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A Snickers bar broken in half.
Type Confectionery
Owner Mars, Incorporated
Introduced 1930
Markets World

Snickers is a candy bar made by Mars, Incorporated. It is made from nougat topped with peanuts and caramel covered with milk chocolate. Snickers is the best selling candy bar of all time and has annual global sales of $2 billion.

In 1930, the Mars family introduced its second brand, Snickers, named after one of their favorite horses. They were first sold for a nickel. It is made by forming a nougat center into large slabs, which are cut to size once the caramel and peanuts have been added. After the centers are formed, they are coated with thick milk chocolate. The completed bars are inspected, wrapped, and packed in cases for shipment. From 1949 to 1952, Snickers was a sponsor of "The Howdy Doody Show". The "Fun Size" bar was introduced in 1968 and has been a popular Halloween treat ever since. Following decades saw ever more Snickers varieties introduced.

Snickers bars were particularly popular among movie-goers during the 1970s and early 1980s, outselling some of its important competitors at movie theaters. It still is somewhat popular at the movies. The Snickers brand is also available at many supermarkets, pharmacies and stores worldwide.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Snickers bars were originally sold under the name Marathon. In 1990, the name was changed to Snickers to the chagrin of many people. Today, still, some do not buy "Snickers".

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