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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 12th century13th century14th century
Decades: 1230s  1240s  1250s  – 1260s –  1270s  1280s  1290s
Years: 1264 1265 126612671268 1269 1270


By topic

War and politics


  • Roger Bacon completes his work Opus Majus and sends it to Pope Clement IV, who had requested it be written; the work contains wide-ranging discussion of mathematics, optics, alchemy, astronomy, astrology, and other topics, and includes what some believe to be the first description of a magnifying glass. Bacon also completes Opus Minus, a summary of Opus Majus, later in the same year. The only source for his date of birth is his statement in the Opus Tertium, written in 1267, that "forty years have passed since I first learned the alphabet". The 1214 birth date assumes he was not being literal, and meant 40 years had passed since he matriculated at Oxford at the age of 13. If he had been literal, his birth date was more likely to have been around 1220.
  • The leadership of Vienna forces Jews to wear Pileum cornutum,a cone-shaped head dress, in addition to the yellow badges Jews are already forced to wear.
  • In England, the Statute of Marlborough is passed, the oldest English law still (partially) in force.

By place

Asia and Africa

  • The "Grand Capital" is constructed in Khanbaliq (present-day Beijing) by Kublai Khan, having moved the capital of the Mongol Empire there three years prior.
  • Malik ul Salih establishes Samudra Pasai, the first Muslim state in Indonesia.
  • Spain attempts an invasion of Morocco, but the Marinids successfully defended against the invasion and drive out Spanish forces.



  • March 3 or March 4 – Lars, Archbishop of Uppsala
  • John FitzAlan, 6th Earl of Arundel (b. 1223)
  • Hugh II of Cyprus (b. 1253)
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