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Kingdom of Scotland
Rìoghachd na h-Alba  (Gaelic )
Kinrick o Scotland  (Scots)
Nemo me impune lacessit  (Latin)
"No one provokes me with impunity"
"Cha togar m'fhearg gun dioladh"   (Gaelic)
'"Wha daur meddle wi me?"'  (Scots)
Capital Edinburgh¹
Languages Gaelic, Scots
Government Monarchy
 •  843-858 Kenneth I
 •  1567–1625 James VI
 •  1702-1707 Anne
Legislature Parliament of Scotland
 •  United 843
 •  Lothian and Strathclyde incorporated 1124 (confirmed Treaty of York, 1237)
 •  Galloway incorporated 1234/5
 •  Hebrides, Isle of Man and Caithness incorporated 1266 (Treaty of Perth)
 •  Orkney and Shetland annexed 1472
 •  Acts of Union May 1, 1707
Currency Pound Scots (Pund)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Great Britain
¹ By the early modern era established at Edinburgh, and before that Scone & various.

The Kingdom of Scotland was a historic country. It later combined with the Kingdom of England to become the Kingdom of Great Britain.

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