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For the country in South America, see Colombia.

Columbia is the original name for the United States and inspired the names of many things. For the original Columbia, see Historical Columbia.

Places in North America

U.S. cities or towns:

Other places in the U.S.

Well-known companies

  • Columbia Aircraft
  • Columbia Automobile Company
  • Columbia Bicycles
  • CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System
  • Columbia Graphophone Company
  • Columbia Management Group
  • Columbia Masterworks Records
  • Columbia Music Entertainment
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Columbia Records
  • Columbia Sussex
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Columbia University Press, publisher of the Columbia Encyclopedia



  • Columbia Nuclear Generating Station in Washington
  • Columbia (supercomputer), a NASA supercomputer


  • Space shuttle Columbia, which fell apart during reentry in 2003
  • the Apollo 11 Command/Service Module
  • USS Columbia, several ships of the US Navy
  • Airplane piloted by Clarence Duncan Chamberlin when he was the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
  • HMS Columbia, the name of many ships of the Royal Navy
  • Columbia, the type 2-4-2 railroad locomotive in the Whyte notation
  • Columbia automobile, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (1893-1917)
  • Lightship Columbia, WLV-604, the first lightship on the Pacific Coast of the United States

Railroad passenger trains

  • Columbian (B&O), a former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad train between Jersey City, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois
  • Columbian (passenger train), a former Milwaukee Road train between Chicago and Tacoma

Fictional uses

  • Columbia, a spaceship in Wally Wood's comic story Dark Side of the Moon, published in 1950
  • Columbia (NX-02), a fictional starship on the television series Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Columbia, a character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • "Columbia", a song by Paul van Dyk on Out There And Back
  • Columbia Airlines, fictional airline from Airport 1975
  • a Battlestar from both the original and the re-imagined versions of the Battlestar Galactica T.V show


  • "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean", a historical patriotic song still occasionally sung in the U.S.
  • Columbia (song), a song on the 1994 Oasis album Definitely Maybe
  • "Hail, Columbia", currently the official anthem of the Vice President and an early anthem of the United States
  • "Roll on Columbia", a 1941 popular song by Woody Guthrie about the Columbia River


  • Columbia Station, a station on the Vancouver SkyTrain
  • Columbia (supercontinent)

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