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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 11th century12th century13th century
Decades: 1150s  1160s  1170s  – 1180s –  1190s  1200s  1210s
Years: 1177 1178 117911801181 1182 1183


  • April 13Frederick Barbarossa issues the Gelnhausen Charter
  • November 18Philip II becomes King of France
  • During the third year of the Jisho era of Japan, a devastating whirlwind damages Kyoto.
  • Emperor Antoku, reign of 81st emperor of Japan starts (1180-1185)
  • Afonso I of Portugal is taken prisoner by Ferdinand II of Leon
  • Artois is annexed by France
  • Prince Mochihito amasses a large army and instigates the Genpei War between Taira and Minamoto clans
  • Frederick Barbarossa removes Henry the Lion from the Duchy of Saxony, and created the Duchies of Westphalia and Styria
  • Alexius II Comnenus becomes Byzantine emperor
  • The Wittelsbach family takes control of Bavaria
  • Kilij Arslan II allies with Saladin after the death of Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus
  • Alexander Neckam becomes a lecturer in Paris, and writes De Natura Rerum, an early mention of chess (approximate date)
  • Estimation: Hangzhou, capital of Southern Song China becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Fes in the Almohad Empire.
  • Last major volcanic eruption of Sunset Crater, in Arizona


  • August 6Emperor Go-Toba of Japan (died 1239)
  • Berenguela of Castile, queen of Alfonso IX of Castile (died 1246)
  • Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, English soldier (died 1230)


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