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McArthur Lake, MacArthurs Lake or MacArthur's Lake is the name of several lakes in Australia, Canada and the United States:

Country State /
Coordinates Name Notes
Australia Victoria 34°44′29″S 142°09′19″E / 34.741364°S 142.15541°E / -34.741364; 142.15541 MacArthur's Lake Small seasonal lake in the Raak Plain boinka. In January the water table is 2 to 13 centimetres (0.79 to 5.12 in) below the lake floor. Salinity in the lake rises from 149,000 mg/l in July to 206,000 mg/l in September due to evaporative concentration.
Canada British Columbia 51°19′57″N 16°20′16″W / 51.332477°N 16.337908°W / 51.332477; -16.337908 Lake McArthur In the Yoho National Park, 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) long and 85 metres (279 ft) deep.
Northwest Territories 61°34′41″N 106°49′47″W / 61.578051°N 106.829679°W / 61.578051; -106.829679 McArthur Lake On the Taltson River in the Northwest Territories. About 12 miles (19 km) long from east to west. Apparently the lake that the explorer Samuel Hearne named "Clowey Lake".
Nova Scotia 45°45′48″N 61°14′46″W / 45.763415°N 61.24624°W / 45.763415; -61.24624 MacArthurs Lake In Inverness County, just west of Big Brook Road. Drains into Big Brook. A railway line runs along its east shore between the lake and the road. It is at an elevation of 111 metres (364 ft).
45°47′16″N 60°18′10″W / 45.787801°N 60.302678°W / 45.787801; -60.302678 MacArthurs Lake In Cape Breton Regional Municipality. It is just north of MacMullin Lake, to which it is connected by a channel, and south of Figure of Eight Lake. It lies to the west of Grand Mira North Road. It has been described as "a beautiful pond". Like MacMullin Lake it is part of the Framboise River watershed. It is at an elevation of 31 metres (102 ft).
McArthur's Lake An 1884 report mentions McArthur's Lake on the Pugwash River of Nova Scotia, formed by a dam to provide power for McArthur's saw mill. The dam had no ladder, so fish could not make their way up the river, and the lake was heavily polluted by sawdust.
Ontario 48°12′22″N 81°12′56″W / 48.206111°N 81.215555°W / 48.206111; -81.215555 McArthur Lake About 40 kilometres (25 mi) south of the city of Timmins. The lake has a rocky shoreline with three main bays and thirteen islands. The west side has more than 20 camps and cottages. Used for kayaking, boating and fishing for walleye and northern pike.
Quebec 45°42′29″N 75°40′13″W / 45.7080555°N 75.6702778°W / 45.7080555; -75.6702778 Lac McArthur In the Outaouais region of Quebec. Fed by the Rivière Blanche from Lac Saint-Pierre and empties into Lac Grand to the southeast.
45°50′41″N 75°51′31″W / 45.8447°N 75.8586°W / 45.8447; -75.8586 Lac McArthur Also in the Outaouais, at an elevation of 333 metres (1,093 ft). Near to Denholm and the Réserve écologique André-Linteau.
Saskatchewan 57°45′45″N 105°03′07″W / 57.7625°N 105.051944°W / 57.7625; -105.051944 McArthur Lake The term "McArthur Lake" is sometimes used to refer to the McArthur River uranium mine, operated by Cameco. However, this "lake" is not recognized in the official Gazetteer of Canada as of 1998.
52°33′52″N 104°21′14″W / 52.564332°N 104.353997°W / 52.564332; -104.353997 McArthur Lake To the east of Pleasantdale, Saskatchewan. The surrounding area is mainly agricultural land.
55°15′00″N 102°24′01″W / 55.25008°N 102.4004°W / 55.25008; -102.4004 McArthur Lake About 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of Pelican Narrows at an elevation of 328 metres (1,076 ft). The lake is near Attitti Lake. McArthur Lake, Robbestad Lake and the northern part of Kakinagimak Lake drain northward via the Nemei River into Churchill River.
United States Idaho 48°30′50″N 116°26′59″W / 48.513894°N 116.449696°W / 48.513894; -116.449696 McArthur Lake On Deep Creek. The riparian zones are protected by the 1,207 acres (488 ha) McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area.
North Carolina 35°20′29″N 78°00′53″W / 35.3413°N 78.0147°W / 35.3413; -78.0147 McArthur Lake Small lake in Goldsboro, North Carolina.
35°11′00″N 79°15′27″W / 35.1833°N 79.2576°W / 35.1833; -79.2576 McArthur Lake Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Has a length of 1,137 feet (347 m), covers 29 acres (12 ha) and has an average depth of about 10 feet (3.0 m). Fish include largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, warmouth, flier, pickerel and bullhead catfish.



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