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Narrow-leaved rattle
Rhinanthus angustifolius.jpg
Scientific classification

Rhinanthus angustifolius, the narrow-leaved rattle or greater yellow-rattle, is a plant species of the genus Rhinanthus. It is an annual wildflower native to temperate grasslands in much of Europe, and north and central Western Asia. The yellow flowers are mostly visited by bumblebees.


Rhinanthus angustifolius has native distribution in:

  • Western Asia: Turkey
  • Caucasus:
  • Pontic-Caspian steppe: western Kazakhstan; the Russian Federation's central-western Asian Southern Federal District oblasts and republics; including Kalmykia Republic and Volgograd.
  • West Siberian Plain: the Russian Federation's northwestern Asia region of the western Siberian Federal District; including the Oblasts of Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, and Omsk.


  • Alectorolophus major Rchb.,
  • Alectorolophus glaber (Lam.) Beck
  • Alectorolophus montanus (Saut.) Frits
  • Rhinanthus apterus (R. angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus)
  • Rhinanthus glaber Lam. (R. angustifolius subsp. angustifolius)
  • Rhinanthus grandiflorus (Wallr.) Bluff & Fingerh. (R. angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus)
  • Rhinanthus major
  • Rhinanthus montanus Sauter (R. angustifolius subsp. angustifolius)
  • Rhinanthus parviflorus Noulet (R. angustifolius subsp. angustifolius)
  • Rhinanthus reichenbachii Bentham in DC. (R. angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus)
  • Rhinanthus serotinus (Schönheit) Oborny (R. angustifolius subsp. angustifolius)
  • Rhinanthus vernalis (Zinger) Schischk. & Sergueievkaja (R. angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus
  • Rhinanthus × poeverleinii (R. angustifolius subsp. ? × glacialis)

Vernacular names

Common names for Rhinanthus angustifolius in various languages include:

  • German = Großer Klappertopf
  • English = Greater yellow-rattle
  • Finnish = Isolaukku
  • Dutch = Grote ratelaar
  • Macedonian = Голема шумарига
  • Polish = Szelężnik większy
  • Swedish = Höskallra
  • Welsh = Cribell felen fawr
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