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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 13th century14th century15th century
Decades: 1340s  1350s  1360s  – 1370s –  1380s  1390s  1400s
Years: 1370 1371 137213731374 1375 1376

Year 1373 (MCCCLXXIII) was a common year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • March 24 – The Treaty of Santarém is signed between D. Fernando of Portugal and Henrique II of Castile, ending the second war between the two countries.
  • May 13Julian of Norwich receives the sixteen Revelations of Divine Love.

Date unknown

  • Bristol is made an independent county.
  • The Anglo-Portuguese alliance is signed (currently the oldest active treaty in the world).
  • The city of Phnom Penh (now the capital city of Cambodia) is founded.
  • Philip II of Taranto hands over the rule of Achaea (now southern Greece) to his cousin, Joanna I of Naples.
  • Leo VI succeeds his distant cousin, Constantine VI, as King of Armenian Cilicia (now southern Turkey).
  • A city wall is built around Lisbon, Portugal to resist invasion by Castile.
  • Tran Kinh succeeds Tran Phu as King of Vietnam.
  • Byzantine co-emperor Andronikos IV Palaiologos rebels against his father, John V Palaiologos, for agreeing to let Constantinople become a vassal of the Ottoman Empire. After the rebellion fails, Ottoman Emperor Murad I commands John V Palaiologos to blind his son.
  • The death of Sultan Muhammad as-Said begins a period of political instability in Morocco.
  • Merton College Library is built in Oxford, England.
  • The Adina Mosque is built in Bengal.
  • The Chinese emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Hongwu Emperor, suspends the traditional civil service examination system after complaining that the 120 new jinshi degree-holders are too incompetent to hold office; he instead relies solely upon a system of recommendations until the civil service exams are reinstated in 1384.


  • March 29 – Marie of Alencon, French princess (d. 1417)
  • June 23 – Queen Joan II of Naples (d. 1435)
  • September 22 – Thomas le Despenser, 1st Earl of Gloucester (d. 1400)
  • date unknown
    • Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York (d. 1415)
    • Margery Kempe, writer of the first autobiography in English


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