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Clovis I
Saint Remy baptise Clovis détail.jpg
Baptism of Clovis, ivory book cover, 9th century
King of the Franks
Reign 509–511
Successor Clotaire I (Soissons)
Childebert I (Paris)
Chlodomer (Orléans)
Theuderic I (Rheims)
King of the Salian Franks
Reign 481–509
Predecessor Childeric I
Born 466
Tournai (Belgium)
Died November 27, 511 (aged 44 or 45)
Paris (France)
Burial Originally St. Genevieve Church
Now Saint-Denis Basilica
Spouse Clotilde
Issue Ingomer
Childebert I
Chlothar I
Theuderic I
Dynasty Merovingian
Father Childeric I
Mother Basina of Thuringia
Religion pre-Schism Catholicism

Clovis (Latin: Chlodovechus; reconstructed Frankish: *Hlōdowig; c. 466 – November 27, 511) was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler, changing the form of leadership from a group of royal chieftains to rule by a single king and ensuring that the kingship was passed down to his heirs. He is considered to have been the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries. Clovis is important in the historiography of France as "the first king of what would become France".

Clovis was born a pagan but later became interested in converting to Arian Christianity. Clovis is significant due to his conversion to Christianity in 496, largely at the behest of his wife, Clovis' wife Clotilde, a Burgundian princess, was a Catholic despite the Arianism that surrounded her at court who would later be venerated as a saint for this act, she is still celebrated today in both the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church.

Saint Remigius baptizes Clovis

Clovis was baptized on Christmas Day in 508. The adoption by Clovis of Catholicism (as opposed to the Arianism of most other Germanic tribes) led to widespread conversion among the Frankish peoples.

Clovis and his wife were buried in the Abbey of St Genevieve (St. Pierre) in Paris; the original name of the church was the Church of the Holy Apostles.

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