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A cargo aircraft is an aircraft that can carry cargo. In some cases, it may also carry passengers. It exists as well as civilian as military aircraft.

Civilian aircraft

Atlas Air 747 Dreamlifter outbound from ANC (6717252789)
Oversized cargo aircraft Boeing 747LCF.

General description

In civilian cases the cargo aircraft can carry only cargo or mail. In this kind of aircraft it is generally a kind of airliner. Some civilians cargo aircrafts are specially equipped for carrying oversized cargo. It is in this kind for very big pieces like aircraft wings, tank-trucks, rocket pieces, or in some times military heavy-trucks and tanks.


Military aircraft

Transall C-160 - AirExpo Muret 2007 0274 2007-05-12 cropped 2
Cargo aircraft Transall C.160 of the French Air Force.

In militaries case the cargo aircraft can carry cargo and passengers. In this last case it is for troops and paratroopers. The seats are usually spartan comfort. These aircraft typically have a sloping loading door, located at the rear of the fuselage. Some are with turbojets, other with engines.


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