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Splatalot! Logo.jpg.png
Genre Children's Game show
Created by Mark J.W. Bishop
Matt Hornburg
Directed by Rae Upton
Presented by Jason Agnew and Matt Chin (Canada)
Dick and Dom (UK)
Kayne Tremills and Scott Tweedie (Australia)
Stacey Harkey and Tori Pence (USA)
Composer(s) Angelo Oddi
Country of origin Canada
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 + 1 special
Executive producer(s) Alan Bishop (challenge producer)
Mark J.W. Bishop
Matt Hornburg
Producer(s) Steve Sloan
Production location(s) Amaranth, Ontario, Canada
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Marblemedia
Distributor Distribution 360
Original network YTV (Canada)
CBBC (United Kingdom)
ABC3 (Australia)
Picture format (1080i HDTV)
Original release 14 March 2011 (2011-03-14) – 29 August 2013 (2013-08-29)
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Splatalot! is a medieval-themed physical game show which premiered in Canada on YTV on 14 March 2011, hosted by Jason Agnew and Matt Chin. It premiered in the United Kingdom on CBBC on 13 June 2011 with Dick and Dom as hosts and in Australia on ABC3 on 5 November 2011 with Kayne Tremills and Scott Tweedie as hosts. The series was a copy of Wipeout, designed for a younger demographic. The British and Australian broadcasts of the show used the same filmed footage as the original Canadian, but with local presenters providing commentary.

Splatalot! was produced by Marblemedia and commissioned as an international co-production by YTV, CBBC and ABC3. It featured a large, extreme obstacle course and three rounds of competition: Cross the Moat, Ditch the Dungeon (Escape the Stockade in the first series), and Capture the Crown. Each episode featured a different group of 12 teenage contestants (known as Attackers) competing against not only the obstacles and the clock but also the Defenders. The Defenders are an international squad of nine medieval-themed gladiators, who are tasked with protecting the castle from the Attackers. The winning Attacker is crowned King or Queen of Splatalot!. This king or queen was able to then choose an attacker to punish in one of many ways, such as throwing them into the water with a catapult.


The series was produced using a 2.5 acre set built on a 50 acre lot (previously used to shoot The Adrenaline Project) owned by Marblemedia in Amaranth, Ontario, Canada and featured contestants from Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company had spent a year collaborating with theme park engineers to design the course.

The first season, consisting of 26 episodes, was shot on location in September and October 2010. On 3 February 2012 the series was renewed for a 26 episode second season. It was shot the following summer.

Following the recording of the series, the set remained abandoned and was a popular attraction for trespassers. The set was later demolished in 2018 as part of a series called "Smashalot!". At the beginning of the first episode, reasons are listed for the demolition, including YouTubers, being too costly to repair, having unpaid property taxes, crack-dealing and opposition from the local community.

The Attackers

Contestants, known as "Attackers" were drawn from schools and sports clubs from across Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. They consist of children aged 12 and up. A different group of attackers feature in every episode.

The Defenders

Splatalot! featured a recurring cast of Defenders, consisting of six charismatic young adults. Each episode featured 3 Defenders per round, (but all six on the Final) ensuring that the audiences never see the same lineup twice. Each Defender has their unique persona, color, costume, and signature weapon - they work together to incite laughter and most importantly, impede the Attackers until one of them proves that he or she is worthy of the crown of Splatalot!.

In season 2, Knightriss, Shaiden, Ballista, Tinkor, Gildar, and Crocness have left the show, but they returned to the screen for the show's American run on BYUtv. Only Kook, Thorne, and Skabb remained from season 1, with Madeva, Faetal, and Vane coming in as replacements. Gildar appears for The 'Celebrity Splatdown' only to announce his departure from the show, and was mentioned in ‘Teachers Vs Students Splatdown’ and 'Sleepy Matty (Dicky in the UK, Scotty in Australia)'.

The Defenders are (In both seasons):

  • Thorne (played by Elliott Francis) – A British Warrior. The self-proclaimed bad boy of the group. The Defender who is in a permanent bad mood, brooding and grumbling wherever he roams. With his maniacal mohawk and his blue streaked face, Thorne rarely finds joy in anything, but stopping attackers from claiming the crown. His weapon of choice is a spiked mace. When he is in stage 1 he likes to use the fog gun (vaporizer). He is also a 'gentleman' as he says in "We are not alone" where he helps one of the girls (Andrea) up the wall. He is the brother of Season 1 defender Shaiden.
  • Kookaburra (played by James Elmer) – A wacky Australian guy and the team's joker in the pack who has a bird-like design, often nicknamed 'Kook'. His Weapon of choice is a slingshot, and he is probably the most successful defender on the whole show, though he can act awkward and silly at times; for example, he uses cheerleading chants in the "Parents & Kids Splatdown." He is revealed to have a crush on Shaiden, was once called a green-haired freak, and is known to trick the attackers; for example, pretending the cannon is not working in Round 3, with the defender wanting to seize the "chance". However, when they go, he is revealed to be faking; he presses the button and makes the attacker fall off.
  • Allan "Skabb" Tonelli (played by Wendo Mhogolo) – An extremely violent, Australian Aboriginal barbarian. He's the most dangerous and aggressive of the defenders and is known for being the castle bully. Although he is brutal in his defending, he is known to occasionally have a soft side, which is revealed in a number of episodes. His weapon of choice is a club but he is dangerous with every weapon. He also tends to scare the Attackers and the Defenders without fail.

In Season 1

  • Gildar (played by wrestler RJ City under his real name RJ Skinner ) – A narcissistic Canadian Viking who cared only about himself and constantly looked in his mirror, bragging about his muscles, facial features, and his hair, just like Gaston. His weapon of choice is a sledgehammer, and with it, he can rid the castle of his biggest hatred: sass from the attackers. In "Party Like It's $19.99," he was in a DVD of "Extreme Viking Makeover," and he published a book called Shoved by a Rainbow in "Shoved by a Rainbow." It is revealed in "Gildar Has a Secret," that he and Crocness were married.
  • Ballista (played by Samantha Brown) – A manipulative Canadian huntress who suppresses attackers with her physical beauty and deceiving charm. Her weapons of choice are a shield and sword. Matt and Jason, from the Canadian version of Splatalot, are both depicted to have a crush on her. In "And the Splatty Goes To," she won the Splatty Award for Most Valuable Defender. She is often depicted as one who feels that the male defenders act like showoffs whenever she does something.
  • Tinkor (played by Matt Burns) – A Canadian blacksmith who not only has built all of the Defenders' weapons, but his foul stench and appearance repulse everyone in the castle- attackers and defenders alike. His weapon of choice is a catapult, but sometimes he uses a handheld splatzooka. In "Beaver Tails," the attacker Sofia confuses Tinkor for his father Terry, who looks the same to each other. As shown in "Impossible is Nothing" and "Sarthak the Situation," he and Shaiden have a somewhat on-again-off-again relationship. His best friends are typically Kook and Skabb. He is capable of ticking Gildar off when the weapons do not work.
  • Shaiden (played by Grace Francis) – A British ninja and Thorne's sister who is known for her sneakiness and her temper when another Defender, mainly Skabb, calls her a "little girl;" is constantly annoyed by the other Defenders, as she feels she is the only one focused on the Attackers. Her weapon of choice is a katana. She seems to have an on-again-off-again relationship with Tinkor and tries to tempt Kook into making a fool of himself. During the ending in "It's Taco Day," she uses meditation to calm Skabb down after he loses his cool when Erik captured the Crown of Splatalot.
  • Knightriss (played by Gloria Onitri) – A Black British knight and Madeva's older sister, who competes with Gildar as the leader of the defenders. Her weapon of choice is a jousting lance. In "Talk to the Barrel," she and Thorne are depicted to have a relationship, as they are seen flirting over their defense styles against the attackers. In "Revenge of the Nerds," she and Thorne are arguing over who should fire the splatzooka. In "Alan Skabb Tonelli," she begins flirting with Skabb bringing on yet another relationship for this indecisive knight.
  • Crocness (played by Chenoa Deemal) – A cunning Australian Aboriginal swamptress who wears a crocodile around her neck and is known for her moss-covered hair. Her weapon of choice is a skull staff. Like Shaiden, she shows that she is on the edge who will focus on the attackers more than each other. In "It's Taco Day," she fills in for Gildar in the final round after he leaves the castle for a record label. In "The Cookies Crumble," Matt gives Jason a box of cookies that Crocness made, and they made Jason sick.

In Season 2

  • Madeva (played by Alexia Khadime) – A crazy female Black British Dragonslayer. The new leader of the defenders. Her weapon of choice is a giant claymore. She is Knightriss' sister.
  • Vane (played by Eric Johnston) – A lazy, greedy and talented yet vain Canadian archer who would rather eat a sandwich than defend the castle. Weapon of choice is a crossbow-styled cannon. He wears sunglasses with his name on them.
  • Faetal (played by Nicole Power) – A charming Canadian Amazon who feels all attackers are her favorite. Her Weapons of choice is a dagger and shield. She is revealed to be Gildar's cousin in "Two Drawbridges Up."

Rounds in Splatalot

Round 1: Cross the Moat

Round One sees the Attackers challenged with overcoming a series of large obstacles consisting of barrels, the battle axes, the bridge of disaster, and the defenders. Looking at time in this round as the fastest six attackers move on to the next round.

Round 2: Ditch the Dungeon (Escape the Stockade in the first season)

Contestants must go up a long staircase but, the defenders make the stairs really slippery by using the trademark slime balls, a foam gun and the Vile Volley. Also, the Defender at the top of the stairs uses the Purple Plague (a cart full of purple balls) and the Balls of Doom. The fastest four Attackers to overcome the obstacles, ditches the dungeon and capture the four flags advance to Round 3.

Round 3: Capture the Crown

In Round 3, the remaining four Attackers must race across the obstacle-ridden courtyard, up to the tower where the crown lies in wait. In their path are all 6 Defenders from both rounds taking up various positions around the courtyard, wielding various weapons and devices to impede the Attackers' progress. In the end, only one Attacker will make it past the Defenders and capture the crown, winning this week's episode, then they would rise the flag with the defenders clapping and the winner says the catchphrase, "I'm the king/queen of the castle" in Season 1.

In Season 2, they would choose a defender. Usually they would say for them to get launch out of the catapult. In the event of the night round, they would be blindfolded on the Scary-Go-Round and they would say, "My/Our first act as king/queen/ruler of Splatalot is to have one of you thrown into the moat/swamp. I/we wish I/we could do it to/it could be all of you, but today/tonight, it will be you, (insert Defender)!"


As a companion website to the TV series, featured Flash games and behind-the-scenes bonus material, as well as Defender and Host bios and other features. In 2013, the Splatalot! Dash! mobile game was released on iOS and Android platforms. It was followed by Splatalot Attack: A Hero RPG in 2017.

Game Stack

This series of online games emulates the athleticism and strategy an Attacker would need to be victorious on Splatalot!. In all, nine stand-alone Flash games are featured that allow users to play as either an Attacker or a Defender. Users have the option of combining their scores to build up their Splatalot! "Coat of Arms."

Tour the Castle

Users can view floor plans, conceptual drawings and photos of the castle and obstacle course.

Behind the Defenders

Users can watch bonus video content of the Defenders, as well as view their stats and read their back-stories, similar to that of professional athletes.

Highlight Shaker

A video highlight reel creator which lets users edit and create their own colour commentary and music to their favorite clips from the TV show. Updated weekly with new clips, users could also share their creations with friends.


There are 12 attackers in Series 1 & 10 in Series 2. These are the attackers in each episode.

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 14 March 2011 (2011-03-14) 8 December 2011 (2011-12-08)
2 26 10 November 2012 (2012-11-10) 29 August 2013 (2013-08-29)

Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Director Original air date
1 1 "Outnumbered, Outplayed and Outwetted" Rae Upton 14 March 2011 (2011-03-14)

Matt introduces a new segment called "Kook And His Cannon". Attackers include a Sasquatch, a Jungle Cat, and a Wetley. The Defenders dish out a healthy dose of "Crocky's Swamp Juice" when the Attackers get sassy in the Stockade!

Attackers: Matt, Gita, Laura, Addison, Jordan, Ashley, Tyler, Michelle, Jackie, Charlie, Wesley & Alex.

Winner: Wesley

Absent: Shaiden, Tinkor & Skabb
2 2 "Feel the Thunder" Rae Upton 15 March 2011 (2011-03-15)

Matt gets a new toy and Jason gets new cologne. The Defenders get distracted eating bananas and autographing pictures for Attackers' moms. One Attacker pays the price for his run -- literally. Another threatens to bring the whole castle down when he brings the thunder!

Attackers: Nick, Ada, Charlie, Anthony, Josephine, Liam, Tyler, Breanna, Janel, Melanie, Heather & Jonathan.

Winner: Charlie

Absent: Ballista, Crocness & Shaiden
3 3 "Sarthak: The Situation" Rae Upton 16 March 2011 (2011-03-16)

Matt uses a rhyming dictionary to enhance his commentary. Sarthak starts out as one awkward Attacker, but could he go all the way? While Tinkor's possible love connection with Shaiden in the moat goes well, his "Sleeping Tiger" tactic in the final round almost destroys Kookaburra!

Attackers: Ravina, Jacob, Autumn, Liam, Preslee, Sarthak, Maddie, Martin, Ethan, John, Sharissa & Haley.

Winner: Jacob

Absent: Thorne, Ballista & Skabb
4 4 "Dilgar and Tam" Rae Upton 17 March 2011 (2011-03-17)

Attackers send home pictures, swim with sharks, and grow wings in order to complete the moat. It is revealed that Gildar has an evil twin named "Dilgar", or does he? Not to be outdone, Matt reveals he has an evil twin named "Tam", or does he? Moustaches, mystery and trombones abound!

Attackers: Ivanka, Sarah, Shaqeel, Tariq, Denver, Michael, Kristen, Kayla, Samantha, Liam, Cole & Ashley.

Winner: Tariq

Absent: Thorne, Ballista & Kookaburra
5 5 "Talk to the Barrel" Rae Upton 21 March 2011 (2011-03-21)

Inspired by repeated Splats on the Baffling Barrels, Matt discovers a new catch phrase. The Attackers reveal strange affinities to food like "Purple Carrots", and nicknames like "Roberto Sanchez". Defender tension is revealed when Thorne, Ballista, and Knightriss are forced to work together in the Stockade!

Attackers: Aileen, Marlin, Jennifer, Arnay, Janice, Erblin, Matt, Ala, Megan, George, Stephanie & Rob.

Winner: Jennifer

Absent: Shaiden

Note: Ballista and Kookaburra were replaced by Skabb and Gildar for the third round.
6 6 "And the Splatty Goes to..." Rae Upton 28 March 2011 (2011-03-28)

Jealous of Matt's "Best Host in a Splatty Series" award, Jason tries to make his own. The Attackers qualify for a few Splatties themselves by leaving it all out on the course (including a shoe). Skabb and Knightriss get carried away and start damaging the equipment. A boy is trapped in a video game?!

Attackers: Derek, Tamia, Kristine, Dylan, Adam, Tianna, Matt, Carolina, Jamie, Ryan, Jacy & Courtney.

Winner: Jamie

Absent: Thorne, Tinkor & Kookaburra
7 7 "Episodius Splaticus" Rae Upton 28 March 2011 (2011-03-28)

Attacker backtalk forces Gildar to ban all sass from Splatalot. Ballista's charm on the Water Cannon ends up beguiling the hosts. One Attacker's obsession allows Matt to channel his inner wizard!

Attackers: Adriana, Nicholas, Mouzhan, Trevon, Shae, Alexander, Anneke, Ajay, Asha, Graham, Hannah & Bradley.

Winner: Trevon

Absent: Knightriss, Tinkor & Crocness
8 8 "Allan 'Skabb' Tonelli" Rae Upton 18 April 2011 (2011-04-18)

The Splat-o-meter makes its debut! The Attackers reveal their love for fennel foxes and narwhals. One Attacker clears the moat without a fall, clocking a time less than one minute! When Skabb's real name is revealed, he storms out of the castle and has to be replaced by another Defender in the third round!

Attackers: Ellie, Amy, Sam, Emily, Caitlin, Kyle, Sydney, Jacqueline, Steven, Jamie, Deken & Kirsten.

Winner: Steven

Absent: Thorne & Crocness

Note: Due to Skabb's real name being revealed, he was replaced by Tinkor for the third round.
9 9 "Splat of the Penguins" Rae Upton 25 April 2011 (2011-04-25)

The hosts compare the course to a coming of age experience. The Defenders knock an unfortunate Attacker right out of the competition. The Attackers' parade of penguins proves this show is for the birds!

Attackers: Sandra, Henok, Joel, Kaitlyn, Jake, Yasmin, Ashley, Sofia, Shayne, Dylan, Samantha & Taylor.

Winner: Taylor

Absent: Knightriss, Tinkor & Skabb
10 10 "Splatter's Delight" Rae Upton 2 May 2011 (2011-05-02)

The Attackers bring a heroic effort led by Splatman and Catwoman. Skabb is "lights out" on the Splatzooka, inspiring the hosts to compile his "greatest hits" collection. Matt and Jay reveal their hip-hop alter egos!

Attackers: Lizzie, Brad, Jonathan, Lory, Jamie, Clayton, Aaron, Rachel, Laurent, Sophie, Caroline & Keanna.

Winner: Caroline

Absent: Thorne, Ballista & Crocness
11 11 "Barrel of Love" Rae Upton 9 May 2011 (2011-05-09)

Kookaburra, Thorne, and Skabb can't seem to work together in the moat. Matt and Jay reveal their own bias, and each other's dirty secrets. More than one Attacker manages to find love on the Baffling Barrels!

Attackers: Madisyn, Sydney, Chanelle, Craig, Rachel, Graham, Marianna, Megan, Steven, Patrick, Mariko & Chris.

Winner: Patrick

Absent: Shaiden, Gildar & Crocness
12 12 "Horseshoes and Volleyball" Rae Upton 16 May 2011 (2011-05-16)

Gildar's vanity rubs his fellow Defenders the wrong way in the Moat. The Attackers come bearing gifts of fudge and bacon, but unfortunately for one of them, Thorne feels more like giving than receiving. Matt and Jay go head to head in a riveting game of tic-tac-toe!

Attackers: Jenna, Timmy, Sneha, Tristan, Scott, Christine, Mikaela, Patrick, Briane, Arthur, William & Zachery.

Winner: Jenna

Absent: Knightriss, Tinkor & Kookaburra
13 13 "Party Like It's 19.99" Rae Upton 30 May 2011 (2011-05-30)

Matt and Jay have a funkadelic dance party in the Splat Proof Shack for Jay's birthday. The Defenders go soft in round one but step up their game with tracking devices in round three. When the Attackers are set loose like a mad dog and endangered moose, the result is one of the greatest finishes to anything ever!

Attackers: Connor, Sebastien, Shaun, Nakita, Madison, Kyle, Charlie, Samuel, Keisha, Harleen, Cidnee & Mikayla.

Winner: Samuel

Absent: Knightriss, Skabb & Ballista
14 14 "Country Style" Rae Upton 8 September 2011 (2011-09-08)

The attackers bring some strange battle cries to the Moat. One wily attacker rewrites the rulebook; Skabb splats himself in the Stockade and Jason & Matt go a little country.

Attackers: Jacob, Cassidy, Spencer, Greg, Meagan, Paige, Samantha, Paige, Darrin, Wyatt, Daniel & Tracy.

Winner: Meagan

Absent: Shaiden, Tinkor & Kookaburra
15 15 "The Finger Dance" Rae Upton 15 September 2011 (2011-09-15)

Kookaburra shows pinpoint accuracy on the Splatzooka but speed is on full display in the moat, as the Attackers set incredibly fast times! In tribute to one Attacker's Stockade technique Matt and Jason swap clothes, which leads to slightly painful results!

Attackers: Justin, Cameron, Patricia, Nicole, Mackenzie, Sebastian, Thompson, Monique, Michelle, Samantha, Sarah & Curtis.

Winner: Mackenzie

Absent: Thorne, Gildar & Crocness
16 16 "Shoved By a Rainbow" Rae Upton 22 September 2011 (2011-09-22)

Matt and Jason get a visit from Gildar in the Splat-Proof Shack. Shaiden kicks off her comedy tour with a sold out show in the Stockade. And Mother Nature gets in on the splats with her own beautiful battering ram.

Attackers: Kyle, Tressa, Corey, Tamara, Maha, Nathan, Hazel, Jacob, Colleen, Andrea, John & Carly.

Winner: John

Absent: Knightriss & Kookaburra
17 17 "Revenge of the Nerds" Rae Upton 29 September 2011 (2011-09-29)

Matt & Jason have "technical difficulties" in the Splat-Proof Shack. Gildar & Skabb make the best of getting stuck in the Stockade. And "Mac Attack" proves that size doesn't matter, it's speed that counts.

Attackers: Emily, Alexander, Jordan, Kaylee, Campbell, Hannah, Sarah, Matthew, Benita, Connor, Kiara & Rossi.

Winner: Connor

Absent: Shaiden

Note: Skabb and Gildar were replaced by Ballista and Kookaburra for the final round.
18 18 "What Came First, the Chicken or the Kook?" Rae Upton 6 October 2011 (2011-10-06)

Kookaburra is devastated when an Attacker calls him a chicken, but the Defenders cheer him up with a rousing version of the Chicken Dance in the third round. The Attackers try new moves like the "Purple Dinosaur" and the "Leaping Lizard", but it's the lack of movement that ages Matt and Jason right out of the show!

Attackers: Lucas, Nicole, Shania, Mitchell, Benito, Ana, Julian, Katrina, Taylor, Stefan, Audrey & Chyrelle.

Winner: Katrina

Absent: Gildar, Knightriss & Crocness
19 19 "Let's Get Unitarded!" Rae Upton 13 October 2011 (2011-10-13)

Jason and Matt are revealed to be sporting unitards! Attackers transform into kangaroos, platypuses, clowns, and a train. Matt is made treasurer in the Kookaburra fan club. And a Defender Goo Grenade high-five gone wrong!

Attackers: Marco, Julian, Danielle, Travis, Jenn, Dominic, Sydney, Nicole, Olivia, Connor, Derek & Steven.

Winner: Dominic

Absent: Skabb, Ballista & Shaiden
20 20 "Impossible is Nothing" Rae Upton 20 October 2011 (2011-10-20)

Matt calls the Moat impossible, but he has trouble spelling the word! Kookaburra reveals which Defender he has a crush on, while Tinkor needs help with his aim on the Splatzooka. One Attacker uses speed to his advantage, and never looks back!

Attackers: Eli, Bradley, Holly, Carisa, Andrew, Sienna, Julia, Ian, Patrick, Drita, Taylor & Jamie.

Winner: Bradley

Absent: Knightriss, Gildar & Skabb
21 21 "The Cookies Crumble" Rae Upton 3 November 2011 (2011-11-03)

Matt and Jason fight over homemade cookies sent in by Attackers' moms. Gildar's ego upsets Thorne, while Skabb's comments about Shaiden infuriate the little ninja! Orange Pandas make a brief appearance on the moat, while perseverance pays off for the winning Attacker!

Attackers: Estelle, Clare, Josh, Laurie, Alex, Olivia, Nicole, Adrian, Robyn, Julia, Janessa & Dustin.

Winner: Dustin

Absent: Knightriss, Ballista & Kookaburra
22 22 "Gildar Has a Secret" Rae Upton 10 November 2011 (2011-11-10)

Matt wears special eyewear to resist the power of Ballista's charms. Skabb reveals that Gildar was previously married. But to whom? There's a late Defender injury as two Attackers take the competition down to the wire!

Attackers: Taylor, Devin, Dana, Austin, Madison, Michael, Carley Marie, Chris, Jesse, Carina, Tori, Mona.

Winner: Chris

Absent: Shaiden, Tinkor & Crocness
23 23 "Beaver Tails" Rae Upton 17 November 2011 (2011-11-17)

The Defenders stage a love-fest in the Stockade. Tinkor has a family reunion. Jason and Matt try an Attacker delicacy. And the Attackers try to back up their battle cries!

Attackers: Haley, Michael, Anish, Danielle, Kiana, Hannah, Sarah, Calvin, Corinne, Sofia, Steven & Brandon.

Winner: Michael

Absent: Thorne, Gildar & Kookaburra
24 24 "The Unhappy Dance" Rae Upton 24 November 2011 (2011-11-24)

Hair is the theme of the day, as Croc reveals her secret styling ingredient and Kook gets mocked for his hair colour. Gildar becomes fed up with the Attackers' finish platform "happy dances" at the end of the moat. Jay unwittingly becomes the Splat Of The Day, while a Defenders "Dance Break" is employed to raise moral!

Attackers: Kate, Sandra, Cole, Madison, Oliver, Amanda, John, Jenna, Jeff, Astrid, Amina & Jarid.

Winner: John

Absent: Thorne, Tinkor & Skabb
25 25 "It's Taco Day" Rae Upton 1 December 2011 (2011-12-01)

It's "Taco Day" in the castle cafeteria! Various Attackers unwittingly audition for the part of the Splatalot Mascot, while Jason encourages an Attacker to speed up by wearing a cheetah costume. Gildar reveals his new song, "Gildar You're Handsome" in the Stockade, then leaves to record it, being replaced by Crocness in the final round.

Attackers: Erik, Emily, Carmen, Margaret, Sam, Stephanie, Michael, Sharon, Zaryn, Elijah, Ellen & Marcus.

Winner: Erik

Absent: Knightriss & Ballista

Note: Gildar was replaced by Crocness in the third round.
26 26 "Crocness & the Corner of Doom" Rae Upton 8 December 2011 (2011-12-08)

Crocness sets up the Corner of Doom in round one, where no Attacker is safe from the Splatzooka. The Attackers praise purple food but prefer pink slime. Matt and Jay catch pun fever and discover a new species: the Splatapus!

Attackers: Stacey, Kira, Fraser, Adrian, Nicholas, Ryan, Shanker, Madison, Breana, Ethan, Shaun & Lian.

Winner: Nicholas

Absent: Shaiden, Gildar & Kookaburra

Season 2


The second season premiered on 3 November 2012 on YTV with a one-hour "Celebrity Splatdown" special between the casts of Life with Boys and Mr. Young, who were respectively competing on behalf of ONEXONE’s First Nations School Breakfast Programs and YMCA of Canada’s food programs for a $3,000 cheque. It was filmed in front of a live audience.

Title Original air date
"Celebrity Splatdown" 3 November 2012 (2012-11-03)

Attackers: Brendan Meyer, Matreya Fedor, Gig Morton, Kurt Ostlund and Emily Tennant (Mr. Young)
Torri Webster, Madison Pettis, Nathan McLeod, Michael Murphy and Jake Goodman (Life with Boys)

Winner: Brendan Meyer
No. in
No. in
Title Director Original air date
27 1 "You Simmer Down" Rae Upton 10 November 2012 (2012-11-10)

A verbal sparring match between Thorne and an Attacker creates tension, while a rare Kingdom of Splatalot sunset adds difficulty to the course.

Attackers: Erica, Tobi, Taylor, Liam, Julia, Brandon, Brianna, Nehemiah, Justin & Tyke.

Winner: Tyke
28 2 "Girls vs. Boys Splatdown" Rae Upton 17 November 2012 (2012-11-17)

5 boys & 5 girls compete for the Splatalot crown.

Attackers: Asvini, Owen, Katherine, Ben, Tyson, Ayda, Daniel, Nina, Jayson & Breanne.

Winner: Daniel
29 3 "Classic Nana!" Rae Upton 24 November 2012 (2012-11-24)

The Defenders meet the new owner of Castle Splatalot, while Jay tries to avoid his least-biggest fan, Matt's mischief-loving Nana.

Attackers: Isabella, Cameron, Elyjah, Brooke-Lynn, Sarah, Dustin, Brianna, Madison, Darren & Brendan.

Winner: Elyjah

Defender in the Moat: Faetal
30 4 "Sleepy Matty" Rae Upton 5 January 2013 (2013-01-05)

Matt falls asleep, leaving Jason to host the episode by himself.

Attackers: Tim, John, Celeste, Danielle, Judy, Heather, Sarah, Brandon, Brent & Matthew.

Winner: Brandon

Defender in the Moat: Vane
31 5 "Parents & Kids Splatdown" Rae Upton 12 January 2013 (2013-01-12)

Teams of parents and kids compete for the crown, while Jason and Matt are joined in the shack by their dads.

Attackers: Sebastien & Jocelynne, Manny & Pearce, Randy & Juliet, Sandra & Victoria, James & Bryanna.

Winner: Sebastian & Jocelynne

Defender in the Moat: Faetal
32 6 "You Bet Your Trousers!" Rae Upton 19 January 2013 (2013-01-19)

The race becomes personal as Jason and Matt trade bets on the outcome. The stakes have never been higher!

Attackers: Nadia, Madison, Brooke, Jacob, Goran, Taylor, Saad, Marcus, Luke & Mikayla.

Winner: Brooke

Defender in the Moat: Skabb
33 7 "We Are Not Alone!" Rae Upton 2 February 2013 (2013-02-02)

The Defenders play the pun game with an Attacker who's a huge Michael Jackson fan, while Jason and Matt fear that the castle is haunted.

Attackers: Tianna, Brendan, Stef, Caleb, Chloe, Tristan, Austin, Andrea, Kiyan & Mandy.

Winner: Tristan

Defender in the Moat: Skabb
34 8 "Two Drawbridges Up!" Rae Upton 9 February 2013 (2013-02-09)

Matt and Jason receive praise from castle-savvy magazines, and show us why rhymin' just ain't easy.

Attackers: Forrest, Monica, Alyssa, Mitchell, Marco, Keara, Kylee, Taylor, Michaela & Mark.

Winner: Taylor

Defender in the Moat: Skabb
35 9 "The Magic of Television!" Rae Upton 16 February 2013 (2013-02-16)

A new group of Attackers including a track star, a princess, and a Frexican attempt to capture the crown of Splatalot.

Attackers: Kyra, Tristin, Mandy, Marco, Bianca, Jacob, Natasha, Iarin, Jordan & Robbie.

Winner: Marco

Defender in the Moat: Vane
36 10 "Splatalot Days & Splatalot Nights!" Rae Upton 16 February 2013 (2013-02-16)

Matt attempts to build his own computer, while an Attacker who's also a model auditions to be on the cover of Bad Balance Weekly.

Attackers: Emily, Collin, Summer, Nic, Jordan, Mai, Tyrell, Alanna, Victoria & Joshua.

Winner: Emily

Defender in the Moat: Skabb
37 11 "Of Mice and Splatmen!" Rae Upton 23 February 2013 (2013-02-023)

An Attacker's battle cry inspires Jason and Matt to imagine themselves as superheroes, but can't quite agree on who is the sidekick.

Attackers: Cashmeira, Alexa, Jasmine, Brett, Travis, Keaton, Chris, Andrew, Grace & Craig.

Winner: Cashmeira
38 12 "Nation vs. Nation Splatdown!" Rae Upton 2 March 2013 (2013-03-02)

Ten patriotic teens storm the castle of Splatalot to represent their homelands and capture the crown of Splatalot.

Attackers: Eftihia (Greece), Lara (Turkey), Jayden (Australia), Rebecca (USA), Leanne (UK), Dayton (Canada), Adrianna (Serbia), Veronika (Brazil), Jordan (Jamaica) & Joshua (Italy).

Note: Due to Rebecca's visa expiring, Adrianna was subbing in, despite not getting a flag.

Winner: Joshua
39 13 "When Hairy Met Matty!" Rae Upton  ()

Skabb gives an impromptu Spanish lesson and Madeva confuses Spain for Mexico. Inspired by an Attacker's facial hair, Matt attempts to grow a beard, but it completely backfires on both he and Jason.

Attackers: Christianna, Alexsandra, Joshua, Maarukh, Hasan, Rafael, Brittany, Carly, Tobias & Victoria.

Winner: Tobias

Defender in the Moat: Kookaburra
40 14 "Twins vs. Twins Splatdown" Rae Upton  ()

5 groups of twins journey to Splatalot to capture the costly crown.

Attackers: Steph & Jillian, Steph & Sarah, Rane & Jared, Marwa & Elham and Aunna & James.

Winners: Rane & Jared
41 15 "Dude, Where's My Crown?!!" Rae Upton  ()

The Crown of Splatalot goes missing and Jason tries to solve the case. Madeva catches a cold but continues to defend the kingdom from ten new attackers.

Attackers: Daniel, Seana, Markus, Jack, Victoria, Ashley, Cassidy, Turner, Princess & Bryan.

Winner: Turner
42 16 "Awesome Sandwich Club!" Rae Upton 20 August 2013 (2013-08-20)

A new group of Attackers, including a country music fan, visits the Kingdom and try to be its new rulers.

Attackers: Bailey, Jade, Cameron, Emma, Griffen, Elijah, Amanda, Chami, Ryan & Joshua.

Winner: Griffen

Defender in the Moat: Vane
43 17 "Parents & Kids Splatdown" Rae Upton 12 January 2013 (2013-01-12)

Attackers: Charles & Dave, Dawn & Grant, Sam & Tracey, Adrea & Adler and Natasha & Rick.

Winners: Charles & Dave

Defender in the Moat: Thorne
44 18 "Car Trouble!" Rae Upton 13 August 2013 (2013-08-13)

Matt double parks his car and tries to speed up the show in order to save his car from the Splatalot cops and dragon fire. Meanwhile on the moat, the splakken claims a number of victims.

Attackers: Neil, Shantae, Ellie, Hannah, Kevin, Braden, Kayla, Sarah, Travis & Quinton.

Winner: Neil
45 19 "Splatalot! Dancealot!" Rae Upton 14 August 2013 (2013-08-14)

Dance Fever has infected Splatalot as a new group of dance-loving attackers attempts to Cross The Moat, Ditch The Dungeon, and Capture The Crown.

Attackers: Keenan, Hannah, Shania, Parker, Alvan, Jor-El, Kelsey, Talia, Aimee & James.

Winner: Parker
46 20 "Three Cheers for Everything!" Rae Upton 15 August 2013 (2013-08-15)

Skabb, Thorne, and Faetal taunt an Attacker with Scottish trash talk; Matt insists on doing all the intros and then struggles to do so. And finally, Matt & Jason have some Splat spirit of their own as cheerleaders!

Attackers: Lachlan, Anushka, Sarah, Kyle, Bronwyn, Kallie, Jastinder, Annupal, Samantha & Sam.

Winner: Lachlan
47 21 "Best Friends Splatdown!" Rae Upton 20 August 2013 (2013-08-20)

Five teams of best friends attack the castle to try and claim the crown of Splatalot. Meanwhile, Matt reveals that he and Jason are just work buddies.

Attackers: Keenan, Hannah, Shania, Parker, Alvan, Jor-El, Kelsey, Talia, Aimee & James.

Winners: Mary & Connor
48 22 "Bucket List: Check!" Rae Upton 21 August 2013 (2013-08-21)

To Jason's dismay, Matt decides that it's a good day to go through his bucket list. But will he be able to finish it before the end of the episode?

Attackers: Sean, Lauren, Owen, Keith, Tyler, Kaylin, Aliana, Christopher, Haley & Madison.

Winner: Christopher
49 23 "Jay and the Madman!" Rae Upton 22 August 2013 (2013-08-22)

Matt and Jason disagree over Matt's new nickname. Matt refuses to acknowledge Jason until he starts accepting his new identity.

Attackers: Aristasia, Reece, Liam, Taylor, Emily, Madison, Jack, Tyler, Rida & Brayden.

Winner: Brayden

Defender in the Moat: Kookaburra
50 24 "Parents & Kids Splatdown: Close Encounters of the Splat Kind!" Rae Upton 27 August 2013 (2013-08-27)

Attackers: Sebastien & Jocelynne, Manny & Pearce, Randy & Juliet, Sandra & Victoria, James & Bryanna.

Winner: Sebastien & Jocelynne
51 25 "It's Laundry Day!" Rae Upton 28 August 2013 (2013-08-28)

It's Laundry Day, the one day of the year that Matt does his laundry, leading to some unusual wardrobe choices.

Attackers: Nick, Jordan, Joycelynn, Soranne, Abby, Jacob, Michela, Nathan, Tyree & Dylan.

Winner: Tyree
52 26 "Call Matt the Handyman... Maybe!" Rae Upton 29 August 2013 (2013-08-29)

One Attacker's hero is the United States President, Barack Obama; an Attacker scares Skabb with his creepy voice.

Attackers: Paige, Teah, Giancarlo, Jenn, Jake, Hailey, Rahul, Arran, Breanne & Michael.

Winner: Michael

International broadcast

The Canadian version premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on 16 July 2012. The British version aired on Disney XD channels in the EMEA regions. Dutch broadcaster Z@PP filmed their own host segments with local talent Ron Boszhard and Viviënne van den Assem in 2012. Splatalot! has been seen in over 100 countries worldwide.

On 13 March 2018, BYUtv announced that they had acquired the rights to air the series in the United States. On 2 April, the channel began running the first season of the show with new hosted segments starring Stacey Harkey and Tori Pence. On 8 October, the channel began airing the second season, again with Harkey and Pence hosting. Both seasons are now archived on the stations website with Harkey and Pence's commentary remaining exclusive to the network.

Reruns can be seen on the Canadian game show channel GameTV, starting in the fall of 2019, and again in spring 2021.


Following the conclusion of the second season's production in 2012, the show's unattended set in Amaranth, Ontario attracted the attention of trespassers. A YouTube video by user Bright Sun Films exploring the location garnered over 600,000 viewers before being pulled a year later at the request of Marblemedia. The set hadn't been dismantled as the producers continued to pursue a revival of the show. Due to safety concerns, the township's mayor had requested the presence of around the clock security.

In late 2017, Marblemedia confirmed it was developing a family-oriented revival set to begin shooting in the summer of 2018. However, those plans were abandoned and the set was later demolished in January 2019. Marblemedia turned the demolition into a YouTube spin-off series called Smashalot!. Featuring former contestants and YouTube personalities (including Bright Sun Films) destroying a segment of the castle in each episode, the show is hosted by Jason Agnew and Gildar.


Series # Title Original airdate
1 "Everyone's Favorite Viking" 28 February 2019
2 "It's Damp, Sure" 28 February 2019
3 "Gildar with a J" 28 February 2019
4 "You Big Baby" 28 February 2019
5 "Same Old Same Old" 28 February 2019
6 "Undead Smasher" 28 February 2019
7 "Kingdom Kondos" 7 March 2019
8 "We All Have Faults" 7 March 2019
9 "Baby Troll Doll" 7 March 2019
10 "Sisters of Eastwick" 7 March 2019
11 "Raccoon Family Robinson" 7 March 2019
12 "Wisp of Glory" 7 March 2019
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