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The city of Portland, Oregon, has more than 10,000 acres (4,000 ha) of public parks and other natural areas,

Portland is home to one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, Forest Park, as well as the world's smallest park—at 61 centimetres (24 in) in diameter—Mill Ends Park.

The development of Portland's park system was largely guided by the 1903 Olmsted Portland park plan. There are at least 279 parks and natural areas in Portland. Most of these are operated by Portland Parks & Recreation, though the State of Oregon, Metro regional government, the Portland Water Bureau, and the Federal Government also operate parks as well.

Portland Parks & Recreation

North Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
Arbor Lodge Park Wooden sign with text identifying the name, management, and hours of operation for the park; in the background is a green lawn, part of a building, and two people. N Bryant St. and Delaware Ave. 8.4 acres (3.4 ha) Acquired in 1940, Arbor Lodge Park includes a dog off-leash area, horseshoe pit, paved paths, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, public art, and tennis courts.
Cathedral Park A series of arches on the underside of a bridge; trees and a manicured lawn are visible in the background. N Edison St. and Pittsburg Ave. 23.09 acres (9.34 ha) Acquired in 1968, Cathedral Park includes a boat dock, boat ramp, canoe launch, disabled access restroom, dog off-leash area, paths—paved, picnic tables, and stage. The park is named for the cathedral-like arches of the St. John's Bridge.
Chimney Park In the forefront is a large rock along with a sign displaying the name, management, and hours of operation for the park; in the background is a lawn and scattered trees. 9360 N Columbia Blvd. 18.39 acres (7.44 ha) Acquired in 1932, Chimney Park includes a fenced off-leash area for dogs. Located on the one-time site of the city's incinerator, the park is named for the incinerator's chimney, which has since been removed.
Columbia Park The playground at Columbia Park N Lombard St. and Woolsey Ave. 35.37 acres (14.31 ha) Acquired in 1891, Columbia Park includes baseball, softball and soccer fields; tennis and volleyball courts; an accessible playground; a picnic area; and a splash pad. The park was acquired to be the City of Albina's first park, but it was not developed until after the cities of Albina and Portland were consolidated.
Dawson Park Dawson Park N Stanton St. and Williams Ave. 2.05 acres (0.83 ha) Acquired in 1921, Dawson Park includes basketball and volleyball courts, picnic areas, an accessible playground, and a stage. The park is named after Rev. John Dawson, an Episcopal minister and advocate for child welfare and civic improvement.
Delta Park A two-tiered building with a green roof, surrounded by paved paths, light poles, and trees. N Denver Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 87.47 acres (35.40 ha) Acquired in 1950, Delta Park includes a dog off-leash area—fenced, football field, paths—paved, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, and volleyball court. Delta Park is built on the site of Vanport, the war-time city destroyed by flood in 1948.
Farragut Park A rainbow over the softball field at Farragut Park N Kerby Ave. and Farragut St. 13.98 acres (5.66 ha) Acquired in 1940, Farragut Park includes a basketball court, a playground, restroom, paved paths, picnic tables, and softball field. The park is named after David Farragut, an admiral who fought for the North in the Civil War and became famous for saying, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"
Gammans Park The sign for Gammans Park, with a new carousel under construction in the background N Buffalo St. and Burrage Ave. 1.66 acres (0.67 ha) Acquired in 1910, Gammans Park includes paths and a playground with a racetrack for tricycles "complete with tunnels, bridges, and miniature highways with white lines down the middle". It was named after George G. Gammans, a Portland lawyer whose wife Laura gave the city six lots for a park to memorialize him.
George Park George Park N Burr Ave. and Fessenden St. 2.03 acres (0.82 ha) Acquired in 1971, George Park includes paths and an accessible playground. The park is named for Melvin Clark George, a state senator, U.S. Congressman, and State circuit court judge.
Kelley Point Park N Marine Dr. and Lombard St. 104.69 acres (42.37 ha) Acquired in 1984, Kelley Point Park includes a canoe launch, hiking, picnic areas, and a view of the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. The park is named for Hall Jackson Kelley, a promoter of settlement in the Pacific Northwest whose unsuccessful attempt to establish a city at this point was commemorated in 1926 by naming the location Kelley Point.
Kenton Park Kenton Park 8417 N Brandon Ave. 12.40 acres (5.02 ha) Acquired in 1941, Kenton Park includes a basketball court, restroom, paved paths, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, and water play area.
Lillis–Albina Park A kickball game at Lillis–Albina Park N Flint Ave. and Russell St. 3.93 acres (1.59 ha) Acquired in 1940, Lillis-Albina Park includes picnic tables, a playground, a soccer field, and a softball field. Originally named after the former city of Albina, its name was changed in 1947 to also honor Michael Edward Lillis, a well-liked neighborhood police officer and strong advocate for the park and for children in the area.
Lotus Isle Park The marina at Lotus Isle Park N Tomahawk Island Dr. 1.65 acres (0.67 ha) Acquired in 1992, Lotus Isle Park features paved paths, picnic tables, and an accessible playground. The park is named after Lotus Isle, a 128 acres (52 ha) amusement park on Tomahawk Island that operated from 1930 to 1932.
Madrona Park Madrona Park N Greeley Ave. and Going Ct. 9.45 acres (3.82 ha) Acquired in 1921, Madrona Park features a basketball court, an accessible playground, unpaved paths, and a natural area. The park is named after the heritage-designated Pacific Madrona tree located on Wygant Street on the east edge of the park.
McCoy Park McCoy Park N Trenton St. and Newman Ave. 3.82 acres (1.55 ha) Acquired in 1940, McCoy Park features paved paths and picnic tables, along with a playground, soccer and softball fields, and a basketball court. The park is named after Bill McCoy, the first African American elected to the Oregon Legislature, and his wife Gladys McCoy, who served on the Portland School Board and the Multnomah County Commission.
McKenna Park N Wall Ave. and Princeton St. 4.52 acres (1.83 ha)
Mocks Crest Park 2206 N Skidmore St. 5.86 acres (2.37 ha) Mocks Crest Park, also known as the Skidmore Bluffs, was acquired in 1998 and is found on a 7-mile stretch of bluffs that runs along the east side of the Willamette River from Pier Park to the Fremont Bridge. The park overlooks Union Pacific's North Portland rail yard, the West Hills, and Portland's city skyline to the south.
Northgate Park N Geneva Ave. and Fessenden St. 10.87 acres (4.40 ha) Northgate Park, acquired in 1940, features a baseball field, restroom, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, and water play area, along with paved paths and picnic tables.
Overlook Park N Fremont St. and Interstate Ave. 11.30 acres (4.57 ha)
Patton Square Park Patton Square Park N Interstate Ave. and Emerson St. 1.26 acres (0.51 ha) Patton Square Park, named after pioneer and Portland landowner Matthew Patton, was acquired in 1960 and features paved paths, picnic tables, and a playground area.
Peninsula Crossing Trail N Willamette Blvd. to Columbia Blvd. 9.07 acres (3.67 ha) Peninsula Crossing Trail connects N Willamette Blvd to Columbia Blvd. Acquired in 1996, this multi-use paved path is 5.1 miles long and is wheel-chair accessible.
Peninsula Park and Rose Garden Peninsula Park & Rose Garden 700 N Rosa Parks Way 16.34 acres (6.61 ha) Acquired in 1909, Peninsula Park includes basketball and tennis courts, soccer and softball fields, a playground, covered picnic tables, the city's first public rose garden, and a 100-year-old fountain.
Pier Park N Lombard St. and Bruce Ave. 85.00 acres (34.40 ha) Acquired in 1920.
Portsmouth Park Portsmouth Park N Stanford Ave. and Depauw St. 4.03 acres (1.63 ha) Portsmouth Park, acquired in 1941, offers a playground, soccer field, and softball field.
Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area 5300 N Marine Drive 205.71 acres (83.25 ha)
St. Johns Park 8427 N Central St. 5.87 acres (2.38 ha)
Sumner–Albina Park 5134–5138 N Albina St 0.08 acres (0.032 ha) Sumner–Albina Park was acquired in 1998 and features paved paths.
Trenton Park alt Trenton Park N Hamlin Ave. and Trenton St. 2.3 acres (0.93 ha) Acquired in 1941, Trenton Park includes a basketball court, picnic tables, and playground.
University Park University Park 9009 N Foss Ave. 11.49 acres (4.65 ha) University Park, acquired in 1953, is not named for its close proximity to the University of Portland, but for its once close proximity to Portland University, a Methodist college during the 1890s. The park features a playground, soccer field, softball field, paved paths, picnic tables, and public art.
Unthank Park Unthank Park 510 N Shaver St. 4.56 acres (1.85 ha) Unthank Park was acquired in 1966 and named for Portland doctor DeNorval Unthank.

Northeast Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
Alberta Park Alberta Park NE 22nd Ave. and Killingsworth St. 16.40 acres (6.64 ha) Acquired in 1921, Alberta Park includes a basketball court, dog off-leash area, playground, soccer field, softball field and tennis court, as well as paved and unpaved paths and picnic tables. The park is maintained by a volunteer group known as Friends of Alberta Park.
Argay Park NE 141st Ave. and Failing St. 8.93 acres (3.61 ha) Argay Park, adopted by the Argay Neighborhood Association, offers a basketball court, dog off-leash area, playground, soccer field and softball field, along with paved and unpaved paths, picnic tables, and tennis courts. The park was acquired in 1984.
Buckman Field NE 12th Ave. and Everett St. 11.48 acres (4.65 ha) Buckman Field, acquired in 1920, features a baseball field, football field, playground, soccer field, softball field and track, along with paved and unpaved paths and picnic tables.
Columbia Children's Arboretum 10040 NE 6th Ave. 27.18 acres (11.00 ha)
East Holladay Park 12999 NE Holladay St. 5.73 acres (2.32 ha) East Holladay Park was acquired in 1993 and includes a dog off-leash area.
Fernhill Park Fernhill Park NE 37th Ave. and Ainsworth St. 26.71 acres (10.81 ha)
Frazer Park The sun shining through a tree at Frazer Park NE 52nd Ave. and Hassalo St. 3.81 acres (1.54 ha) Acquired in 1950, Frazer Park was once the site of the Frazer Detention Home for the Juvenile Court. The building's cement floor is now used as a play court. The park also features a basketball court, dog off-leash area, picnic tables, and playground.
Glenfair Park Glenfair Park NE 154th Ave. and Davis St. 4.74 acres (1.92 ha) Acquired in 1989, Glenhaven Park has been adopted by the Glenfair Neighborhood Association and includes a soccer field and softball field.
Glenhaven Park Glenhaven Park NE 82nd Ave. and Siskiyou St. 14.39 acres (5.82 ha)
Grant Park NE 33rd Ave. and US Grant Pl. 19.9 acres (8.1 ha)
Hancock Park NE 90th Ave. and Tillamook St. 3.60 acres (1.46 ha) Hancock Park, acquired in 1941, has been adopted by the Hancock Madison Group Watch and features a playground and picnic tables.
Holladay Park NE 11th Ave. and Holladay St. 4.54 acres (1.84 ha)
Irving Park NE 7th Ave. and Fremont St. 16.08 acres (6.51 ha)
John Luby Park John Luby Park benches - Portland, Oregon.JPG NE 128th Ave. and Brazee St. 10.42 acres (4.22 ha)
Joseph Wood Hill Park Joseph Wood Hill Park NE Rocky Butte Rd. 2.42 acres (0.98 ha)
Kʰunamokwst Park Kʰunamokwst Park NE 52nd Ave. and Alberta St. 2.43 acres (0.98 ha) Acquired in 2009; name means "together" in Chinook Jargon.
King School Park NE 6th Ave. and Humboldt St. 2.64 acres (1.07 ha)
Knott Park Knott Park sign NE 117th Ave. and Knott St. 12.74 acres (5.16 ha)
Mallory Meadows Park Tiles of children's artwork covering a low wall in Mallory Meadows Park NE Killingsworth St. and Mallory St. 0.15 acres (0.061 ha)
Merrifield Park Merrifield Park sign NE 117th Ave. and Thompson St. 0.95 acres (0.38 ha)
Montavilla Park NE 82nd Ave. and Glisan St. 9.48 acres (3.84 ha)
Normandale Park NE 57th Ave. and Halsey St. 13.69 acres (5.54 ha)
Oregon Park NE 30th Ave. and Oregon St. 3.29 acres (1.33 ha)
Rocky Butte Natural Area NE Rocky Butte Rd. 19.64 acres (7.95 ha)
Rose City Park NE 62nd Ave. and Tillamook St. 24.00 acres (9.71 ha)
Roselawn Park Roselawn Park 1236 NE Roselawn St. 0.12 acres (0.049 ha) Acquired in 1996, Roselawn Park consists of paved paths.
Rosemont Bluff Natural Area Portland Parks & Recreation sign for Rosemont Bluff Natural Area NE 68th Ave. and Hassalo St. 2.31 acres (0.93 ha) Acquired in 1995, this hillside natural area includes a mixed evergreen deciduous forest and a short, unpaved trail.
Sabin HydroPark The water towers at Sabin HydroPark NE 21st Ave. and Prescott St. 0.22 acres (0.089 ha)
Sacajawea Park Sacajawea Park sign NE 75th and Roselawn St. 4.86 acres (1.97 ha)
Senn's Dairy Park 11206 NE Prescott St. 1.06 acres (0.43 ha)
Thompson Park Thompson Park sign NE 138th Ave. and Thompson St. 4.42 acres (1.79 ha)
Two Plum Park NE 7th Ave. between Shaver St. and Mason St. 0.34 acres (0.14 ha)
Wellington Park Wellington Park sign NE 66th Ave. and Mason St. 3.97 acres (1.61 ha)
Whitaker Ponds Nature Park The sign for Whitaker Ponds Nature Park 7040 NE 47th Ave. 25.76 acres (10.42 ha)
Wilkes Park 3655 NE 154th Ave. 1.88 acres (0.76 ha)
Wilshire Park Wilshire Park NE 33rd Ave. and Skidmore St. 14.30 acres (5.79 ha)
Woodlawn Park Woodlawn Park NE 13th Ave. and Dekum St. 8.23 acres (3.33 ha)

Northwest Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
Clark and Wilson Park NW Germantown Rd. 17.23 acres (6.97 ha)
Couch Park NW 19th Ave. and Glisan St. 2.40 acres (0.97 ha)
Forest Heights Park Playground at Forest Heights Park 2999 NW Miller Rd. 2.93 acres (1.19 ha)
Forest Park An unpaved path about 2 feet (0.6 meters) wide runs through a forest with a thick understory of ferns. Tualatin Mountains (West Hills)
(NW 29th Ave. and Upshur St. to Newberry Rd.)
5,172.14 acres (2,093.09 ha)
Hillside Park 653 NW Culpepper Terr. 3.41 acres (1.38 ha)
Holman Park NW Mountain View Park Rd.
Jamison Square Pearl District
(810 NW 11th Ave.)
0.94 acres (0.38 ha)
Kingsley Park NW St. Helens Rd. 1.14 acres (0.46 ha)
Lan Su Chinese Garden Lake Zither in Lan Su Chinese Garden 239 NW Everett St. 1.03 acres (0.42 ha)
Linnton Park NW 105th Ave. and St. Helens Rd.
Macleay Park Stone structure where the Wildwood Trail meets the Lower Macleay Trail along Balch Creek in Macleay Park NW 29th Ave. and Upshur St.
North Park Blocks North Park Blocks Downtown Portland
(NW Park Ave. from Ankeny St. to Glisan St.)
3.11 acres (1.26 ha)
Pittock Mansion Acres A large house of many windows with white panes, and with a red-checkered roof with many steep sides 3229 NW Pittock Dr. 54.94 acres (22.23 ha) Acquired in 1964, this park includes the French Renaissance-style Pittock Mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Portland Firefighters Park NW 18th Ave. and Burnside St. Consisting of a stone memorial and small triangular park, Firefighters Park is dedicated to David Campbell, a former Portland fire chief who died in 1911.
Tanner Springs Park Pearl District
NW 10th Ave. and Marshall St.
0.92 acres (0.37 ha)
Tom McCall Waterfront Park Downtown Portland
(Naito Pkwy. between SW Harrison St. and NW Glisan St.)
30.90 acres (12.50 ha) Acquired in 1927, Tom McCall Waterfront Park features riverfront views, public art, statues, fountains, boat docks, and a large plaza lined with 100 ornamental cherry trees. The park was completed in 1978 after the removal of Harbor Drive.
Wallace Park NW 25th Ave. and Raleigh St. 5.38 acres (2.18 ha)

Southeast Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
Ardenwald Park SE Roswell St. and 36th Ave 1 acre (0.40 ha) Located in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood
Berkeley Park SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Bybee Blvd. 6.48 acres (2.62 ha)
Berrydale Park SE 92nd Ave. and Taylor St. 6.31 acres (2.55 ha)
Bloomington Park Bloomington Park sign SE 100th Ave. and Steele St. 12.87 acres (5.21 ha)
Brentwood Park Brentwood Park SE 60th Ave. and Duke St. 14.06 acres (5.69 ha)
Brooklyn Park SE 10th Ave. and Haig St. 2.39 acres (0.97 ha)
Brooklyn School Park SE 15th Ave. and Bush St. 3.59 acres (1.45 ha)
Cherry Blossom Park SE 98th Ave. and Stephens St. 0.96 acres (0.39 ha)
Cherry Park Cherry Park sign SE 110th Ave. and Stephens St. 10.23 acres (4.14 ha)
Clatsop Butte Park SE 152nd Ave. and Belmore St. 44.41 acres (17.97 ha)
Clinton Park SE 55th Ave. and Woodward St. 12.14 acres (4.91 ha)
Colonel Summers Park SE 17th Ave. and Taylor St. 5.99 acres (2.42 ha)
Creston Park SE 44th Ave. and Powell Blvd. 14.38 acres (5.82 ha)
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden SE 28th Ave. and Woodstock Blvd. 9.49 acres (3.84 ha)
Earl Boyles Park Earl Boyles Park SE 112th Ave. and Boise St. 7.84 acres (3.17 ha)
Eastbank Esplanade SE Water Ave. and Hawthorne Blvd. 10.69 acres (4.33 ha) Acquired in 1998, the Eastbank Esplanade features riverfront views of Downtown Portland, a public boat dock, paved paths, hiking and biking trails, and a 1,200 foot floating walkway on the Willamette River.
Eastmoreland Garden 2425 SE Bybee Blvd. 0.41 acres (0.17 ha)
Eastmoreland Playground Park SE 30th Ave. and Crystal Springs Blvd.
Eastridge Park SE 141st Ave. and Crystal Springs St. 3.50 acres (1.42 ha)
Ed Benedict Park Ed Benedict Park SE 100th Ave. and Powell Blvd. 12.70 acres (5.14 ha)
Elk Rock Island Elk Rock Island SE 19th Ave. and Sparrow St. 13.24 acres (5.36 ha)
Errol Heights Park The edge of Errol Heights Park, next to a road SE 52nd Avenue and Tenino Street 16.31 acres (6.60 ha)
Essex Park Essex Park SE 79th Ave. and Center St. 4.43 acres (1.79 ha)
Flavel Park Flavel Park SE 75th Ave. and Flavel St. 4.20 acres (1.70 ha)
Floyd Light Park SE 111th Ave. and Alder St. 7.65 acres (3.10 ha)
Gilbert Heights Park SE 130th Ave. and Boise St. 3.81 acres (1.54 ha)
Gilbert Primary Park SE 134th Ave. and Foster Rd. 4.39 acres (1.78 ha)
Glenwood Park Glenwood Park SE 87th Ave. and Claybourne St. 7.30 acres (2.95 ha)
Harney Park SE 67th Ave. and Harney St. 6.50 acres (2.63 ha)
Harrison Park SE 84th Ave. and Harrison St. 4.63 acres (1.87 ha)
Hazeltine Park 5416 SE Flavel Dr. 1.02 acres (0.41 ha)
Johnson Creek Park SE 21st Ave. and Clatsop St. 4.52 acres (1.83 ha)
Kelly Butte Natural Area The entrance to Kelly Butte SE 103rd Ave. and Clinton St. 23.34 acres (9.45 ha)
Kenilworth Park SE 34th Ave. and Holgate Blvd. 8.40 acres (3.40 ha)
Kern Park SE 67th Ave. and Center St. 1.62 acres (0.66 ha)
Ladd Circle Park and Rose Gardens SE 16th Ave. and Harrison St. 1.62 acres (0.66 ha)
Laurelhurst Park SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Stark St. 32.27 acres (13.06 ha) Acquired in 1909, Laurelhurst Park includes basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, a soccer field, a playground, picnic tables, paved and unpaved paths, a dog off-leash area, and a 3-acre spring-fed lake. The land was originally part of a cattle farm owned by early Portland mayor William S. Ladd. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.
Laurelwood Park Laurelwood Park SE 64th St. and Foster Rd. 0.42 acres (0.17 ha) Laurelwood Park was acquired in 1923.
Leach Botanical Garden 6704 SE 122nd Ave. 17.35 acres (7.02 ha)
Lents Park Lents Park SE 92nd Ave. and Holgate Blvd. 38.07 acres (15.41 ha)
Lincoln Park Lincoln Park sign SE 135th Ave. and Mill St. 7.06 acres (2.86 ha) Lincoln Park was acquired in 1993.
Lynchwood Park SE 170th Ave. and Haig St. 8.45 acres (3.42 ha)
Midland Park SE 122nd Ave. and Morrison St. 1.90 acres (0.77 ha)
Mill Park Mill Park sign SE 117th Ave. and Mill Ct. 5.7 acres (2.3 ha)
Mt. Scott Park Mt. Scott Park SE 72nd Ave. and Harold St. 11.22 acres (4.54 ha)
Mt. Tabor Park Mt. Tabor Park SE 60th Ave. and Salmon St. 176.04 acres (71.24 ha) Acquired in 1909, Mt. Tabor Park encompasses a volcanic cindercone in Southeast Portland. The park features basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, a playground, picnic tables, a dog off-leash area, extensive paved and unpaved trails, and several open reservoirs which predate the construction of the park.
North Powellhurst Park North Powellhurst Park sign SE 135th Ave. and Main St. 3.9 acres (1.6 ha)
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge SE 7th Ave. and Sellwood Blvd. 161.58 acres (65.39 ha)
Oaks Pioneer Church and Park 455 SE Spokane St. 1.31 acres (0.53 ha)
Parklane Park Parklane Park sign SE 155th Ave. and Main St. 25.6 acres (10.4 ha)
Piccolo Park SE 27th Ave. and Division St. 0.57 acres (0.23 ha)
PlayHaven Park SE 107th Ave. and Henderson St. 3.15 acres (1.27 ha)
Portland Memory Garden Portland Memory Garden SE 104th Ave. and Powell Blvd. The Portland Memory Garden opened in May 2002.
Powell Butte Nature Park Powell Butte 16160 SE Powell Blvd. 603.04 acres (244.04 ha)
Powell Park Powell Park SE 26th Ave. and Powell Blvd. 8.09 acres (3.27 ha)
Raymond Park Raymond Park SE 118th Ave. and Raymond St. 6.11 acres (2.47 ha)
Verdell Burdine Rutherford Park Verdell Burdine Rutherford Park SE 167th Ave and Market St. 7.7 acres (3.1 ha) Formerly known as Lynchview Park.
Sellwood Park Flowers at Sellwood Park SE 7th Ave. and Miller St. 16.65 acres (6.74 ha) Named for pioneer John Sellwood, Sellwood Park was acquired in 1909.
Sellwood Riverfront Park SE Spokane St. and Oaks Pkwy. 8.17 acres (3.31 ha)
Sewallcrest Park SE 31st Ave. and Market St. 4.92 acres (1.99 ha)
Springwater Corridor SE Ivon St. to Boring, Oregon 261.64 acres (105.88 ha)
Stark Street Island Stark Street Island SE 106th Ave. and Stark St. 0.41 acres (0.17 ha) Stark Street Island was acquired in 1986.
Sunnyside School Park SE 34th Ave. and Taylor St. 1.65 acres (0.67 ha)
Tideman Johnson Natural Area SE 37th Ave. and Tenino St. 7.59 acres (3.07 ha)
Ventura Park Ventura Park SE 115th Ave. and Stark St. 7.18 acres (2.91 ha) Acquired in 1986, Ventura Park's features include a playground, a bicycle pump track and a soccer field.
West Powellhurst Park SE 115th Ave. and Division St. 3.68 acres (1.49 ha)
Westmoreland Park SE McLoughlin Blvd. and Bybee Blvd. 43.09 acres (17.44 ha)
Woodstock Park Woodstock Park SE 47th Ave. and Steele St. 14.11 acres (5.71 ha)

Southwest Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
A Park SW 21st Ave. and Capitol Hill Rd. 6.33 acres (2.56 ha) "A Park" was formerly named Custer Park. City Commissioner Amanda Fritz changed the park's name in December 2020 by issuing an executive order.
Albert Kelly Park SW Dosch Rd. and Mitchell St. 12.09 acres (4.89 ha)
April Hill Park SW 58th Ave. and Miles St. 10.12 acres (4.10 ha)
Arnold Creek Natural Area SW 11th Dr. and Arnold St. 0.48 acres (0.19 ha)
Ash Creek Natural Area SW 53rd Ave. and Dickinson St. 5.15 acres (2.08 ha)
Burlingame Park SW 12th Ave. and Falcon St. 4.67 acres (1.89 ha)
Butterfly Park 7720 SW Macadam Ave. 1.07 acres (0.43 ha)
Cottonwood Bay Flowers next to Cottonwood Bay SW Hamilton Ct. 0.83 acres (0.34 ha)
Council Crest Park SW Council Crest Dr. 42.95 acres (17.38 ha)
DeWitt Park DeWitt Park 1805 SW DeWitt St. 0.64 acres (0.26 ha)
Dickinson Park SW 55th Ave. and Alfred Ct. 18.66 acres (7.55 ha)
Director Park Downtown Portland
(815 SW Park Ave.)
0.71 acres (0.29 ha)
Duniway Park SW 6th Ave. and Sheridan St. 14.03 acres (5.68 ha)
Fanno Creek Natural Area SW 59th Ave. and Hamilton St. 7.37 acres (2.98 ha)
Foley–Balmer Natural Area 9520 SW Lancaster Rd. 9.64 acres (3.90 ha)
Fulton Park 68 SW Miles St. 8.50 acres (3.44 ha)
Gabriel Park SW 45th Ave. and Vermont St. 89.67 acres (36.29 ha)
George Himes Park SW Terwilliger Blvd. and Slavin Rd. 35.97 acres (14.56 ha)
Governor's Park SW 13th Ave. and Davenport St. 5.74 acres (2.32 ha)
Hamilton Park SW 45th Ave. and Hamilton St. 10.49 acres (4.25 ha)
Healy Heights Park SW Patrick Pl. and Council Crest Dr. 1.18 acres (0.48 ha)
Heritage Tree Park The Corbett Oak at Heritage Tree Park SW Corbett Ave. and Lane St. 0.09 acres (0.036 ha) Acquired in 1997, Heritage Tree Park has the Corbett Oak, an oak tree twice rescued from being cut down.
Hillsdale Park Hillsdale Park lawn - Portland, Oregon.JPG SW 27th Ave. and Hillsdale Hwy. 5.17 acres (2.09 ha)
Holly Farm Park The skating area at Holly Farm Park 10819 SW Capitol Hwy. 1.70 acres (0.69 ha)
Hoyt Arboretum 4000 SW Fairview Blvd. 153.01 acres (61.92 ha)
International Rose Test Garden 400 SW Kingston Ave. 6.90 acres (2.79 ha)
Jensen Natural Area SW 18th Pl. north of Broadleaf Dr. 2.24 acres (0.91 ha)
Keller Fountain Park Downtown Portland
(SW 3rd Ave. and Clay St.)
0.92 acres (0.37 ha)
Lair Hill Park SW 2nd Ave. and Woods St. 3.26 acres (1.32 ha)
Lesser Park SW 57th Ave. and Haines St. 8.4 acres (3.4 ha)
Lovejoy Fountain Park Lovejoy Fountain Park SW 3rd Avenue and Harrison Street 1.11 acres (0.45 ha)
Maricara Natural Area 10608 SW 30th Ave. 17.25 acres (6.98 ha)
Marquam Nature Park The forest in Marquam Nature Park SW Marquam St. and Sam Jackson Park Rd. 204.87 acres (82.91 ha)
Marshall Park 26.16 acres (10.59 ha)
Mill Ends Park Downtown Portland
(SW Naito Pkwy. and Taylor St.)
452 square inches (2,920 cm2)
Darcelle XV Plaza (formerly O'Bryant Square) Downtown Portland
(SW Park Ave. and Washington St.)
0.46 acres (0.19 ha)
Pendleton Park SW 55th Ave. and Iowa St. 5.21 acres (2.11 ha)
Pettygrove Park Pettygrove Park SW 1st to 4th Ave—Market to Harrison St 1.17 acres (0.47 ha) Pettygrove Park was acquired in 1966.
Plaza Blocks Downtown Portland Acquired in 1869, the Plaza Blocks consist of two courthouse squares, Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square, named for William W. Chapman and Daniel H. Lownsdale respectively.
Portland Heights Park SW Patton Rd. and Old Orchard Rd. 5.08 acres (2.06 ha)
Portland Japanese Garden SW Kingston Dr.
Powers Marine Park SW Macadam Ave. south of the Sellwood Bridge 13.97 acres (5.65 ha)
South Park Blocks Downtown Portland 8.73 acres (3.53 ha)
Spring Garden Park 3332 SW Spring Garden St. 4.56 acres (1.85 ha)
Stephens Creek Nature Park SW Bertha Blvd. and Chestnut St. 4.73 acres (1.91 ha)
Sylvania Park SW 53rd Ave. and Coronado St. 3.12 acres (1.26 ha)
Terwilliger Parkway SW 6th Ave. and Sheridan St. to Slavin St. 102.82 acres (41.61 ha)
Tom McCall Waterfront Park Naito Pkwy. between SW Harrison St. and NW Glisan St. 30.90 acres (12.50 ha)
Tryon Creek State Natural Area 645 acres (261 ha)
Washington Park Head of SW Park Place 241.45 acres (97.71 ha)
West Portland Park Natural Area SW 39th Ave. and Pomona St. 14.66 acres (5.93 ha)
Willamette Park SW Macadam Ave. and Nebraska St. 26.26 acres (10.63 ha)
Woods Memorial Natural Area SW 45th Ave. and Woods St. 45.98 acres (18.61 ha)

South Portland

Name Image Location Size Description
Caruthers Park 3508 S Moody Avenue 2.12 acres (0.86 ha) Officially Elizabeth Caruthers Park, it is located in the South Waterfront district and includes a water fountain.
South Waterfront Park River overlook at South Waterfront Park S River Dr. and S Montgomery St. 4.52 acres (1.83 ha)

Portland Water Bureau

The Portland Water Bureau operates various "HydroParks" on land that is owned by the bureau.

Name Image Location Description
Gilbert HydroPark 13803 SE Center Street Located in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood.
Halsey HydroPark NE 148th and Halsey Street Located in the Wilkes neighborhood. Includes a large sloping field in the middle of the park.
Hazelwood HydroPark 1017 NE 117th Ave Located in the Hazelwood neighborhood. The East Portland Neighborhood Office is located on the corner, and a water conservation demonstration garden showcases water-efficient landscaping.
Sabin HydroPark 1907 NE Skidmore Located in the Sabin neighborhood. In 2012, a micro hydro-turbine generator was installed at this site to convert the thrust of water into useful electrical energy at an estimated rate of 150,000 kilowatt hours per year. This electricity is used to help power area water facilities and excess electricity is sold back to PacifiCorp. The extra revenue is used to keep the overall cost of delivering water service to a minimum.
Pittman Addition HydroPark North Concord and North Going Court Located in the Overlook neighborhood.
Marigold HydroPark 8925 SW 15th Ave Located in the Markham neighborhood.
Texas HydroPark 3109 SW Texas Street Located in the Multnomah neighborhood.


The Metro regional government operates 20 parks, 4 of which are located in Portland.

Name Image Location Description
Broughton Beach 4356 NE Marine Drive The park offers a sandy beach, Columbia River access for swimming and small watercraft, picnicking, beachcombing, restrooms. A parking fee applies.
Glendoveer Golf Course & Nature Trail 14015 NE Glisan Street
Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area Smith lake.jpg 5300 N Marine Drive
St. Johns Prairie N City Dump Road

Oregon State Parks

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, or Oregon State Parks, operates over 250 State parks. One of these is located in Portland.

Name Image Location Description
Tryon Creek State Natural Area High Bridge at Tryon Creek State Park - Oregon.JPG 14015 NE Glisan Street

United States Federal Government

Name Image Location Description
Terry Schrunk Plaza Terry Schrunk Plaza, Portland 2012.JPG 431 SW Madison Street

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