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M1 Abrams
M1A2 Abrams
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service 1980–present
Used by  United States
 Saudi Arabia
Wars Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)
War in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom)
Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Production history
Designer Chrysler Defense
Manufacturer  United States
Unit cost US$6 million
No. built Over 10,000
Variants XM1, prototype
M1, first production model
M1A1, bigger gun
M1A2, technology upgrades
Mass 67.6 Short Tons
Length Gun forward: 32.04 ft (9.77 m)
Hull length: 26.02 ft (7.93 m)
Width 12 ft (3.66 m)
Height 8 ft (2.44 m)
Crew 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Armor Composite, Steel, depleted uranium mesh
105 mm rifled cannon (M1)
120 mm 120 mm smoothbore cannon (M1A1, M1A2)
1 x 12.7 mm machine gun
2 x 7.62 mm machine guns
Engine multi-fuel turbine engine
1,500 shp (1,120 kW)
Power/weight 24.5 hp/metric ton
Suspension Torsion bar
Ground clearance 0.48 m (1 ft 7 in) (M1, M1A1)
0.43 m (1 ft 5 in) (M1A2)
Fuel capacity 500 us gallons
280 mi
Maximum speed Road: 42 mph (67.7 km/h)
Off-road: 30 mph (48.3 km/h)

The M1 Abrams is a modern main battle tank used by the United States. It is also exported to several countries. It is a well armed, well protected, and fast tank designed for modern armored ground warfare. Notable features of the M1 Abrams include the use of a powerful engine, layered armor, and a low profile. It is one of the heaviest tanks in service, weighing almost 70 short tons.

The M1 Abrams entered U.S. service in 1980, replacing the M60 Patton. Three main versions of the M1 Abrams have been deployed, the M1, M1A1, and M1A2, incorporating improved armament, protection and electronics. These improvements, as well as periodic upgrades to older tanks have allowed this long-serving vehicle to remain in front-line service. The M1A3 is currently under development. It is the principal (main) main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps, and the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and in 2010 Iraq. The M1 Abrams is anticipated to be in U.S. service until the 2050s, approximately 70 years after entering U.S. service.

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