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Crowd awaiting Crown Prince Tokyo Dec1916
Throngs before the Imperial Palace in Japan awaiting the appearance of the Crown Prince Hirohito for the recent proclamation of his official recognition as the heir apparent to the Japanese Imperial ThroneNew York Times, 1916.

An heir (female: heiress) is a person who has inherited something after the original owner's death. Most often a child after his or her parent's death.

Heir apparent and heir presumptive usually refer to someone who will inherit a royal or noble title:

An heir apparent is someone who will inherit at the death of the present title holder.
A Crown Prince is an heir apparent to the throne in a monarchy.
An heir presumptive is someone who may inherit, unless someone with a better claim under the rules of succession is found.

For example

  • Queen Elizabeth II's oldest son is Prince Charles, so he is her heir apparent.
  • Queen Elizabeth II (when she was still called Princess Elizabeth) was heiress presumptive to her father King George VI, because she was his oldest daughter and he had no sons. She was not his heir apparent, though, because if the king ever had a son he would have taken over as heir apparent.

Monarchies that have used the title

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