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Shaoxing (Chinese: 绍兴) is a city and a municipality in China. It is in the Zhejiang province. 4,347,200 people live there, 649 thousand of whom lives in the city of Shaoxing. The area of Shaoxing Municipality is 8,256 square kilometres. Lu Xun (鲁迅) born in Shaoxing is a famous writer in China.

Political divisions

Shaoxing Municipality is divided into 1 district, 3 cities and 2 counties.

  • Yuecheng District (越城区)
  • Shangyu City (上虞市)
  • Shengzhou City (嵊州市)
  • Zhuji City (诸暨市)
  • Shaoxing County (绍兴县)
  • Xinchang County (新昌县)

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