability sometimes he helps Shiva.
  • Nani is the nani (maternal grandmother) of Shiva. She always tells Shiva not to fight with anyone. When Laddoo Singh comes to Shiva to ask for help he tries to get him out. But as seen in the episode namely The last ninja fighter, Nani told that she is never unwillingly to let Shiva fight against any criminal as Shiva is fighting for the betterment of people as well as for Vedas City. In an episode namely Shiva Ka Vadha criminals cheated with Nani and made him make a promise with Shiva of not fighting against anyone. However, she understood that at last and let him fight for the truth.
  • Swami is the neighbor of Shiva. He lives with his wife. He often becomes irritated hearing the songs sung by Nanaji.
  • Swami's wife is the neighbor of Shiva. She loves shopping everyday.
  • Bheem Singh works in the house of Shiva. He is a very thin person. He helps Nani in disturbing Nana while singing and in throwing Laddoo Singh out of their house when he comes to Shiva for help.
  • Neha is the niece of Swami. She has an extraordinary ability to detect any secret code, password etc. He is seen rarely in episodes like in The Secret Code. The criminals tried to kidnap her to open a locker full of gold bar in that episode. She is not any of the main characters of this cartoon.


Country Channel Language Starting Year Ending Year Dubbing Seasons Dubbing Episodes
 India Nickelodeon India Hindi




2015 Present Season 1 & 2 All Episodes
Nickelodeon Sonic Hindi




2016 2019 Season 1 All Episodes
Nick HD+ English 2018 2018 Season 1 1 To 10


Rishtey Hindi 2019 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Indonesia ANTV Indonesian 2017 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Bangladesh Maasranga Bengali 2017 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Pakistan Nickelodeon Pakistan Urdu


2016 2016 Season 1 1 To 10


 Nepal NTV Plus Nepali




2018 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Sri Lanka Hiru TV Sinhala 2018 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Paraguay SNT 9 Spanish 2018 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Maldives Nickelodeon Maldives Dhivehi




Southern Zone

Insular Indo-Aryan

2018 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 South Korea Tooniverse Korean 2019 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Vietnam Nick & You Vietnamese 2019 Present Season 1 All Episodes
 Southeast Asia Nickelodeon Asia English




Taiwanese Mandarin

2019 Present Season 1 All Episodes
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