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The article lists the characters from Thomas & Friends. It only shows those which appeared in the films first.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Thomas and the Magic Railroad was the first (and thus far, only) theatrical Thomas & Friends movie.

Diesel 10

Diesel 10 (voiced by Neil Crone in the film/voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and the US; Misty Island Rescue onwards), is a large, cunning, darkly comedic diesel engine with a claw (which he calls "Pinchy") extending from his roof, who is Diesel's brother and successor. He was the main antagonist in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Thomas said that he is rated "10 out of 10 for devious deeds and brutal strength". When he first came to Sodor, he hated steam engines so much that he made a goal to get rid of them once and for all. He tried to destroy "Lady", the magic engine that brings a magic railway and the steam engines alive. Although this plan failed, he was able to crash Lady causing her to be severely damaged. Her caretaker, a man called Burnett Stone, brought her back to his workshop in Muffle Mountain where he spent many years trying to bring her back to life. Diesel 10 repeatedly terrorized the steam engines and Mr. Conductor (who he nicknamed "Twinkle Toes") in an attempt to track down Lady and the Magic Railroad.

Diesel 10 recruited two other diesel engines, Splatter and Dodge (who he collectively referred them as "Splodge"), to help him find Lady. However, the diesels grew tired of Diesel 10's attitude at the end of the film, and refused to help or follow him when Lady and Thomas returned to Sodor from the Magic Railroad. Diesel 10 chased Lady and Thomas until the three came to the collapsing viaduct. Lady and Thomas were light enough to make it across, but Diesel 10 was unable to stop, and the track broke under his wheels, causing him to fall off the broken viaduct and land in a barge filled with sludge below, which then carried him off Sodor. Afterwards, he got in trouble with Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller.

Diesel 10 reappeared in the 2005 direct-to-DVD followup Calling All Engines!. Diesel 10, having recently returned to Sodor, is feared by the engines and first appears when Thomas and Percy are at the scrapyards. When they see Diesel 10, they get scared and decide to return when he's gone. At multiple other points in the movie, Thomas tries to go to other places but leaves when he finds Diesel 10 there. During the climax of the movie, Thomas goes to Diesel 10 for help to move some derailed trucks and he agrees after initially refusing.

Diesel 10 also appeared in The Great Discovery as a background character, appearing in a large gathering of diesel engines at a quarry at the end of the film.

He appears again at the very end of Misty Island Rescue, in which he watches the engines from a cliff side and threatens revenge, foreshadowing the following film.

He appears again as the main antagonist of the next film, Day of the Diesels, which depicts him more similarly to Magic Railroad, portraying him as menacing, scheming, and prone to violent outbursts with his claw.

His first (and only) appearance in an episode was in the 17th season episode "The Missing Christmas Decorations".

Diesel 10's claw can be briefly seen during Rebecca's fantasy in the season 22 episode "What Rebecca Does".

Diesel 10 is olive-coloured with tan hazard stripes on his sides.


Lady (voiced by the series creator Britt Allcroft) is a violet and gold American tank engine who had magical powers. A long time ago Diesel 10 chased her, and made her have an accident. For years Burnett Stone had worked on her and kept her in his workshop on Muffle Mountain.

Lady's face only appears on the Island of Sodor and The Magic Railroad.

Appearance in Calling All Engines

Lady also reappeared in Calling All Engines in Thomas' dream sequence, alongside Rusty, telling Thomas how to get the airport finished.

In the Calling All Engines DVD's Character Gallery, Lady is described as "a magical engine. When she moves along the rails, she spreads gold dust along the rails. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to."

Splatter and Dodge (Splodge)

Splatter (voiced by Neil Crone) and Dodge (voiced by Kevin Frank) were Diesel 10's bumbling sidekicks. They were collectively called "Splodge" by Diesel 10. Although the other engines feared them, Splatter and Dodge did not have the bravery, intelligence, or villainy to match with Diesel 10. Their names refer to how their paint coats are heavily weathered. Splatter was colored purple and grey and more talkative than Dodge. Dodge was olive and grey and more intelligent than Splatter. When they were hired by Diesel 10 to help him in his scheme to rule Sodor by destroying the Steam Engines, they did not take a liking to their boss when he collectively refers to them as "Splodge" and grew impatient with them when they asked him about his scheme. As time goes on Splatter and Dodge spent their time mocking their boss and pointing out the flaws in Diesel 10's scheme causing Diesel 10 to lose his temper and cause trouble during his temper problems (Their housing collapses over them when Diesel 10 loses his temper, and Diesel 10 empties a coal barrel all over him when he tries to punish Splatter and Dodge during another temper tantrum).

The two diesels grew tired of Diesel 10 at the end of the film, telling Diesel 10 to do his own dirty work as he tries to catch Lady and Thomas.

Mr. Conductor

Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) is the railway conductor who often helps to run the railway for Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller) when he is not helping out at Shining Time Station. When Sir Topham Hatt goes on holiday, Mr. Conductor travels to the Island of Sodor to take care of the engines, but runs out of gold dust, and is unable to get back to Shining Time Station and find the windmill, leaving him powerless. Diesel 10 abducts Mr. Conductor and threatens to drop him off the viaduct into the river underneath. However, Mr. Conductor manages to escape by cutting one of the gasoline pipes connecting to Diesel 10's claw, forcing him to catapult Mr. Conductor to the windmill, where he finds the clue on how to make more gold dust.

Lily Stone

Lily Stone (Mara Wilson) is the granddaughter of Burnett Stone. She lives in a big city, but came to visit him during the film. After getting on the wrong train, she arrived at Shining Time Station, where she met Junior. The station master, Stacy Jones, drove her to Burnett's home, and told Lily that she wished she could visit Shining Time again soon. Lily meets Junior again, and they travelled to Sodor. Later, she and Thomas found a way back to Muffle Mountain. She found Lady and helped Burnett find a way to make her run again and get to the island of Sodor.

Burnett Stone

Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda) is Lily's grandfather and Lady's caretaker. He keeps her in Muffle Mountain.

Mr. Conductor Jr.

Mr. Conductor Jr. (Michael E. Rodgers) aka C. Junior or simply Junior is the cousin of Mr. Conductor, who was always on holiday at the beach. He is good-natured and friendly, but was also originally clumsy and lazy, preferring to relax and go surfing rather than do honest work. Mr. Conductor urged him to travel to Shining Time Station to retrieve the last of the family's gold dust. There, Junior met Lily, and they went to Sodor to find Mr. Conductor. They did find him at the windmill, but Junior became caught on the whirling blades of it, and was flung onto the back of Diesel 10's roof. He ended up in the scrap yard, flung onto James's cab. The 2 were nearly sent into the smelting pit, until Junior used the last of his gold dust to transport them away. Junior then reunited with Mr. Conductor, and told him that their gold dust was now completely gone. When Lady returned to the Island, Mr. Conductor and Junior found their gold dust again. Junior, pleased and encouraged by his success in helping out, offers to take a job on Sodor, and was hired on as conductor so that Mr. Conductor could go back to Shining Time Station and resume working there.


Patch (Cody McMains) is a local boy who works for Burnett Stone. He found Lady and asked Burnett about her. Later he met Lily and spent time with her until Lily departed for Sodor. The two of them later traveled to Sodor in Lady. In a final scene that was deleted from the film, it was revealed that Patch (played by Rob Tinkler as an adult) and Lily eventually got married.


Mutt is Billy's dog, who tried to help Lily and can sense trouble in the world.

Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones (Didi Conn) is the manager of Shining Time Station. She is frequently helped by Mr. Conductor and when Lily arrived at the station by mistake, Stacy drove Lily to Burnett. Didi Conn reprised the role she played on Shining Time Station.

Billy Twofeathers

Billy Twofeathers (Russell Means) is a train driver who works in the Indian Valley, driving trains to Muffle Mountain, Shining Time, and other places. Billy was a character in the series Shining Time Station, in which he was played by Tom Jackson.

The Great Discovery

The Great Discovery introduced 1 new character to the series.


Stanley (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and by Ben Small, David Menkin, Rob Rackstraw, and then John Schwab in the US) is a strong white, silver and red tank engine who made Thomas jealous when he first arrived on Sodor.

Hero of the Rails

Three new characters were introduced in Hero of the Rails.


Hiro (voiced by Togo Igawa in the UK and the US) is an old, lost black Japanese steam engine.


Victor (voiced by David Bedella in both the UK and the US) is a red narrow-gauge tank engine who is in charge of the Sodor Steamworks.


Kevin (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK, Kerry Shale in the US) is a young yellow crane who works at the Sodor Steamworks.

Misty Island Rescue

Four new characters were introduced in Misty Island Rescue.


Captain (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is a red, yellow and blue lifeboat who resides at the Sodor Search & Rescue Centre with Harold, Rocky, Belle, Flynn and Butch.

Bash & Dash

Bash and Dash (voiced by Keith Wickham and Matt Wilkinson in the UK, William Hope and Kerry Shale in the US) are grey and amber twin engines who run a logging railway on Misty Island. Their color schemes are inverted versions of each other and the twins often finish each other’s sentences.


Ferdinand (voiced by Ben Small in the UK, Glenn Wrage in the US) is a big teal tender engine who works with Bash & Dash. The least obnoxious of the three, his vocabulary almost exclusively consists of the phrase “that’s right”.

Day of the Diesels

Seven new characters were introduced in Day of the Diesels.


Belle (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and the US) is a royal blue tank engine (Sodor's biggest tank engine) with firefighting equipment.


Flynn (voiced by Rupert Degas, followed by Ben Small, later Rob Rackstraw in the UK and the US) is a red fire truck who joins the Search & Rescue team. He has both road wheels and train wheels.


Den (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is a stately orange and blue diesel who runs the Vicarstown Dieselworks (the diesels’ run-down counterpart to the Crovan’s Gate Steamworks) Diesel 10's absence.


Dart (voiced by Rupert Degas, now Steve Kynman in the UK and the US) is a yellow and maroon diesel who helps Den run the Sodor Dieselworks when Diesel 10 is not around.


Norman (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is an orange-red diesel engine who is always breaking down but would get fixed to prove that he can be really useful. Supplementary material states that he is also the twin brother of Dennis, another engine of the same design who was introduced several years prior but no longer appears in the series.

Norman has no spoken dialogue in the film, nor is he referred to by name, but he has made infrequent speaking appearances in later episodes of the show.


Paxton (voiced by Steve Kynman in the UK and the US) is a slightly young gullible and outgoing, but sometimes serious dark green diesel who, unlike most diesels, likes steam engines.

Paxton has no dialogue in Day of the Diesels outside of grunting and laughing and he is not named, but is properly introduced and given his personality in the following film, Blue Mountain Mystery. Here, it is established that he works at the Blue Mountain Quarry, a large slate quarry where the standard gauge line meets with the Skarloey Railway.


Sidney (voiced by Bob Golding in the UK and the US) is a dimwitted blue diesel. He is extremely forgetful and often has to have others remind him of his work.

Sidney appears only briefly in the film, in which he has no wheels and is on a hoist at the Dieselworks. The Dieselworks are temporarily abandoned by the other diesels and catch fire shortly after, and it is not explained what happened to Sidney.

Sidney inexplicably survives the fire and remains on his hoist until the season 17 episode The Missing Christmas Decorations, in which he finally gets a new set of wheels with the help of Percy. He has been a regularly recurring character in the series since, notably starring in the season 20 premiere “Sidney Sings”.

Blue Mountain Mystery

Four new characters were introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.


Luke (voiced by Michael Legge in the UK and the US) is an green Irish narrow gauge engine. He is kept a secret even from the Thin Controller by the other narrow gauge engines due to the belief that he caused another engine’s demise. The engine is later revealed to have been Victor and Luke’s name is cleared, and he officially joins the railway thereafter.


Winston (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and the US) is a red track inspection car and Sir Topham Hatt’s primary mode of transport.


Owen (voiced by Ben Small in the UK and the US) is an orange quarry incline traction engine who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Merrick (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and the US) is a vermilion traveling gantry crane who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry. Being sleep-deprived by the noisy quarry, he is nearly always either tired or trying to fall asleep.

King of the Railway

Four new characters and one character from The Railway Series were introduced in King of the Railway


Millie (voiced by Miranda Raison in the UK and the US) is a blue French narrow gauge engine who belongs to Sir Robert Norramby and works on his estate.


Stephen the Rocket (voiced by Bob Golding in the UK and the US) is an antique golden yellow engine who works at Ulfstead Castle on the earl’s estate. He is modelled after Stephenson's Rocket, and dialogue indicates that he is in fact the original Rocket.


Connor (voiced by Jonathan Forbes in the UK and the US) is a teal streamlined engine from the mainland.


Caitlin (voiced by Rebecca O'Mara in the UK and the US) is a fuchsia streamlined engine from the mainland. She is Connor’s female counterpart and strongly resembles him, but they are not twins.

Sir Robert Norramby

Sir Robert Norramby (voiced by Mike Grady in the UK and the US) is the Earl of Sodor. At the beginning of the film, he returns to Sodor after traveling the world for many years, after which he announces his plan to restore Ulfstead Castle and build an estate and a tourist railway there.

He previously appeared (as the Duke of Sodor) in the Railway Series books Very Old Engines and Duke the Lost Engine.

Tale of the Brave

Four new characters were introduced in Tale of the Brave.


Gator (voiced by Clive Mantle in the UK and the US), is a boxy green steam engine, whom looks like an alligator, because of his shape and size.


Timothy (voiced by Tim Whitnall in the UK and the US), is small oil-burning tank engine who works at the China Clay Pits with Bill, Ben, and Marion.


Marion (voiced by Olivia Colman in the UK and the US), is a self-propelled steam shovel who works at the China Clay Pits with Bill, Ben and Timothy.


Reg (voiced by Tim Whitnall in the UK and the US) is a diesel crane who works on Edward's Branch Line at Crock's Scrap Yard.

The Adventure Begins

Three new characters were introduced in The Adventure Begins:


Glynn (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is an old 'Coffee Pot' engine who worked Thomas’ Branch Line before he was taken out of service sometime prior to the events of the film. Prior to Thomas’ arrival, Glynn was notably the railway’s #1.

Judy and Jerome

Judy and Jerome (voiced by Teresa Gallagher and Tim Whitnall in the UK and the US, respectively) are breakdown cranes, who take their jobs as the breakdown train very seriously. They form the same breakdown train seen in previous live-action productions, retroactively given names and personalities.

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

Three new characters were introduced and three Railway Series characters debuted into the television series in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


Ryan (voiced by Eddie Redmayne in the film and later Steven Kynman in the UK and the US) is a purple tank engine with the number 1014 on his bunker.


Mike (voiced by Tim Whitnall in the UK and the US) is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Railway. He is painted red with blue stripes and blue and yellow lining.


Rex (voiced by Tom Stourton in the UK and the US) is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Railway. He is painted green with red stripes and lining.


Bert (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK) is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Railway. He is painted blue with red stripes and lining.


Skiff (voiced by Jamie Campbell Bower in the UK and the US) is a railboat, a boat that runs on rails.

Sailor John

Sailor John (voiced by Sir John Hurt in the UK and the US) is a sailor-turned-pirate, who tries to steal the pirate treasure. He owns Skiff and uses him as an unwilling getaway vehicle.

The official website reveals that he was a member of the Royal Navy before being kicked out for unexplained reasons.

The Great Race

The Great Race, the 2016 60 minute movie, introduces 12 new characters as well as one from The Railway Series. In an effort to expand the preschool franchise beyond its current lineup of mostly male British characters, the new engines are from locations around the world and include 3 female characters.

New characters include:

Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman (voiced by Rufus Jones) is Gordon's only remaining brother, famous for being the first steam engine to officially run at 100 miles per hour.

Flying Scotsman is a real locomotive and was previously introduced as a character in the book Enterprising Engines, in which he is established as Gordon the Big Engine's brother. The book depicts him with two tenders, as the real Scotsman had two tenders at the time the book was published.

When the book (more specifically the story Tenders for Henry) was adapted into the show's third season, budget constraints prevented a model of Scotsman from being constructed, and only the two tenders were built. They appear sticking out of a station in the episode Tender Engines, but the engine is not shown and Gordon does not recognize him. The Great Race re-establishes him as Gordon's brother and marks Scotsman's first real appearance in the series.


Ashima (voiced by Tina Desai in the UK and the US) is a large tank engine from India. She is meant to challenge Thomas, both in terms of being able to do some things better than him and in terms of him being able to relate to someone very different from him. She participates in the shunting race and is modelled after the Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class locomotive.


Carlos (voiced by David Bedella in the UK and the US) is an engine from Mexico, meant to resemble a Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México locomotive known as No. 903. He participates in the decorated engine parade.


Raul (voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the UK and the US) is a "feisty", "strong and agile" little steam engine from Brazil. Inspired by the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Raul is intended to broaden Thomas' cultural awareness. He participates in the shunting race.

Yong Bao

Yong Bao (voiced by Dan Li) is a tender engine from China, intended to capitalize on the franchise's growing popularity in China, now its #2 market, after the United States. He participates in the decorated engine parade. Yong Bao is only an unnamed silent background character in The Great Race and later appears more prominently in Big World! Big Adventures!, which elaborates on his backstory.


Shane is a green and gold tender engine from Australia. He participates in the strength race.


Vinnie (voiced by John Schwab in the UK and the US) is a tender engine from the United States (built in Canada).

He is big, strong and competitive. He participates in the strength race. He is also a bully. His design is based on the Grand Trunk Western U4-a Steam Train. In the 2016 special The Great Race, he bullies Thomas and Philip and chases Philip through the yard where the Great Railway Show was held during the Shunting Competition. Vinnie tried to force Philip into the turntable well, but Thomas and Ashima successfully managed to pull Vinnie away from Philip, allowing Philip to successfully escape the big bully steam train. After Philip escaped from Vinnie, Thomas' coupling snapped after Vinnie resisted, causing Vinnie to launch into a set of points that were against him, which accidentally made Vinnie fly off the tracks and crash into an electricity pylon, which then fell on top of him. Vinnie was left trapped under the pylon, screaming for help. He remained there for the rest of the day and was rescued that evening and returned home to the United States of America.


Étienne (voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the UK and the US) is a fast electric engine from France. He participates in the Great Race event.


Axel (voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the UK and the US) is a fast streamlined engine from Belgium. He participates in the Great Race event.


Gina (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and the US) is a small tank engine from Italy. She participates in the shunting race.


Frieda (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and the US) is a streamlined engine from Germany. She participates in the strength race and is modeled after the DB Class 10.


Rajiv is a little tank engine from the East Indian Railway in India. He participates in the decorated engine parade and is modeled after the Fairy Queen locomotive.


Ivan (voiced by Bob Golding in the UK and the US) is a diesel engine from Russia. He participates in the shunting race.

Journey Beyond Sodor

Six new characters were introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor.


Merlin (voiced by Hugh Bonneville in the UK and the US) is a steam engine fitted with three stovepipe chimneys, which he falsely believes give him the ability to turn invisible. He has the number 783.


Lexi (voiced by Lucy Montgomery in the UK and the US) is a cab forward steam engine. Promotional material states that she is gender fluid.


Theo (voiced by Darren Boyd in the UK and the US) is an experimental railway traction engine. Promotional material states that he is on the autism spectrum.


Hurricane (voiced by Jim Howick in the UK and the US) is a cunning large tank engine with 10 driving wheels and works at a steelworks on the mainland along with Frankie. He has the number 20.


Frankie (voiced by Sophie Colquhoun in the UK and the US) is a manipulative diesel engine who works at the steelworks with Hurricane. She appears to be the more dominant of the pair. Frankie has the number 4002 on her bufferbeam.


Beresford (voiced by Colin McFarlane in the UK and the US) is a blue rolling gantry crane, stationed on the Mainland.

Big World! Big Adventures!

Big World! Big Adventures! is a tie in with the twenty-second season, serving as a soft reboot of the franchise, and the final full-length CGI Thomas movie. Several dozen characters (mostly background characters) were introduced in this film; below are the ones who were named either in this film or in the following seasons of the show.


Nia (voiced by Yvonne Grundy in the UK and the US) is a Kenyan tank engine who befriends and accompanies Thomas during his journey around the world. She teaches Thomas about friendship. She also becomes a member of the Steam Team, replacing Edward, and also has a new home on Sodor.


Ace (voiced by Peter Andre in the UK and the US) is a yellow race car who inspires Thomas to become the first engine to travel the world. He serves as the film's main antagonist.


Kwaku (voiced by Abubakar Salim in the UK and the US) is an African Garratt railway engine, who is friends with Nia.


Beau (voiced by Kerry Shale in the UK and the US) is an American mining engine with a mustache who works at the Grand Canyon.


Natalie (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and the US) is an American diesel shunter, who works at an American Harbour in San Francisco.


Fernando (voiced by Gabriel Porras in the UK and the US) is a Brazilian diesel.


Shankar (voiced by Sanjeev Bhaskar in the UK and US) is an Indian diesel shunter.


Charubala (voiced by Sheena Bhattessa in the UK and the US) is the controller of the Indian Railway.

Other characters

Yong Bao, a background character introduced in The Great Race without any spoken dialogue, appears prominently in this film, now voiced by Dan Li in both the UK and US.

Other minor characters introduced include some race cars (two of which are named Angelique and Tony), an airplane named Emerson, three American diesels, a 21st-century Chinese diesel and many more. Several background engines appear in the foreign countries, depicted by re-textured versions of existing characters such as Edward, Henry, and Oliver.

Digs and Discoveries

Starting in 2019, the franchise's annual feature film was replaced by a two-part 45-minute special and a shorter half-hour special.

Digs and Discoveries is one of the 2019 specials, comprising the two triple-length episodes "All Tracks Lead to Rome" and "Mines of Mystery".


Lorenzo (voiced by Vincenzo Nicoli in the UK and US) is an Italian engine who was lost in a mine for several years before being rediscovered by Thomas.


Beppe (also voiced by Vincenzo Nicoli in the UK and US) is a small passenger coach who belongs to Lorenzo and was lost along with him.


Ester (voiced by Flaminia Cinque in the UK and US) is a small Italian excavator.


Stefano (voiced by Antonio Magro in the UK and US) is a large amphibious cargo ship who can run on both water and land.


Brenda (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and US) is a bulldozer recently purchased by the Sodor Construction Company. She and the rest of the construction vehicles come to Italy to assist with an archaeological dig.

Other characters

Gina, the Italian engine who appeared unnamed in a minor role in The Great Race, returns with a main role. She is now voiced by Anna Francolini in both the UK and US.

Marvelous Machinery

Marvelous Machinery is one of two specials released in 2020. It comprises the two triple-length episodes "A New Arrival" and "World of Tomorrow".


Ruth (voiced by Dominique Moore in the UK and US) is an inventor from America who comes to Sodor to hold a technology fair.

Baz and Bernie

Baz and Bernie (voiced by Bob Golding and Rob Rackstraw in the UK and US) are a pair of crooks from the mainland who come to the technology fair with the intention of stealing an invention and claiming it as their own.


Sonny (voiced by Joe Swash) is a tank engine who belongs to Baz and Bernie, but reforms after an encounter with Thomas.


Kenji (voiced by Matt McCooey) is a bullet train from Japan who comes to Sodor for the technology fair.

Minor characters

Several inventors appear, voiced by Siu-See Hung, Colin McFarlane, Rachael Miller, and Rob Rackstraw.

The Royal Engine

The Royal Engine, or Thomas and the Royal Engine, is a half-hour special commemorating the 75th anniversary of the franchise. In production order, it is the finale of the original show, as the series will be fully rebooted in 2021. It features a live-action introduction read by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

The special introduces one new character to the series. Additionally, Charles, Prince of Wales, who previously appeared in two Railway Series books including the final book, appears in the television series for the first time.


Duchess of Loughborough, or simply Duchess (voiced by Rosamund Pike in the UK and US), is a big tender engine who is tasked with pulling the British Royal Train to London.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles (voiced by Rachael Miller) is the son of Queen Elizabeth II (voiced by the show's former head writer Sharon Miller). When the queen requests for Sir Topham Hatt to meet her at Buckingham Palace so she can present him with an award, Charles requests for Thomas to be the engine to bring him.