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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 13th century14th century15th century
Decades: 1340s  1350s  1360s  – 1370s –  1380s  1390s  1400s
Years: 1372 1373 137413751376 1377 1378

1375 was a year in the 14th century.


  • The English, weakened by the plague, lose so much ground to the French that they agree to sign the Treaty of Bruges, leaving them with only the coastal towns of Calais, Bordeaux and Bayonne.
  • The Russian town of Kostroma is destroyed by the ushkuinik pirates from Novgorod.
  • October 24 – Death of Valdemar IV of Denmark.
  • Petru I succeeds his father, Costea, as ruler of Moldavia (now Moldova & eastern Romania).
  • The Mamluks from Egypt conquer the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. Leo VI of Armenia is imprisoned for several years in Cairo until a ransom is paid by King John I of Castile.
  • Mujahid Shah succeeds his father, Mohammad Shah I, as Sultan of the Bahmanid Empire in Deccan, southern India.
  • Moscow & Tver sign a truce. Tver agrees to help Moscow fight the Blue Horde.


  • Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge (approximate date; d.1415)
  • Nicolas Grenon, French composer (approximate date; d. 1456)
  • Lan Kham Deng, King of Lan Xang 1416-1428 (d. 1428)


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