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Fotbal Club Astra Giurgiu (Usually called Astra Giurgiu or just Astra) is a professional association football club from Giurgiu, Romania. They currently play in the Liga I.

The club was formed in 1921 in Ploiești (a city about 116 km north of Giurgiu), as Clubul Sportiv Astra-Română. The club spent most of its history in the lower divisions. In 1990, the club was taken over by businessman Ioan Niculae and has since improved. In September 2012, the team was moved from Ploiești to Giurgiu.

The team won their first Liga I title in 2015–16. They also won 1 Cupa României and 1 Supercupa României.

The colours of the club are white and black, which is why their nickname Dracii Negri (The Black Devils).

The club has also had many names. These include: Clubul Sportiv Astra-Română (1921–1934), Astra Română Câmpina (1934–1937), Astra Română Ploiești (1937–1938), Colombia Ploiești (1938–1945), Astra Română Ploiești (1945–1959), Rafinorul Ploiești (1959–1990), CS Astra Ploiești (1990–1996), AS Danubiana Ploiești (1996–1998), SC FC Astra Ploiești (1998–2005), CSM Ploiești (2005–2007), FC Ploiești (2007–2009) and FC Astra Ploiești (2009–2012).


  • Liga I
    • Winners (1): 2015–16
    • Runners-up (1): 2013–14
  • Liga II
    • Winners (1): 1997–98
    • Runners-up (1): 2008–09
  • Liga III
    • Winners (1): 2007–08
  • Cupa României
    • Winners (1): 2013–14
  • Supercupa României
    • Winners (1): 2014

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