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A wedding is the ceremony in which two people become married. It is usually between a man (the bridegroom) and a woman (the bride). In some places, same-sex weddings are legal. It is common for the couple involved in the wedding to exchange vows and to give each other rings. Weddings are held in religious buildings or other sites such gardens or the home of the bride's parents.

Wedding customs in western societies

Queen Victoria Albert 1854
Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress


A traditional wedding ceremony in the western world usually consists of the couple exchanging vows before a government official such as a justice of the peace or a clergyperson such as a priest, minister, or pastor. Nuns are not permitted to perform marriages. Rings are exchanged between the married couple, following which they kiss.


Traditionally, the bride's church, synagogue or other religious centre, or the home of her parents is the site of her wedding. Non-traditional couples choose various and unusual sites. Some couples have married while snorkeling or skydiving. Rich couples sometimes choose "destination weddings". These couples pay for guests to attend their wedding at a romantic "destination" such as a Caribbean island.


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Cutting the cake

There is often a party or banquet after the wedding called a reception. This is called the wedding breakfast as it is the first meal the married couple eat together. During the reception, the couple greet friends and family, cut a cake, and have the first dance together. The bride's garter is usually tossed to the groomsmen. The bride's bouquet is tossed to the bridesmaids. The couple depart the reception site in a car that is sometimes decorated with balloons, signs ("Just Married!"), old shoes or tin cans tied to the rear bumper.


The bride usually wears a white dress. She sometimes wears a thin piece of white cloth on her head called a veil, or a wreath of flowers, or a tiara, or other headdress. The groom lifts the veil before or after the vows are taken. The groom is usually dressed in formal attire.


After the wedding, the newlyweds usually take a trip, which is called a honeymoon.

Brides maids

The brides maids are people that walk down the aisle before the bride and her father. They often wear a dress the same colour as the bride's dress and they have a little flower bouquet like the bride.

Bridal shower

The bridal shower is similar to the bachelor party but it is for the women.

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