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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 16th century17th century18th century
Decades: 1660s  1670s  1680s  – 1690s –  1700s  1710s  1720s
Years: 1695 1696 169716981699 1700 1701


  • January 4Palace of Whitehall in London is destroyed by fire.
  • June 19 – Volcano of Carguarazon erupts in the Andes and causes a rain of fish
  • August 25Peter the Great arrives back to Moscow – general Patrick Gordon has already crushed the streltsy rebellion – 341 rebels sentenced to be decapitated. Tradition holds that tsar Peter decapitated some of them himself
  • September 5 – In an effort to move his people away from Asiatic customs, Tsar Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards; All men except priests and peasants, are required to pay a tax of one hundred rubles a year and the commoners had to pay one kopek each

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