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USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) underway in the Suez Canal on 27 February 1992
A US warship in the Suez Canal
Bateau traversant le canal de corinthe
Some canals require blasting through rock

Canals are human-made channels for water. There are two types of canal:

  1. Aqueduct (or water conveyance) canals that are used for the conveyance and delivery of fresh water, for human consumption, agriculture, etc.
  2. Waterway canals that are navigable transportation canals used for carrying ships and boats loaded with goods and people, often connected to existing lakes, rivers, or oceans. Included here are inter-ocean canals such as the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.

Other canals are used for irrigation or hydropower.

Lists of canals

Amsterdam gracht
  • Europe
    • Canals of France
    • Canals of Germany
    • Canals of Ireland
    • Canals of the United Kingdom
  • North America
    • Canals of Canada
    • Canals of the United States

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