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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 13th century14th century15th century
Decades: 1350s  1360s  1370s  – 1380s –  1390s  1400s  1410s
Years: 1378 1379 138013811382 1383 1384


  • June 12Peasants' Revolt: In England, rebels from Kent and Essex, led by Wat Tyler and Jack Straw, meet at Blackheath. There the rebels are encouraged by a sermon by renegade priest John Ball.
  • June 14Peasants' Revolt: Rebels destroy John of Gaunt's Savoy Palace and storm the Tower of London, killing the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chancellor. King Richard II of England meets the leaders of the revolt and agrees to reforms such as fair rents and the abolition of serfdom.
  • June 15Peasants' Revolt: During further negotiations, Wat Tyler is murdered by the King's entourage. Noble forces subsequently overpower the rebel army. The rebel leaders are eventually captured and executed and Richard II revokes his concessions.
    • The revolt is discussed in John Gower's Vox Clamantis and Froissart's Chronicles.
  • Kęstutis overthrows his nephew, Jogaila, as Grand Duke of Lithuania. Jogaila is allowed to remain as governor of eastern Lithuania.
  • Due to Joan I of Naples' support for Antipope Clement VII, Pope Urban VI bestows Naples upon Charles of Durazzo. With the help of the Hungarians, Charles advances on Naples and captures Joan.
  • James of Baux, the ruler of Taranto and the Latin Empire, claims the Principality of Achaea after the imprisonment of Joan I of Naples.
  • Sonam Drakpa deposes Drakpa Changchub as ruler of Tibet.
  • Hajji I succeeds Alah-ad-Din Ali as Mamluk Sultan of Egypt. The Egyptian government continues to be controlled by rebel leader, Berkuk.
  • After a naval battle, Venice wins the three-year War of Chioggia against Genoa. The Genoans are permanently weakened by the conflict.
  • Timur conquers east Persia, ending the rule of the Sarbadar Dynasty.


  • May 9– Johann Schiltberger, German traveller and writer (died 1440)
  • October 13 – Thomas FitzAlan, 12th Earl of Arundel, English politician (died 1415)
  • John I, Duke of Bourbon (died 1434)
  • Saint Rita of Cascia (died 1457)


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