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John Scotus Eriugena
Johannes Scottus Eriugena.jpg
Eriugena as depicted in Honorius Augustodunensis' Clavis physicae (12th century)
Born c. 800
Died c. 877 (age c. 62)
Other names Johannes Scottus Eriugena, Johannes Scotus Erigena, Johannes Scottigena
Era Medieval philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Neoplatonism
Main interests
Free will, logic, metaphysics
Notable ideas
Four divisions of nature

John Scotus Eriugena or Johannes Scotus Erigena (c. 800 – c. 877) was an Irish theologian, neoplatonist philosopher, and poet. He succeeded Alcuin of York (735–804) as head of the Palace School at Aachen.

He wrote a number of works, but is best known today for having written The Division of Nature, which has been called the "final achievement" of ancient philosophy, a work which "synthesizes the philosophical accomplishments of fifteen centuries." He also translated and made commentaries upon the work of Pseudo-Dionysius, and was one of the few Western European philosophers of his day who knew Greek, having studied in Byzantine Athens. A tradition, largely considered spurious, says he was stabbed to death by his students at Malmesbury with their pens.

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