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Emperor Xianzong of Tang
Emperor of Tang Dynasty
Reign September 5, 805 – February 14, 820
Predecessor Emperor Shunzong
Successor Emperor Muzong
Born 4 March to 1 April 778
Died February 14, 820 (aged 41)
Consorts Empress Yi'an (m. 793–820)
Empress Xiaoming (m. –820)
Issue Li Ning
Li Yun
Emperor Muzong
Li Cong
Li Xin
Li Wu
Li Ke
Li Jing
Li Yue
Li Xun
Li Yi
Li Yin
Emperor Xuanzong
Li Xie
Li Dan
Li Chong
Li Zhui
Li Ti
Li Tan
Li Ce
Princess Lianghuikang
Princess Yongjia
Princess Xuancheng
Princess Zhengwenyi
Princess Qiyang Zhuangshu
Princess Chenliu
Princess Zhenning
Princess Nankang
Princess Linzhen
Princess Zhenyuan
Princess Yongshun
Princess Anping
Princess Yong'an
Princess Ding'an
Full name
Era name and dates
Yúanhé (元和): January 25, 806 – February 14, 820
Posthumous name
Emperor Zhangwu (章武皇帝) (short)
Emperor Zhaowen Zhangwu
Dasheng Zhishen Xiao
(昭文章武大聖至神孝皇帝) (full)
Temple name
Xiànzōng (憲宗)
Dynasty Tang Dynasty
Father Emperor Shunzong
Mother Empress Zhuangxian
Tang Xianzong
Chinese 唐憲宗
Literal meaning "Constitutional Ancestor of the Tang"
Li Chun
Chinese 李純
Literal meaning (personal name)

Emperor Xianzong of Tang (4 March to 1 April 778 – 14 February 820; r. 805 – 820), personal name Li Chun, né Li Chun (李淳), was an emperor of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. He was the eldest son of Emperor Shunzong, who reigned for less than a year in 805 and who yielded the throne to him late that year.

Once emperor, Emperor Xianzong set out to curb the power of the military governors (Jiedushi), and, when they would not heed his orders, he waged wars against them. His initial campaigns were quite successful, and Xianzong's army defeated warlords such as Liu Pi, Yang Huilin (楊惠琳) in 806 and Li Qi in 807. In 813, after the submission of one of the key holdouts, Weibo Circuit (魏博, headquartered in modern Handan, Hebei) under Tian Xing, Emperor Xianzong appeared poised to reunite the empire, many parts of which had effectively been ruled independently by regional warlords. Xianzong's first setback was in 813 when he failed to defeat military governor Wang Chengzong. However, by 817, after the defeat of Li Shidao and Wang's submission, all of the empire was under imperial authority again. Later historians referred to Emperor Xianzong's reign as the Yuanhe Restoration (元和中興).

Emperor Xianzong's reign briefly stabilized Tang from the destructive forces of the military governors, but saw the rise of the power of eunuchs. Emperor Xianzong himself was allegedly murdered by the eunuch Chen Hongzhi (陳弘志) in 820. (There were nagging suspicions, never proven, that Xianzong's wife Consort Guo and her son Li Heng (who succeeded Xianzong as Emperor Muzong) were involved.)

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