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List of flora of the Santa Monica Mountains facts for kids

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The Santa Monica Mountains, one of the Transverse Ranges located in Southern California, are in the California chaparral and woodlands ecoregion of the California Floristic Province. This ecoregion has two predominant ecosystems, with three primary plant communities:


The Santa Monica Mountains are covered by hundreds of local plant species: some are endemic or very rare, some are beautiful California native plants in situ, and some also are familiar as horticultural ornamental and native garden plants. Each season has different plants predominating the visual experience.

A partial list of Plants seen in the Santa Monica Mountains:

Native and non-native flora



  • Trees
Acer macrophyllum - (Bigleaf Maple)
Alnus rhombifolia - (White Alder)
Juglans californica - (California Black Walnut)
Quercus agrifolia - (Coast Live Oak)
Quercus chrysolepis - (Canyon Live Oak)
Pinus sabiniana - (Digger Pine, Gray Pine)
Platanus racemosa - (California Sycamore)
Umbellularia Californica - (California Bay)

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