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Caesar or Cæsar may mean:

Ancient Rome

  • Caesar (title), a title used by Roman Emperors and also Ottoman Turkish Emperors, related as well to "Tsar" and "Kaiser"

Roman Gens Julia

  • Gaius Julius Caesar (100 BC–44 BC) Roman general and dictator, hence
    • Julius Caesar (play), a tragedy by William Shakespeare
    • Julius Caesar (mini), a 2002 mini-series about Caesar, directed by Uli Edel
  • Gaius Julius Caesar (proconsul of Asia, 90s BC), father of the dictator
  • Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, the first Roman Emperor, nephew and adoptive son of the dictator
  • Other members of the Julii Caesares, the family from which the dictator came



  • Caesar (cocktail), a cocktail made with vodka and Clamato that is popular primarily in Canada
  • The Caesar salad, a salad named after Caesar Cardini
  • Little Caesars, a pizza restaurant chain


  • Caesar cipher, an encryption technique used by the Roman dictator on military campaigns
  • Caesarean section, a surgical procedure to deliver a baby when a normal birth is difficult.

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