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Total population
c. 7–9 million
Regions with significant populations
3,874,321 (2011)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
544,780 (2013)
 United States 414,714 (2012) – 1.2 million
 Germany 441,000 (2016)
 Chile 200,000 – 380,000
 Argentina 250,000
 Austria 150,719 (2001)
 Australia 133,268 (2016)
 Canada 114,880 (2011)
 Serbia 57,900 (2011)
 Switzerland 40,848 (2006)
 France 40,000 (est.)
 Slovenia 35,642
 Sweden 35,000 (est.)
 New Zealand 2,673–60,000 (2013 est.)
 Hungary 23,561
 Italy 21,360
 Brazil 20,000 (est.)
 Netherlands 10,000
 South Africa 8,000
 UK 6,992
 Romania 6,786
 Montenegro 6,021
 Peru 6,000
 Denmark 5,400
 Norway 5,272
 Paraguay 5,000
 Ecuador 4,000
 Slovakia 2,600
 Czech Republic 2,490
 Japan 1, 100
Europe c. 5.3 million
North America c. 530,000 – 2,500,000
South America c. 470,000–650,000
Asia c. 146,008-211-478
Other c. 140,000–250,000
Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Other South Slavs

The total figure is merely an estimation; sum of all the referenced populations.

Croats (Croatian: Hrvati) are a South Slavic nation mostly living in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby countries. There are around 5 million Croats living in the southern Central Europe region, along the east bank of the Adriatic Sea and an estimated 9 million throughout the world. Large Croat communities exist in a number of countries, including Chile, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa. Croats are noted for their unique culture, which comes from their location on the edge of the Western world which subjected them to various non European influences. The Croats are predominantly Catholic and their language is Croatian.

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