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Maned wolf
Temporal range: 0.1–0Ma
Late Pleistocene – Recent
Maned wolf in Cologne Zoo, Germany
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Maned Wolf area.png
Range of the maned wolf

Canis brachyurus, C. campestris, C. isodactylus, C. jubatus, Vulpes cancrosa

The maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America. Its markings are like those of foxes, but it is not a fox or a wolf. It is the only type in the genus Chrysocyon, which means "golden dog".

The maned wolf has long, thin legs and thick reddish fur. The maned wolf is an omnivore. It has an important job in the seed dispersal of fruits, especially the wolf apple. The maned wolf usually lives alone. It communicates with other maned wolves by giving a loud call known as "roar-barking".

The maned wolf lives in open and semi open habitats, especially in grasslands. It lives in south, central-west, and southeastern Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina, and Bolivia, southeastern Peru. It is very rare in Uruguay. It is a near threatened species.

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