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This is a list of operating systems.

The first operating systems

  • CTSS (The Compatible TimeShare System, made at MIT by Corbato and others)
  • Incompatible Timesharing System (The Incompatible Timeshare System, made at MIT)
  • Multics (project by Bell Labs, GE, and MIT)
  • Master programme for Leo Computers, Leo III in 1962
  • THE operating system (by Dijkstra and others)

The first proprietary computer operating systems

Unix-like and other POSIX-ready systems

Generic/commodity, non-UNIX, and other

Hobby OS

Operating systems written for a hobby.



  • Arthur
  • ARX
  • RISCiX


  • AmigaOS
  • AmigaOS 4

Atari ST

  • MultiTOS
  • MiNT
  • TOS


Be Incorporated


  • AIS
  • ITS (for the PDP-6 and PDP-10)
  • OS-8
  • RSTS/E (ran on several machines, chiefly PDP-11s)
  • RSX-11 (multi-user, multitasking OS for PDP-11s)
  • RT-11 (single user OS for PDP-11)
  • TENEX (from BBN)
  • TOPS-10 (for the PDP-10)
  • TOPS-20 (for the PDP-10)
  • VMS (by DEC for the VAX mini-computer type; later renamed OpenVMS)


  • AIX (a version of Unix)
  • ALCS
  • Basic Operating System (first system released for the System 360, as an interim)
  • MFT (later called OV/VS1)
  • MVS (latest variant of MVT)
  • MVT (later called OV/VS2)
  • OS/2
  • OS/360 (first OS planned for the System 360 architecture)
  • OS/390
  • OS/400
  • PC-DOS (IBM's version of DOS)
  • SVS
  • TPF
  • VM/CMS
  • z/OS


Personal digital assistants (PDAs)

Microcontroller, embedded

Little operating systems that run on small devices.

Fictional operating systems

Operating systems that have only appeared in fiction or as jokes.

  • Lcars - From Star Trek
  • ALTIMIT OS - From .hack
  • Digitronix - From The Hacker Files
  • Hyper OS - From the movie Patlabor
  • Penix - Pun of Microsoft Xenix with an inappropriate word
  • Wheatonix - April fool's joke.
  • GLADOS - Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System

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