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Bat-and-ball games are field games played by two teams. These teams take turns "batting" and "fielding." The team that is batting can score. The team that is fielding is defending. Both teams have equal chances batting and fielding. Bat-and-ball games are not timed, but are counted (such as by number of "innings" or "rounds".)

The name bat-and-ball games comes from some common parts of most of these games. In most games, a player on the fielding team puts a ball into play. (How the player does this depends on the game's rules.) Then a player on the batting team tries to hit the ball, usually with a "bat." A bat is a kind of club, though the size and shape depend on the rules.

The two most popular bat-and-ball games in the world are cricket and baseball. Games like golf and hockey, which also use clubs, are not bat-and-ball games. (In golf, there are no teams. In hockey, the teams do not take turns "batting" and "fielding.")

List of bat-and-ball games

  • Baseball
  • Bat-and-Trap
  • British baseball
  • Brännboll
  • Corkball
  • Cricket
  • Crocker (sport)
  • Danish longball
  • Lapta
  • The Massachusetts Game
  • Oina
  • Old Cat
  • Over-the-line
  • Pesäpallo
  • Rounders
  • Scrub baseball
  • Softball
  • Stickball
  • Stool ball
  • T-Ball
  • Town ball
  • Vigoro
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Wireball

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