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The following list of known freshwater fish species, subspecies, and hybrids occurring in Washington state is taken from Wydoski and Whitney(2003). Some scientific names have been updated or corrected. Trout nomenclature follows Behnke et al.(2002). Asterisks denote introduced fishes. The list includes several anadromous species, and two normally marine species (starry flounder and shiner perch) that are occasionally found in freshwater. Only one species (Olympic mudminnow) is a Washington endemic, however three others (Nooksack dace, Salish sucker, and margined sculpin) have very limited distributions outside the state. Sixty-seven fish species, subspecies, or hybrids are listed, 37 native, and 30 introduced.


Family Petromyzontidae

  • Pacific lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus'’
  • Western river lamprey, Lampetra ayresi
  • Western brook lamprey, Lampetra richardsoni


Family Acipenseridae

  • Green sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris
  • White sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus


Family Clupeidae


Family Catostomidae

  • Longnose sucker, Catostomus catostomus
  • Salish sucker, Catostomus sp.
  • Bridgelip sucker, Catostomus columbianus
  • Largescale sucker, Catostomus macrocheilus
  • Mountain sucker, Catostomus platyrhynchus

Family Cobitidae

  • Weatherfish*, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Family Cyprinidae

  • Chiselmouth, Acrocheilus alutaceus
  • Goldfish*, Carassius auratus
  • Lake chub, Couseius plumbeus
  • Grass carp*, Ctenopharyngodon idella
  • Common carp*, Cyprinus carpio
  • Tui chub, Gila bicolor'’
  • Peamouth, Mylocheilus caurinus
  • Golden shiner*, Notemigonus crysoleucas
  • Fathead minnow*, Pimephales promelas
  • Northern pikeminnow, Ptychocheilus oregonensis
  • Longnose dace, Rhinichthys cataractae
  • Nooksack dace, Rhinichthys cataractae ssp.
  • Leopard dace, Rhinichthys falcatus'’
  • Umatilla dace, Rhinichthys umatilla
  • Speckled dace, Rhinichthys osculus
  • Redside shiner, Richardsonius balteatus
  • Tench*, Tinca tinca


Family Fundulidae

Family Poeciliidae


Family Esocidae

  • Olympic mudminnow, Novumbra hubbsi


Family Centrarchidae

Family Embiotocidae

  • Shiner perch, Cymatogaster aggregata

Family Percidae

Family Percichthyidae


Family Percopsidae

  • Sand roller, Percopsis transmontanus


Family Gadidae


Family Gasterosteidae


Family Osmeridae

  • Longfin smelt, Spirinchus thaleichthys
  • Eulachon, Thaleichthys pacificus


Family Pleuronectidae


Family Salmonidae


Family Cottidae

  • Coastrange sculpin, Cottus aleuticus
  • Prickly sculpin, Cottus asper
  • Mottled sculpin, Cottus bairdi
  • Paiute sculpin, Cottus beldingi
  • Slimy sculpin, Cottus cognatus
  • Shorthead sculpin, Cottus confusus
  • Riffle sculpin, Cottus gulosus
  • Reticulate sculpin, Cottus perplexus
  • Margined sculpin, Cottus marginatus
  • Torrent sculpin, Cottus rhotheus
  • Pacific staghorn sculpin, Leptocottus armatus


Family Ictaluridae

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