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List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley facts for kids

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This is a list of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley, California. It includes Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley as well as the adjacent Crescenta Valley. In total, there are more than 70 Historic-Cultural Monuments (HCM) in the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys. A handful of additional historic sites in the valleys have been designated as California Historical Landmarks or listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The sites that are within City of Los Angeles borders are covered by two commissions of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning: the North Valley Area Planning Commission and the South Valley Area Planning Commission. They are designated by the City's Cultural Heritage Commission.

Overview of the Valley's Historic-Cultural Monuments

Second Los Angeles Aqueduct Cascades, Sylmar
The Second Los Angeles Aqueduct Cascades near Sylmar, California

The Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley are spread across the Valley from Chatsworth in the northwest to Studio City in the southeast, and from the City of Calabasas in the southwest to Tujunga and La Crescenta in the northeast.

When the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board was formed in 1962, its first-designated sites were HCM #1 (Leonis Adobe) and HCM #2 (Bolton Hall), both located in the San Fernando/Crescenta Valleys.

The oldest building in the Valley is the Convento Building at the Mission San Fernando Rey de España, which was built between 1808 and 1822. Other monuments directly related to the Mission San Fernando include the kiln in Chatsworth used to make bricks and tiles for the mission, the wells and settling basin in Sylmar used to supply water to the mission, and the Pioneer Cemetery where Mission Indians as well as Valley pioneers are buried.

In addition to the structures at the Mission, two adobe structures, Rómulo Pico Adobe built in 1834 and Leonis Adobe built in the 1840s, rank among the oldest in the Valley.

Eleven of the monuments located in the Valley have also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They are: Leonis Adobe, Bolton Hall, Rómulo Pico Adobe, the Convento Building at the Mission San Fernando, Campo de Cahuenga, Minnie Hill Palmer House, Los Encinos State Historic Park, Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation, the Old Stage Coach Trail through the Santa Susana Mountains, and the North Hollywood and Van Nuys branch libraries.

Churches and other places of worship are well represented on the list, including the Chatsworth Community Church (1903), Faith Bible Church in Northridge (1917), the Saint Saviour's Chapel at Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, and the David Familian Chapel of Temple Adat Ari El at the Valley's first Jewish synagogue in North Hollywood.

The role of trees in the development of the Valley is celebrated with monument listings for a 1,000-year-old oak tree in Encino (removed in 1996), 114 Himalayan Deodar trees along White Oak in Granada Hills, 76 mature olive trees along Lassen Street in Chatsworth, and 300 pepper trees lining in Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hills.

Current and former Historic-Cultural Monuments

HCM # Landmark name Image Date designated Locality Neighborhood Description
1 Leonis Adobe Leonis Adobe, 2008 August 6, 1962 23537 Calabasas Rd.
34°09′27″N 118°38′24″W / 34.15750°N 118.64000°W / 34.15750; -118.64000 (1. Leonis Adobe)
Calabasas Monterey-style adobe residence built in the 1840s and occupied by Miguel Leonis ("one of the most colorful, influential and prominent figures of early Los Angeles") starting in the 1870s; now operated as a museum
Bolton Hall 2008 photo August 6, 1962 10116 Commerce Ave.
34°15′10″N 118°17′17″W / 34.25278°N 118.28806°W / 34.25278; -118.28806 (2. Bolton Hall)
Tujunga Community hall of utopian community built from native stone and local hillside materials in 1913. Owned by City of Los Angeles—open to the public.
(CHL 362)
Romulo Pico Adobe Rómulo Pico Adobe, 2008 September 21, 1962 10940 Sepulveda Blvd.
34°16′8″N 118°28′3″W / 34.26889°N 118.46750°W / 34.26889; -118.46750 (7. Pico, Romulo, Adobe)
Mission Hills Two-story adobe residence built in 1834 now operated by San Fernando Valley Historical Society; oldest residence in the San Fernando Valley
9 Shadow Ranch House Shadow Ranch, West Hills.jpg November 2, 1962 22633 Vanowen St.
34°11′39″N 118°37′08″W / 34.194056°N 118.61902°W / 34.194056; -118.61902 (9. Shadow Ranch House)
West Hills Two story ranch house built between 1869 and 1872, partly adobe and partly redwood
14 Chatsworth Community Church Chatsworth Community Church (2008).jpg January 28, 1963 22601 Lassen St.
34°15′8″N 118°37′14″W / 34.25222°N 118.62056°W / 34.25222; -118.62056 (14. Chatsworth Community Church)
Chatsworth Located in Oakwood Memorial Park, the oldest public building in Chatsworth, built in 1903; originally at 10051 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
San Fernando Rey Mission Convento Building, Mission San Fernando Rey.jpg August 8, 1963 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd.
34°16′23″N 118°27′40″W / 34.27306°N 118.46111°W / 34.27306; -118.46111 (23. Mission San Fernando Rey de Convento Building)
Mission Hills Spanish mission built in the late 18th century; Convento Building (pictured) was rebuilt after the 1971 earthquake; 17th California Mission.
24 Encino Oak Tree Encino Oak Tree.jpg September 6, 1963 Louise Ave., 210 feet (64 m) south of Ventura Blvd. Encino Oak tree estimated to be 1,000 years old; tree damaged, removed and delisted 1/1/1997; stump pictured at left.
29 Campo de Cahuenga Campo de Cahuenga November 13, 1964 3919 Lankershim Blvd.
34°8′24″N 118°21′42″W / 34.14000°N 118.36167°W / 34.14000; -118.36167 (29. Campo de Cahuenga)
Studio City Site of the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga, January 13, 1847
31 Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center Orcutt Ranch gate.jpg January 22, 1965 23555 Justice St.
34°13′01″N 118°38′21″W / 34.21694°N 118.63917°W / 34.21694; -118.63917 (31. Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center)
Canoga Park 1920 Rancho Sombra del Roble Spanish Colonial Revival Style adobe residence and estate of early oil tycoon and discoverer of fossils at La Brea Tar Pits
32 Saint Saviour's Chapel Harvard School Saint Saviour's Chapel, Harvard-Westlake School.jpg February 5, 1965 3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
34°08′23″N 118°24′45″W / 34.13972°N 118.41250°W / 34.13972; -118.41250 (32. Saint Saviour's Chapel)
Studio City Chapel patterned after the Chapel at Rugby School in England; pews face center aisle
41 114 Deodar Trees Cedrus deodara along White Oak Ave at Tribune St in Granada Hills 2014.jpg August 3, 1966 White Oak Ave.34°16′03″N 118°31′11″W / 34.26737°N 118.51966°W / 34.26737; -118.51966 (41. 114 Deodar Trees) Granada Hills Cedrus deodara trees native to the Himalayas, planted in 1932; between San Fernando Mission and San Jose St.
49 76 Mature Olive Trees 76 Mature Olive Trees (HCM -49).jpg May 10, 1967 Lassen St.
34°15′00″N 118°36′31″W / 34.25000°N 118.60861°W / 34.25000; -118.60861 (49. 76 Mature Olive Trees)
Chatsworth Olive trees planted in late 19th Century lining both sides of Lassen St. between Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Farralone Ave.
50 Mission Wells and Settling Basin Mission Wells, Sylmar.jpg May 10, 1967 Bleeker St. & Havana Ave.
34°17′31″N 118°27′14″W / 34.29194°N 118.45389°W / 34.29194; -118.45389 (50. Mission Wells and Settling Basin)
Sylmar Remains of wells built of mission tiles around 1800 by Tongva Indians from the Mission San Fernando Rey de España to provide water to the mission; taken over by the Department of Water and Power in 1919, the 6-acre (24,000 m2) well site is the oldest existing source of water supply in the city, other than the Los Angeles River
63 McGroarty Home February 4, 1970 7570 McGroarty Ter.
34°15′02″N 118°17′52″W / 34.25056°N 118.29778°W / 34.25056; -118.29778 (63. McGroarty Home)
Tujunga Fieldstone and stucco house was home to California poet laureate, and Congressman John S. McGroarty, 1933–1944. Owned by City of Los Angeles—open to public.
92 Old Stage Coach Trail Property Old Stagecoach Trail Santa Susana3.png January 5, 1972 Chatsworth Park South
34°15′40″N 118°37′40″W / 34.26111°N 118.62778°W / 34.26111; -118.62778 (92. Old Stage Coach Trail Property)
Chatsworth Old Santa Susana Stage Road over Santa Susana Pass dating to the 1860s linked the San Fernando Valley with Simi Valley and Ventura
93 Pepper Trees January 5, 1972 Canoga Ave. Woodland Hills Approximately 300 California Pepper Trees (Schinus molle) planted for Girard development in the 1920s forming an arch over Canoga Ave. between Ventura Blvd. and Saltillo St.
132 Stoney Point Outcroppings Stoney Point California.jpg November 20, 1974 Chatsworth Park North
34°15′45″N 118°37′04″W / 34.26250°N 118.61778°W / 34.26250; -118.61778 (132. Stoney Point Outcroppings)
Chatsworth Picturesque rock outcroppings in northwest corner of Chatsworth
133 Minnie Hill Palmer House Dunbar Hotel, 2008 November 20, 1974 Chatsworth Park South
34°15′40″N 118°36′53″W / 34.26111°N 118.61472°W / 34.26111; -118.61472 (133. Palmer, Minnie Hill, House)
Chatsworth Cottage built in 1913, typical of structures built by pioneering homesteaders in the San Fernando Valley
135 Canoga Mission Gallery Canoga Mission Gallery.jpg December 4, 1974 23130 Sherman Way
34°11′20″N 118°37′51″W / 34.18889°N 118.63083°W / 34.18889; -118.63083 (135. Canoga Mission Gallery)
West Hills Mission Revival Style stables built in 1936 by Francis Lederer, converted into a community arts center 1970s
141 Chatsworth Reservoir Kiln Site Chatsworth Reservoir Kiln Site.jpg April 2, 1975 Southeast of intersection of Woolsey Canyon Rd. and Valley Circle Blvd.
34°14′08″N 118°38′26″W / 34.23556°N 118.64056°W / 34.23556; -118.64056 (141. Chatsworth Reservoir Kiln Site)
West Hills La Calera; Site of kiln used to make bricks and tiles for the San Fernando Mission; fenced off and not accessible to public
152 Faith Bible Church Faith Bible Church Northridge.JPG April 17, 1976 18531 Gresham St.
34°13′51″N 118°32′13″W / 34.23083°N 118.53694°W / 34.23083; -118.53694 (152. Faith Bible Church)
Northridge First church built in Northridge; Originally known as the Norwegian Lutheran Church; completed in 1917 in Gothic style
172 Stonehurst Recreation Center Building Stonehurst Recreation Center Building.jpg March 9, 1977 9901 Dronfield St.
34°14′56″N 118°22′30″W / 34.2490°N 118.3749°W / 34.2490; -118.3749 (172. Stonehurst Recreation Center Bldg.)
Sun Valley Building constructed out of native stone c. 1930 by an Indian stonemason
184 Tower of Wooden Pallets April 19, 1978 15357 Magnolia Blvd.
34°14′58″N 118°28′04″W / 34.24944°N 118.46778°W / 34.24944; -118.46778 (184. Tower of Wooden Pallets (site of))
Sherman Oaks Tower of 2,000 wooden pallets built in 1951 covering the grave of a child buried in 1869 (site of)
199 David Familian Chapel of Temple Adat Ari El September 20, 1978 5540 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
34°10′17″N 118°23′47″W / 34.17139°N 118.39639°W / 34.17139; -118.39639 (199. Familian, David, Chapel of Temple Adat Ari El)
North Hollywood Chapel in the first synagogue building in the San Fernando Valley, dedicated in 1949 (site of)
201 Van Nuys Woman's Club Building Van Nuys Women's Club Building.jpg October 18, 1978 14836 Sylvan St.
34°11′03″N 118°27′23″W / 34.18417°N 118.45639°W / 34.18417; -118.45639 (201. Van Nuys Woman's Club Bldg.)
Van Nuys Craftsman-style building completed in 1917, housing social club
202 Valley Municipal Building (Van Nuys City Hall) Valley Municipal Building.JPG October 18, 1978 14410 Sylvan St.
34°11′03″N 118°26′50″W / 34.18417°N 118.44722°W / 34.18417; -118.44722 (202. Van Nuys Municipal Bldg.)
Van Nuys Art Deco style municipal building constructed in 1932; one of the Valley's most recognized landmarks
203 Baird House (Volunteer League Community Center) Baird House (Volunteer League), Van Nuys.jpg October 18, 1978 14603 Hamlin St.
34°11′24″N 118°27′04″W / 34.19000°N 118.45111°W / 34.19000; -118.45111 (203. Baird House)
Van Nuys Bungalow-style residence built in 1921; later converted to use by the Volunteer League of the San Fernando Valley
204 Lederer Residence and Immediate Environments Lederer Residence, West Hills.jpg November 15, 1978 23134 Sherman Way
34°12′02″N 118°37′54″W / 34.20056°N 118.63167°W / 34.20056; -118.63167 (204. Lederer Residence)
West Hills Mission Revival Style home built starting in 1934 with aged materials by Francis Lederer
228 Laurelwood Apartments Laurelwood Apartments 2.jpg April 22, 1980 11833-11847 Laurelwood Dr.
34°08′29″N 118°23′25″W / 34.14139°N 118.39028°W / 34.14139; -118.39028 (228. Laurelwood Apartments)
Studio City Apartment building designed by noted architect, Rudolph Schindler, built in 1948
232 Department of Water and Power Building Department of Water and Power Building Lankershim 2015-05-02.jpg July 14, 1980 5106-5108 Lankershim Blvd.
34°09′48″N 118°22′24″W / 34.163266°N 118.373374°W / 34.163266; -118.373374 (232. Department of Water and Power Bldg.)
North Hollywood Streamline Moderne structure designed by S. Charles Lee, built in 1939
290 La Reina Theater La Reina Theater, Sherman Oaks.jpg February 15, 1985 14626 Ventura Blvd.
34°09′05″N 118°27′07″W / 34.15139°N 118.45194°W / 34.15139; -118.45194 (290. La Reina Theater)
Sherman Oaks Streamline Moderne movie theater designed by S. Charles Lee, built in 1938; converted to retail shops in 1987
293 The Magnolia The Magnolia, Sherman Oaks.jpg June 18, 1985 13242 Magnolia Blvd.
34°09′51″N 118°25′18″W / 34.16417°N 118.42167°W / 34.16417; -118.42167 (293. Magnolia, The)
Sherman Oaks Spanish Colonial Revival residence built in the late 1920s
Amelia Earhart Branch (North Hollywood Branch Library) North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Branch Library, Los Angeles.jpg June 27, 1986 5211 N. Tujunga Ave.
34°09′55″N 118°22′45″W / 34.16528°N 118.37917°W / 34.16528; -118.37917 (302. Amelia Earhart Branch)
North Hollywood Spanish Colonial Revival style branch library built in 1929, originally dedicated to poet Sidney Lanier, later dedicated to aviator Earhart, a North Hollywood resident.
405 Pacific Electric Picover Railway Station January 11, 1989 16710 Sherman Way Van Nuys Pacific Electric Railway station, built partly in 1917 and partly in 1932; destroyed by fire in 1990
484 Oakridge and Grounds March 23, 1990 18650 Devonshire St.
34°15′24″N 118°32′23″W / 34.25667°N 118.53972°W / 34.25667; -118.53972 (484. Oakridge)
Northridge English Manor style home built in 1937 for Barbara Stanwyck; later occupied by Jack Oakie; now owned by City of Los Angeles (2010).
488 Canoga Park (originally Owensmouth) Southern Pacific Railroad Station Southern Pacific Railroad Station in Owensmouth, circa 1915 (WVM78).jpg May 30, 1990 21355 Sherman Way Canoga Park Spanish Revival railroad station built in 1912; destroyed by fire in 1993
573 El Portal Theater El Portal Theater, North Hollywood 2014-11-18.jpg February 9, 1993 5265-5271 Lankershim Blvd.
34°10′01″N 118°22′33″W / 34.16694°N 118.37583°W / 34.16694; -118.37583 (573. El Portal Theater)
North Hollywood Spanish Renaissance Revival theater, office and retail building completed in 1926
(CHL 753)
San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, Sylmar.jpg November 30, 1993 14400 Foothill Blvd.
34°19′15″N 118°26′53″W / 34.32083°N 118.44806°W / 34.32083; -118.44806 (586. San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery)
Sylmar Second oldest cemetery in the San Fernando Valley, holds remains of early pioneers, Civil War veterans and Mission Indians
622 Taft House and Landscaping Taft House, Granada Hills.jpg April 16, 1996 16745 San Fernando Mission Blvd.
34°16′20″N 118°29′49″W / 34.27222°N 118.49694°W / 34.27222; -118.49694 (622. Taft House)
Granada Hills Late 19th Century Victorian house; features wood siding and trim, shingled gambrel roof, double hung windows, dormers and a wraparound porch supported by turned wood columns; home for matriarch of the influential Taft family.
629 Adams Residence Adams Residence, Reseda.jpg October 4, 1996 7400 Tampa Ave.
34°12′17″N 118°33′11″W / 34.20472°N 118.55306°W / 34.20472; -118.55306 (629. Adams Residence)
Reseda Small house designed by Lloyd Wright, also known as "Mat House"
638 "El Paradiso" March 18, 1997 11468 Dona Cecilia Dr.
34°07′39″N 118°23′04″W / 34.12750°N 118.38444°W / 34.12750; -118.38444 (638. "El Paradiso")
Studio City Modern, space-age, 4,500-square-foot (420 m2) house designed by Raphael Soriano, built in 1964, with 28 aluminum sliding doors
644 Stone House LA-HCM 644 Stone House 8642 Sunland Blvd (2014).jpg December 19, 1987 8642 Sunland Blvd.
34°13′38″N 118°21′57″W / 34.2272°N 118.3658°W / 34.2272; -118.3658 (644. Stone House)
Sun Valley American Craftsman style house built in 1925, with rock walls, gabled roofs, arched window openings, square tower, and a stone chimney
645 Harvester Farms Harvester Farms, Chatsworth.jpg December 19, 1997 22049 Devonshire St.
34°15′27″N 118°36′28″W / 34.25750°N 118.60778°W / 34.25750; -118.60778 (645. Harvester Farms)
Chatsworth Site was the headquarters of the Palomino Horse Association of America; barn (pictured) was the birthplace of Mr. Ed
683 Chase Knolls Garden Apartments Chase Knolls Garden Apartments, Sherman Oaks.jpg July 11, 2000 13401 W. Riverside Dr.
34°09′27″N 118°25′30″W / 34.15750°N 118.42500°W / 34.15750; -118.42500 (683. Chase Knolls Garden Apartments)
Sherman Oaks Dairy farm converted to residential development in the late 1940s; 260 bungalows and apartment homes
700 Canoga Park Branch Library Canoga Park Branch Library.jpg September 20, 2000 7260 N. Owensmouth Ave.
34°12′09″N 118°36′05″W / 34.20250°N 118.60139°W / 34.20250; -118.60139 (700. Canoga Park Branch Library)
Canoga Park Branch library built in 1959, designed by Bowerman & Hobson
718 Ward House July 30, 2002 14501 Mulholland Dr.
34°07′56″N 118°26′55″W / 34.13222°N 118.44861°W / 34.13222; -118.44861 (718. Ward House)
Sherman Oaks
740 The Serulnic House January 13, 2006 3947 Markridge Rd.
34°15′03″N 118°15′59″W / 34.25083°N 118.26639°W / 34.25083; -118.26639 (740. Serulnic House)
La Crescenta Hillside house designed by Richard Neutra for Neutra's secretary and her husband, a musician with the Los Angeles Philharmonic; built in 1952
742 First Los Angeles Aqueduct Cascades VIEW NORTHWEST OF 1st AQUEDUCT CASCADES PORTAL - Los Angeles Aqueduct, Cascades Structures, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA HAER CA-298-AH-1.tif February 4, 2003 Near intersection of Foothill Blvd. and Balboa Blvd. Sylmar Terminus of the Los Angeles-Owens River Aqueduct, which brings water 338 miles (544 km) from the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada to Los Angeles; begun in 1905 and completed in 1913; also California Historic Landmark #653
750 The Munch Box The Munch Box, Chatsworth.jpg June 3, 2003 21532 W. Devonshire St.
34°15′25″N 118°35′59″W / 34.25694°N 118.59972°W / 34.25694; -118.59972 (750. Munch Box)
Chatsworth 1950s hamburger stand with red and yellow coloring and a jet age overhang
759 Gerst Residence July 29, 2003 3437 Adina Dr.
34°07′43″N 118°21′13″W / 34.12861°N 118.35361°W / 34.12861; -118.35361 (759. Gerst Residence)
Studio City House built in 1952
763 Studio Theatre at the Denis Building August 13, 2003 3433 Cahuenga Blvd. W.
34°07′55″N 118°21′11″W / 34.13194°N 118.35306°W / 34.13194; -118.35306 (763. Studio Theatre at the Denis Bldg.)
Studio City Formerly the creative center for Ruth St. Denis, considered the "mother" of American modern dance whose most acclaimed student was Martha Graham; still in use for dance performances
782 El Encanto June 15, 2004 17360 Chase St.
34°13′21″N 118°30′43″W / 34.22250°N 118.51194°W / 34.22250; -118.51194 (782. El Encanto)
Northridge Barn built in 1942 and converted into a residence by architect Henry Withey in 1947 for General Harris Malasky, who renamed it Black Hawk Ranch
793 La Casa Sueno De Lewis Stone Ranch May 4, 2005 5700 N Rhodes Ave.
34°10′27″N 118°24′11″W / 34.17417°N 118.40306°W / 34.17417; -118.40306 (793. La Casa Sueno De Lewis Stone Ranch)
Valley Village Spanish Colonial Revival structure built in 1930 with stucco cladding, low pitched tile roof, and decorative glazed tile and ironwork. Example of "Hollywood movie star" commissioned residential architecture.
828 Harry J. Wolff House Harry J. Wolff House, Sherman Oaks.jpg November 9, 2005 4000 N. Sunnyslope Ave.
34°08′32″N 118°25′34″W / 34.14222°N 118.42611°W / 34.14222; -118.42611 (828. Wolff, Harry J., House)
Sherman Oaks House designed in 1938 by Rudolph Schindler
830 Blarney Castle January 13, 2006 10217 N. Tujunga Canyon Blvd.
34°15′07″N 118°17′28″W / 34.25194°N 118.29111°W / 34.25194; -118.29111 (830. Blarney Castle)
Tujunga Well-known Sunland-Tujunga home built in 1919, modeled after an Irish castle
838 Oak Glen Ranch March 17, 2006 9811 N. Hillhaven Ave.
34°14′50″N 118°17′26″W / 34.24722°N 118.29056°W / 34.24722; -118.29056 (838. Oak Glen Ranch)
Tujunga Built in 1908 by Flora Morgan, one of the first farmhouses in the Tujunga area
841 Weatherwolde Castle May 3, 2006 10629-10633 N. Commerce Ave.
34°15′43″N 118°17′18″W / 34.26194°N 118.28833°W / 34.26194; -118.28833 (841. Weatherwolde Castle)
Tujunga Exotic-style house built in 1928, designed to resemble a French Normandy 16th-century castle
848 Eichler Homes-Foster Residence Eichler Homes - Foster Residence, Granada Hills.jpg August 16, 2006 17145 West Nanette St.
34°18′06″N 118°30′21″W / 34.30167°N 118.50583°W / 34.30167; -118.50583 (848. Eichler Homes-Foster Residence)
Granada Hills Mid-20th Century post-and-beam house designed by A. Quincy Jones, FAIA, and Frederick Emmons, AIA. for Eichler Homes; epitomizes modernist architecture and indoor-outdoor living with extensive glass walls opening to a large rear yard
860 Kallis House February 6, 2007 3580 N. Multiview Dr.
34°07′52″N 118°21′45″W / 34.13111°N 118.36250°W / 34.13111; -118.36250 (860. Kallis House)
Studio City House designed by Rudolph Schindler, built in 1946; nestled into a hillside with a dramatic view overlooking of the Valley
869 Bakman House 10623 Riverside Drive.jpg May 16, 2007 10623 Riverside Dr.
34°09′09″N 118°21′44″W / 34.15250°N 118.36222°W / 34.15250; -118.36222 (869. Bakman House)
Toluca Lake Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1929 for Dan Bakman; one of the original homes in Toluca Lake
883 Weddington House Weddington House, North Hollywood 2014-11-18.jpg August 15, 2007 11025 W. Weddington St.
34°10′02″N 118°22′16″W / 34.16722°N 118.37111°W / 34.16722; -118.37111 (883. Weddington House)
North Hollywood First house built in the southeast San Fernando Valley
910 Riverside-Zoo Drive Bridge, No. 53C1298 Riverside-Zoo Drive Bridge, No. 53C1298, LAHCM 910, view from northwest, 2014.jpg January 30, 2008 Between Victory Blvd. and Zoo Dr.
34°09′22″N 118°17′39″W / 34.1562°N 118.2943°W / 34.1562; -118.2943 (910. Riverside-Zoo Drive Bridge, No. 53C1298)
Griffith Park Built in 1938, this reinforced concrete bridge exhibits character-defining features of Art Deco-Streamline Moderne bridge design.
Van Nuys Branch Library Van Nuys Branch Library, Van Nuys.JPG February 13, 2008 14555 Sylvan St.
34°11′5″N 118°26′59″W / 34.18472°N 118.44972°W / 34.18472; -118.44972 (911. Van Nuys Branch)
Van Nuys Old branch library building (1927)--fine example of Spanish colonial style—no longer used as a library
917 Roland E. Hill House April 23, 2008 3268 N. Bennett Dr
34°07′34″N 118°20′54″W / 34.125977°N 118.348282°W / 34.125977; -118.348282 (917. Roland E. Hill House)
Studio City French Eclectic storybook style, designed by Roland E. Hill, 1926.
918 Lydecker Hilltop House May 14, 2008 3820 Buena Park Dr.
34°08′21″N 118°23′21″W / 34.139071°N 118.389112°W / 34.139071; -118.389112 (918. Lydecker Hilltop House)
Studio City Streamline Moderne house built in 1939 for Howard "Babe" Lydecker known as one of Hollywood's early geniuses of special effects
932 Clarence G. Badger Residence July 29, 2008 7128 Woodrow Wilson Dr.
34°07′27″N 118°20′54″W / 34.124178°N 118.348246°W / 34.124178; -118.348246 (932. Badger, Clarence G., Residence)
Studio City Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1916 for early motion picture director Clarence Badger
933 Kramer House September 25, 2008 12556 N. Middlecoff Pl. Granada Hills Mid-Century Modern Ranch, 1966.
941 Stonehurst House March 4, 2009 10021 N. Stonehurst Ave.
34°15′6.63″N 118°22′20.43″W / 34.2518417°N 118.3723417°W / 34.2518417; -118.3723417 (941. Stonehurst House)
Sun Valley Residence built 1924 by Daniel Lawrence Montelongo, a stonemason of Native American descent. Craftsman style with Spanish Colonial Revival elements.
946 Verdugo Hills of Peace Pioneer Cemetery March 4, 2009 7000 Parsons Trail
34°15′41.88″N 118°17′0.47″W / 34.2616333°N 118.2834639°W / 34.2616333; -118.2834639 (946. Verdugo Hills of Peace Pioneer Cemetery)
Tujunga Established by Marshall Valentine Hartranft in 1922.
952 Kaye Residence April 22, 2009 4754 Vanalden Ave.
34°9′23.21″N 118°33′9″W / 34.1564472°N 118.55250°W / 34.1564472; -118.55250 (952. Kaye Residence)
Tarzana Designed by Gregory Ain, built 1963.
974 Van Dekker House February 26, 2010 19950 W. Collier St. Woodland Hills Modern 1940 house designed by Rudolph Schindler.
975 Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Sanctuary("The Onion") Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Sanctuary aka The Onion 2016-03-13.jpg February 26, 2010 9550 N. Haskell Avenue34°14′39.22″N 118°28′30.41″W / 34.2442278°N 118.4751139°W / 34.2442278; -118.4751139 (975. Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Sanctuary ("The Onion")) North Hills "Built in 1964... Modern style church sanctuary... hosted several political events opposing the Vietnam War... designed by student of Richard Neutra."
976 Corbin Palms House February 26, 2010 6118 Jumilla Ave.34°10′54.93″N 118°33′49.21″W / 34.1819250°N 118.5636694°W / 34.1819250; -118.5636694 (976. Corbin Palms House) Woodland Hills "Built in 1955... Modern Ranch style single-family residence designed by... Palmer & Krisel, who designed several Mid-Century Modern neighborhoods."
977 Idle Hour Café Idle Hour Cafe North Hollywood 2015-02-15.jpg February 26, 2010 4824 Vineland Ave.34°9′30.27″N 118°22′12.75″W / 34.1584083°N 118.3702083°W / 34.1584083; -118.3702083 (977. Idle Hour Café) North Hollywood "Constructed in 1941... appears to be the last barrel-shaped building in Los Angeles from the early 20th century period of Programmatic design."
978 Lankershim Reading Room February 26, 2010 10940 Sepulveda Blvd.34°16′8″N 118°28′3″W / 34.26889°N 118.46750°W / 34.26889; -118.46750 (978. Lankershim Reading Room) Mission Hills "One-story, octagonal-shaped [1904] structure... last remaining building from the Lankershim Ranch." Relocated to the park at the Rómulo Pico Adobe (LAHCM #7) in 2001.
981 Margaret and Harry Hay House 3132 N. Oakcrest Dr.
34°7′31.8″N 118°20′47.85″W / 34.125500°N 118.3466250°W / 34.125500; -118.3466250 (981. Margaret and Harry Hay House)
International Style by Gregory Ain, 1939, for Harry Hay, founder of the Mattachine Society.

T.R. Craig Residence “Peppergate Ranch” March 9, 2011 8431 Pinelake Drive West Hills "One-story single-family residence, designed by Paul R. Williams in the Ranch Style, built in 1939.

Non-HCM historic sites recognized by state and nation

Code Landmark name Image Date designated Locality Neighborhood Description
(CHL 689) Los Encinos State Historic Park Garnier Building at Rancho Los Encinos.JPG 16756 Moorpark St.
34°09′37″N 118°29′54″W / 34.16028°N 118.49833°W / 34.16028; -118.49833 (CHL 689. Los Encinos State Historic Park)
Encino Rancho El Encino: "Franciscan padres used Encino as their headquarters while exploring the valley before establishing Mission San Fernando in 1797..."
(2702) Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation & Museum Folded Wings Shrine portal.jpg 10621 Victory Blvd.
34°11′25″N 118°21′13″W / 34.19028°N 118.35361°W / 34.19028; -118.35361 (2702. Portal of the Folded Wings)
North Hollywood Memorial to pioneers of aviation located on grounds of Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery.
(CHL 150) Brand Park (Memory Garden) Brand Park Fountain, Mission Hills.jpg 15174 San Fernando Mission Blvd.
34°16′21″N 118°27′43″W / 34.27250°N 118.46194°W / 34.27250; -118.46194 (CHL 150. Brand Park (Memory Garden))
Mission Hills Former Mission gardens across from Mission San Fernando Rey, now operated as a public park
(2179) Toluca Southern Pacific Depot Toluca Southern Pacific Depot and Pacific Electric Lankershim Station view from east 2014-11-23.jpg 11275 Chandler Blvd & 5351 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood Former Southern Pacific and Pacific Electric station at the site of the current Red/Orange Line hub.
(2412) Rancho Del Norte 18904 Nordhoff St. & 9051 Wilbur Ave. Northridge
(2414) New Mission Theatre 9015 Wilbur Ave. Northridge Mission-style theater built in 1987 by Elisabeth Waldo for use by the Multi-Cultural Music and Art Foundation of Northridge
(2451) Phil's Diner Phil's Diner.jpg Formerly 11138 Chandler Blvd. Now 5230 Lankershim Blvd. 34°9′56.57″N 118°22′29.72″W / 34.1657139°N 118.3749222°W / 34.1657139; -118.3749222 North Hollywood Diner built in the 1920s; moved and re-opened in 2008 at the corner of Lankershim and Weddington –- across from the El Portal Theater
(2517) Van Nuys Post Office Building Old Van Nuys Post Office.jpg 14530 Sylvan St.
34°11′04″N 118°27′00″W / 34.18444°N 118.45000°W / 34.18444; -118.45000 (2517. Van Nuys Post Office Building)
Van Nuys Spanish Colonial style structure built in 1935; formerly the Van Nuys Post Office
(2518) Masonic Temple (North Hollywood, California) Masonic Temple, North Hollywood, CA.jpg 5122-5124 Tujunga Ave.
34°09′49″N 118°22′44″W / 34.16361°N 118.37889°W / 34.16361; -118.37889 (2518. Masonic Temple)
North Hollywood Mayan-style Masonic Temple in North Hollywood designed by architect Robert Stacy-Judd
(CHL 716) Griffith Ranch Sylmar and San Fernando Foothill Blvd. and Vaughn St. Ranch purchased by D.W. Griffith in 1912 in the northeast valley; Birth of a Nation and many westerns were filmed on the ranch; a historic marker is located at Foothill Blvd. and Vaughn St.
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